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11 Nov


M.L.R.A. Update


Among the Meeting Subjects Discussed…

Recently a meeting was held with Mr. Phil Bannon – Deputy Mayor, Mr. Paul Whitehouse – Head of Public Works, and Rick Wigmore – VP MLRA. Among the subjects discussed were:

The re-paving of Ninth Line from the gravel pits down to Bloomington
The repaving was completed last week. This section of road had become quite rutted and dangerous especially in wet or slippery conditions. This should make this stretch of road much safer.

The Gateways To Our Community
The Gateways have been dressed up to look like gateways rather than mere signage. Adding pavement marking was also discussed.

The Test Of The Envirosmart Lights On Highcrest Road
This project has been inserted into the budget for 2008 subject to Council approval. If everything is approved, we can look forward to the retrofit being completed in the spring of 2008. For those who were not at the last MLRA meeting, information can be obtained at and by typing “streetlights” into the search engine. These new streetlights not only direct light onto the road itself and not adjacent properties but they save energy and do not pollute the night sky.

The residents will be invited to view Highcrest to see if it meets with everyone’s criterion for safely lit roads around the Lake. We cannot say enough about the positive response from the residents of Highcrest Road who overwhelming agreed to participate in this test to have their streetlights retrofitted. This survey was conducted by Mr. Dan Heron – President of the Connor Drive Residents’ Group and Mr. Rick Wigmore – Vice President of the M.L.R.A. Only with the cooperation and positive attitude of the residents such as those on Highcrest Road can this community catch up on years of neglect. In the past, the residents of this community have been their own worst enemies by constantly bickering amongst themselves and allowing the politicians to back off and say simply “we don’t know what you want”. Fortunately, in Councilor Phil Bannon we have a politician who is very active in the community.



Lake Management Plan
The MLRA has been working with the Lake Simcoe Region Conservation Authority (LSRCA) on collecting data to be used in the Lake Management Plan. A Sonde scientific device (an expensive sensor) was placed in the Lake in June for two weeks. This sensor takes readings every 15 minutes for water temp., conductivity, pH, dissolved oxygen, turbidity and chlorophyll. This sensor allows a range of values to be recorded during the two weeks it is used. The Sonde was again put into the Lake in early October to allow for a comparison between the weed-growing season and the post-grow season. It was originally scheduled for the usual two weeks but with the algae bloom, the LSRCA has decided to leave it in until the end of the bloom to gather valuable data about the algae bloom itself. The Sonde has since been removed.

Halloween Dance
Many of you know the most successful Halloween Dance ever held at the Lake took place Saturday, October 27th. There were close to 200 residents, and friends in attendance. A great time was had by all. The dance was put on by the Cedarvale Residents’ Association and supported by the MLRA. Lisa White and the executive of the Cedarvale association does an amazing job each year but now, with the support of all residents, this event should be on everyone’s calendar. As usual, the entertainment was donated and supplied by Mike Feld of Most Excellent Productions. If your company or association is having a function, be sure to give him a call. He donates a tremendous amount of his time and equipment to the various Lake organizations and deserves our support.

Halloween Dance

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