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28 Aug


Public Notice


Musselman’s Lake Park Study Tuesday September 2nd, 2008 7:00 pm Council Chambers, Town Municipal Offices

Staff have convened two separate public information meetings in June 2007 and March 2008, in combination with a community survey, to consult with interested members of the Public on the issues, opportunities and desires as it relates to the development of a park within the Community of Musselman’s Lake.

A Staff Report pertaining to the Musselman’s Lake Park Study will be considered by Council as an Agenda item on Tuesday September 2nd, 2008 at 7:00 pm. The meeting will be convened in the Council Chambers, 37 Sandiford Drive, 4th Floor, Stouffville. Interested members of the Public are invited to attend the Council Meeting.

Copies of the Staff Report will be available to members of the Public on Friday August 29th after 12:00 Noon in the Clerks Department, the Whitchurch-Stouffville Library, or, on-line on the Town’s website

For further information on the Musselman’s Lake Park Study, please contact Andrew McNeely, Deputy-Director & Manager of Planning at 905-640-1910 x270 or via email at

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17 Aug




Warning Regarding Toxic Giant Hogweed

Re-acting on a resident’s email sent into the MLRA website that informed us about concerns that we may have the very toxic Giant Hogweed growing in our community we contacted councillor Phil Bannon who promptly got the Town staff involved and it was immediately dealt with.

The plant was indeed the very toxic Giant Hogweed.
It was removed/bagged and disposed of by Town staff.

They have sprayed the area with Round Up to kill any roots they may have missed.

This particular plant was found on the Churchill Beach parkette property.

If You See Any Giant Hogweeds… Do Not Touch! Contact Us And We Will Arrange For It To Be Disposed Of Safely.

It is very important that you take a look at this link for more information.

Picture of the Giant Hogweed is below.

Giant Hogweed

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07 Jul


Informational Meeting


Councillor Bannon Holds Informational Meeting for Lake Representatives

On Thursday July 17th Councillor Bannon held a meeting at Cedar Beach. The meeting was between residents representing the MLRA, the street representatives from Churchill, Cedarvale/Connor, Coultice/Restnook and York Regional Police, Town By-law enforcement, and Town Services.

The agenda consisted of:

Police enforcement supplemented by Town By-law enforcement officers

Parking – Churchill Beach

Parking- Ninth Line at Cedarvale

Parking-Churchill Drive

18 Coultice Drive

ATV- enforcement in Musselman’s Lake

1. Police Enforcement

Musselman’s Lake will now be serviced by York Regional Police out of Newmarket with the newly formed #1 COR (Community Oriented Response). Sgt. Ben Nengegeveld, who is getting to know the area and Officer Melanie Moffat with Crime Prevention Community Services and is quite familiar with the area, were there to listen to the concerns of the residents. You will see increased patrols and they will be working quite closely with Linda Mainprize the Town By-law officer who also attended the meeting.

2. Illegal Parking at Churchill Beach

Poles that had been ripped out by illegal parkers have been replaced and steel cable will be added to tie them all together. The main problem seems to be with fishermen launching all manner of boats illegally from the Beach and then illegally parking their cars both at the beach and on Churchill. The Town By-law Officers will be monitoring the situation on an on going basis and illegal cars can and will be towed.

3. Parking Ninth Line at Cedarvale

Because of the increased traffic at this corner during the summer and concerns of visibility, NO PARKING signs will be erected and no parking within 30 feet of this intersection will be enforced.

4.Parking-Churchill Drive

Parking on Churchill Drive is presently be policed by the residents. Linda Mainprize pointed out if Town signs were erected, she would have to ticket the residents own cars and those of their visitors. It was decided to remain with the system as is and private no parking signs. Linda pointed out that the Town has an agreement with Ted’s Towing to tow illegally parked cars but this must be done through a By-law Officer. If a resident calls them he or she will be charged with the tow NOT the car owner.

