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27 Nov


New Addition!!


Professional Management Services Joins the M.L.R.A Business Directory with their Own Brand New and Informative Financial Website.

Rick & Shelly

In these economic times, there has never been more demand for an accurate accountant, a trustworthy financial planner and intelligent business manager. Professional Management Services has over 25 years experience in providing sound financial management for small to mid size companies, everything from the one person company on up. This Markham based company is owned and operated by Shelley Maitland and Rick Shadbolt active residents of Musselman’s Lake for over 11 years.

This award winning firm has been built on combining common sense financial solutions with unique old fashioned personal service. Their warm and inviting offices are located in a converted home on the Main Street of Markham and quite handy to the residents of Ballantrae, Musselman’s Lake, Stouffville and Markham.

Professional Management Services` House

If you need help with bookkeeping, corporate or personal taxes, setting up a new business, growing an existing business or simply planning for your own retirement, Shelley and Rick have both the knowledge and expertise to find the right solution for you.

Please call Rick or Shelley at (905)201-8073

Or visit their web site at

Just tell them you’re interested in arranging an initial free consultation.


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27 Nov


Note to Local Business Owners


Feature your Business Here!

Feature your business here! For a $100/year donation to the Musselman’s Lake Residents Association we will feature your business on the home page and add your business and a link to your web site on the Business Directory of our web site. If you don’t have a web site and want one we can make arrangements for you or simply put in your address and phone number. This MLRA web site currently has 905 visitors in a month with over 2,500 page views.

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27 Nov


7th Annual Winter Carnival


There is Something for Everyone at the Bigger and Better Stouffville Winter Carnival… don’t miss it!

Cedar Beach Pavilion, Musselman’s Lake
Saturday, February 13th 1:00 – 4:00 p.m.

Yes, It’s True…
The Olympic Torch
You Can Have Your Photo Taken With An OLYMPIC TORCH!

He’s Back…

International Clown Doo Doo
DOO DOO… The International Clown
Everyone’s Favourite “Unbelievable” Clown!

And New This Year…

Treehouse TV Markus
MARKUS… Let the Smiles and Laughter Begin!
Markus is a Well-Known Treehouse TV Personality and a Huge Hit With Canadian Kids and Families.

And Much, Much More!!!

There is Something for Everyone at the Bigger and Better Stouffville Winter Carnival…don’t miss it!

27 Nov


Al & Trudy Yetman


Lake Residents Al & Trudy Yetman Host Sing Along at Nineteen on the Park

By Charlene Jones

Musselman`s Lake Residents
Al and Trudy Yetman Residents of Mussleman’s Lake
Host Sing Along at 19 on the Park, Jan 17th 2010

If you find yourself singing in the shower, crooning along with commercials, or ramping up the car stereo for your own vocal version of the tunes, then this is for you.

On January 17th treat yourself, your family and friends to a perfect post-holiday pick-me-up. Al and Trudy Yetman bring their humour and joy in music to 19 on the Park for an old fashioned sing-along! Songs from the 1920’s, ‘30’s, 40’s, and 50’s ring out to the public and to the many who lived that history.

Audiences from Buckingham Palace, Jubilee, East Gate Community, Parkview are issued a special invite to come and participate. Usually entertainment means you arrive, sit, watch and listen. Audience participation has “never been done like this in Stouffville before” says Al proudly.

But here Al arranges to project lyrics on a giant size overhead screen above musicians’ heads so you won’t have to worry about not knowing or not remembering the words.

The inaugural event in November brought big kudos to Brian O’Sullivan who stepped into the fray with a sound system that carried the sound until Mike Feld of Most Excellent. Productions took over and made the day. Both these gentlemen hail from Musselman’s Lake and demonstrated the true community spirit of so many folks up here. Al and Trudy give special thanks to Mike for dropping his Sunday afternoon to help them out.

“That man, “raves Al “was wonderful!”

Cost is a mere $3. per person including free cookies and coffee. Al himself picks up all expenses, for the hall, the sound systems, and piano plus printing, computer designed flyers, brochures, tickets and prizes. The musicians contribute their time and energy on a volunteer basis. Some good-hearted local merchants including one bank (Bank of Montreal) and one food store (No-Frills),came forward to help Al & Trudy with a helping hand with money donations and prizes. In response to their generous support, Al projects continuous advertising on the overhead screen.