5. 18 Coultice (Neil Swanson’s property)

The Coultice address is to the rear of the property on Restnook where the pontoon boat was removed. On May 13th after repeated attempts to have the house brought back up to proper building standards (there is a dangerous mould problem amongst a very long list of violations) the Town issued an order to vacate and boarded up the property. There was also a demolition order given which has been appealed by Mr. Swanson and the appeal is set to be heard October 14th.

6. ATV Enforcement

Up until recently there has been only 6 ATV’s available to Police for all of York Region. The Newmarket detachment recently purchased 2 more for their use. Once the officers are trained, this will result in more policing of the situation; but, as the York Regional Police Officers pointed out this is very much a game of cat and mouse.

The MLRA executive would like to thank Councillor Bannon for putting this meeting together with all the stakeholders ( Police, Bylaw and Town Services, Street Representatives and MLRA Reps).

This meeting was quite informative, very positive, and went a long way to increasing communication between the Residents and the Professionals who keep this community safe.

Thank you all!!!

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28 Jun


By-Law Issues


The Town By-Law Officers are Always Willing to Help the Residents of Musselman’s Lake

If you have any By-law issues such as: property standards, noise, illegal parking, trespassing

Please call:

Linda Mainprize
By-law Enforcement Officer
(905) 640-1910 or (905) 895-5299 Ext.258


Louise Reid
By-law Enforcement Officer
Thurs.-Mon. 12 noon-8p.m.
Ext 229


Teresa Hector
By-law Enforcement Officer
Saturday & Sunday
6:30 a.m. – 12 Noon
Ext 229

These fine By-law officers are available to help you in any way
with your by-law problems or will direct you to the proper authorities

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24 Jun


Town Meeting


A Very Positive Meeting Was Held on Monday June 23rd

Town Meeting Banner

The meeting was opened by Rick Wigmore Vice President of the MLRA who gave a short synopsis on how the MLRA was developed. He stated that Musselman’s Lake had in 2 short years gone from paying approximately $400,000 a year in taxes and getting virtually nothing in return to participating in three cutting edge programs all funded by the Town.

1.The Envirosmart Light Test on High Crest

These power, and light pollution reducing lights are not only a test for the Lake but also the whole Township. It was reiterated that these are being investigated only for use on the Ninth Line and Lakeshore going around the Lake for road safety only. There is no intention to light any other streets.

2. The Park Study

Will result in one or two parks serving the needs of residents of all ages

3. The Stewardship Plan

Funded by both the town and LSRCA will result in an environmental blueprint for the Lake both now and into the future

Mr. Wigmore announced that the MLRA membership fees were going to be strictly on a donation basis and that it was more important to sign up members than raise funds.

He said we need to maximize the numbers and participation of the members in order to maximize the results with the politicians. There will also be a drive to increase corporate sponsorship. Already Ravenshoe Group, Gibson Printing, Most Excellent Productions, Do-It Industries contribute time money and services to the MLRA.

The MLRA is looking for resident volunteers for 6 sub-committees Membership & Corporate Sponsorship, Environmental Issues, Event Planning, Nuisance/Trespassing, Fisheries and Boating Safety Practices(power,kayak,canoe)

Christine Laing President of the MLRA reviewed short term mid-term and long term goals and objectives and it really is amazing how much has been accomplished in two short years vs. the previous decade.

Dan Heron President of the Connor/High Crest Residents Association and Chairman of the Technical Working Group of the Stewardship Plan gave an excellent presentation and indicated a resident survey would be conducted door to door in July.

Lisa White President of the Cedarvale Residents Association presented plans for the next Halloween Party which has become the premier social event of the Musselman’s Lake social calendar. Over 200 people attended last year raising necessary funds for both the Cedarvale Residents Association and the Musselman’s Lake Residents Association.

Ian Feld the MLRA Social Convenor followed Lisa White and urged everyone to make this Halloween Dance the best ever.

Linda Wigmore, Treasurer of the MLRA reviewed the treasury (we have a little over $1,000 with $300 of that coming from the Halloween Dance).She explained how it costs money to communicate with all those not hooked up to the web but that was a necessary expenditure. She explained the move to membership by donation only, in an effort to boost membership (when it comes to lobbying numbers count) and the need for increased corporate sponsorship.

Three MLRA awards were presented on Monday to help celebrate two years since the inaugural meeting of the Musselman’s Lake Residents Association.


The First Award the “FOUNDERS AWARD” was presented to Councillor Bannon for being instrumental in founding the MLRA and for his continuing efforts on behalf of the Lake Residents. Mr Bannon in addition to being our Councillor has raised over $60,000 in money for various charities throughout the Township.


The second award an “APPRECIATION AWARD” was awarded to by-laws officer Linda Mainprize for her efforts in closing an illegal dump on Highway 48 and the clean up of the Swanson property on Coultice. Her efforts have resulted in a safer, healthier community.


The third award another “APPRECIATION AWARD” was presented to resident Charlene Jones and Harold Musetescu who co-chaired the Fisheries Committee and were responsible for bringing excessive ice fishing under control and worked closely with authorities to get the Swanson Houseboat removed and the property cleaned up. They served as an outstanding example of how residents with the backing of the numbers of the MLRA membership can achieve many positive results.

The award ceremony was followed up with an OPEN FORUM. Residents got to ask questions and make suggestions to Councillor Bannon. Far from the early days this was quite a positive exchange of ideas.

All in all this was a terrific positive meeting which showed when everyone works together in a positive mind set, meaningful changes start to take place.

Everyone was reminded that numbers and participation at these sometimes boring meetings is what politicians notice and helps increase the investment in our community.

Town Meeting Banner

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24 Jun




Dear Fellow Musselman’s Lake Residents

You are by now all aware of the unfortunate spill of toxic material which happened in April. During that week you might have noticed a multitude of trucks, boats, cars, and personnel including Phil Bannon, Town Clerk Michelle Kennedy, By-Law Officer Keith Saunders, streaming around the south west side of our lake.

The spill came from the Barge, since removed, belonging to Mr. Neil Swanson, who owns 17 Rest Nook Lane.

Here’s what we on Rest Nook have discovered: the soil on the bottom of the lake is still seeping the toxic material.

Some animals belonging to my neighbours have been seen to drink the lake water, then have severe diarrhea. Dead fish have been seen on the bottom of the lake. To my memory of twenty years here, the dead spring fish usually float on the water.

A positive note here is when I phoned York Region on Tuesday June 24th alerting them to the problem, they sent Mike Leslie who had been at the original leak over right away. He arrived with more hazmats we have since put in the water to try to absorb the toxic stuff.
Mr. Leslie also let us know this is actually an MOE problem, but York Region was willing to help us in any way they could.

I am in contact with the MOE, requesting more information for an article for this site and for the Stouffville FreePress. I have requested a follow-up visit from them to take samples from the lake bottom.

If you notice anything unusual, in terms of your health, your children’s or animal’s health in response to contact with the water please write a short note to this website. We’ll keep the information to present to the MOE.

Thank you.

Charlene Jones & Harold Musetescu
Co-Chairpersons Fisheries Committee

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16 May




First Photograph of the Envirosmart Streetlights Taken Wednesday May 14th

Envirosmart Streetlights
We thought everyone would like to see this photograph taken by MLRA member Dan Wigmore. This particular night, there was a slight fog that picked up just how directional these lights are. The first thing to notice is how well the road is lit and remember these are only 100 watt bulbs as vs the conventional lights of 175-250 watts. Notice how the lighting goes straight down on the left and is aimed to the right to take in only the road. The sky and the front yards of the residents remain dark.

We are glad that the Town has financed this test so we can witness first hand this brand new technology. We would encourage all residents to view the street first hand. As stated before this is a test only and residents will be fully consulted before any additional tests are conducted. However on the surface this appears to be one possible solution to the unsafe lighting conditions on Ninth Line and Lakeshore going around the Lake.

Please write us with your opinions.

Envirosmart Street Lights installed on Highcrest Road

Street Lights

The new Envirosmart Street Lights have now been installed on Highcrest Road. Our thanks go out to the residents of Highcrest Road who agreed to allow the Town to use their street as a test site for the installation of these state-of-the-art streetlights. Our thanks also go out to Councillor Phil Bannon for working with the Town to fund this test.

Each old light on Highcrest Road required 175 watt bulbs to light up the area effectively. The new Envirosmart Lights require 100 watt bulbs – a reduction in energy right at the onset. Unlike our old lights, these new lights are directional and direct the light straight down on the road thus reducing light pollution considerably. These lights provide a safe minimum level of lighting for the roadway without lighting up both residents’ properties and the night sky.

While the installation of street lights is highly controversial in this area, the purpose of this test is to see if the new environmentally friendly lights would be acceptable to the community as a whole. The aim would be to light only the parts of Ninth line and Lakeshore Road that surround the Lake directly. This would provide the minimum safe lighting required for driving, walking and biking around the lake at night. Replacing existing streetlights would actually reduce the glare of the streetlights themselves and this less intrusive form of lighting would blend in more harmoniously within the community. Not only are we taking steps to become more environmentally friendly, we’re also addressing safety and neighbourhood aesthetics at the same time – something for everyone.

The residents of Musselman’s Lake are encouraged to visit Highcrest Road after dark to view these lights in action.

We would also encourage you to visit and type in Envirosmart street light retrofit into the search engine. You will see all the FAQ’s and pictures associated with this project in Calgary. The city of Calgary is currently retrofitting the entire city. Key benefits as stated on the web site are:

● Energy and money saving
● Greenhouse gas reduction
● Glare reduction
● Light pollution reduction
● Maintaining safe level of lighting

We would like to reiterate that this is a test only. All residents will have the opportunity to provide feedback as to whether these lights are a safe, acceptable and viable solution to the disproportionate lighting situation that we are currently experiencing. As residents of this great community, it is imperative that we all weigh not only the importance of safe walking and driving conditions on the road around the Lake but to be cognizant of the local residents’ concerns as well.

Click here to download a Power Point Presentation on Envirosmart Street Lights installed on Highcrest Road

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08 May


Stewardship Plan Update


Musselman’s Lake Stewardship Plan Met for the Second Time

On May 1 the Technical Working Group (TWG) for the Musselman’s Lake Stewardship Plan met for the second time. The TWG comprises of representatives from the residents of Musselman’s Lake, businesses around the lake, Lake Simcoe Region Conversation Authority and the Town of WS.

We are putting together the Lake Stewardship Plan which is designed by the residents for the residents to improve the quality of the Lake and surrounding area.

We will be conducting a survey in the next couple of months to determine what the residents feel is important with regards to the quality of the lake. We are coordinating efforts for water quality testing and investigating possible solutions. Results of this survey and other testing of the lake quality will be made available to the public via web links as well as periodic public presentations.

Community events and initiatives are also discussed to improve coordination and planning for all associations around the lake.

Dan Heron
Chair Technical Work Group

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23 Apr


At Last… It’s Gone


Thank-You Everyone!!!

Neighbourhood Party Neighbourhood Party
Neighbourhood Party Neighbourhood Party

It took the banding together of one very diligent politician, fair-minded officials and persistent residents to do the IMPOSSIBLE. Neil Swanson’s houseboat, which for years has been the black eye on the beauty of Musselman’s Lake, has finally been removed and demolished.

A big THANK-YOU goes out to Councillor Phil Bannon who worked tirelessly on many a cold day on the shores of the Lake, meeting with officials to make sure this happened. THANK-YOU also to the town by-law officers, Linda Mainprize and Keith Saunders. Linda like Phil spent many a cold hour by the Lake taking pictures and collecting evidence to make sure it happened. Another big THANK-YOU to Charlene Jones our MLRA Fisheries Chairperson and her husband Harold who also played key roles in getting the boat removed. Then there’s the MOE, and Team One who actually got the job done.

Thank-You Everyone!!!!

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