Al and Trudy have been hosting sing-alongs for the best part of 60 years After retiring from the business world at age 40 Al studied for his Ministry of Transport Captain’s Certificate. Sailing around the Caribbean, the Mediterranean, and USA etc on their beautiful sailboat, the “Vitamin Sea” only encouraged the two in their passion. Anchoring their yacht they would stoke a campfire with the locals and fellow cruising sailors who participated in happy sing-alongs with local flavored food and refreshments.

The Vitamin Sea safely carried Trudy and Al during their 8 continuous years of offshore cruising which included Canada, the USA, along with crossing the “Atlantic several times into the Mediterranean. These music aficionados have inspired audiences to raise their voices and let loose in song mingled with several languages which all blended together and made for countless happy moonlit nights on the shores of many countries.

Most recently Al and Trudy hosted a successful season of open mic music extravaganza at our own Cedar Beach Grill on Musselman’s Lake. For those of us lucky enough to attend it was a fabulous experience of joy and fellowship with people you might not otherwise have the opportunity to meet and mingle with.

After all their years with music, Al and Trudy have a long list of musician friends who help them out on-stage but if you know of an additional piano player, one who can play by ear, please let them know! Come out for a great afternoon of song, spirit and humour. Raise your voice with others! Al & Trudy can be contacted at

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27 Nov


Lynn Goad Carries Olympic Torch


Bringing a Whole New Meaning to the Phrase “carrying the torch for someone”

The Olympic Torch Run
Musselman’s Lake resident Lynn Goad, will bring a whole new meaning to the phrase “carrying the torch for someone” when she carries the Olympic Torch down Main St. Stouffville on Thursday December 17th.

It was her commitment to physical fitness which helped her be chosen as one of 12000 people for the Torch Relay. Ms. Goad teaches Physical Education, French and English at Stouffville’s Glad Park Public School. As part of her on-line submission, Ms. Goad wrote a 250 word response about how her active lifestyle impacts positively on herself and others. Ms. Goad encourages her daughter Jessica toward fitness through sharing daily walks, hikes or bike rides. She also demonstrates to her students by example. Her regular swimming or running routine state more clearly than words her sense of the value and benefits of daily physical exercise.

Ms.Goad learned this summer she had been selected. She has unfortunately broken her torch-bearing arm, but with her knowledge about physical training is already well on the way to having the arm back in shape. She must carry the three-pound torch for 300 metres.

While we know the torch arrives in town Dec. 17, we don’t know where and at what time. The exact route and time for the torch’s passage are being kept under wraps until one week prior to the big event, as per the Olympic Committee’s instructions. Although the Torch will not be stopping this time, as it did in 1987 when the games were held in Calgary, festivities are planned. Centered at Lebovic Centre for Arts and Entertainment, Nineteen on the Park will host a choir singing O Canada, Olympic videos and hot drinks for all.

Please wear Red and White in support of Canada’s participation.
The town will supply Canadian Flags to students. To offset the cost, Organizers hope to hear from businesses willing to volunteer to sponsor the flags.

If you want to volunteer, contact Micole Ongman at 905-640-1910 ext. 323 or

For more information on the Games, including the torch run, go

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04 Nov

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Halloween Dance ’09


Mussleman’s Lake Residents Once More Host a Fantastic Halloween Dance

The Musselman’s Lake Gang and the coffin containing the body parts of their Capo “ Guido (Noodles) Noodleoni “ who was allegedly blown up by a car bomb on the way to the party. It’s interesting that the gang already had a coffin prepared for Mr. Noodleoni.

This Halloween Party keeps getting bigger, noisier and more colourful each year. 250 Residents and their friends celebrated Halloween like it’s never been celebrated before at the Cedar Beach Pavilion. Each year the costumes keep getting better and more creative, which is making it extremely difficult on the judges, who have to select the 4 best costumes in each category and then all the partiers select the winner.

This fantastic party, the brain child of the Cedarvale Community Association, is used each year to pay the insurance on their community beach. This event had attracted a steady 80 revellers until 3 years ago when they joined forces with the MLRA to promote it to all residents and their friends… then it really took off from there! Now it pays for not only the community beach insurance but it allows the MLRA to charge no membership fees and include all residents in the association.

As with any successful event there are many people and companies to thank.

Cedar Beach Park who donate their historic pavilion facilities each year.

Most Excellent Productions and Mike Feld who provide the Amazing Sound System, Music and DJ Services.

Do it Industries & Ravenshoe Group who each year provide prizes.

Gibson Printing who supplied the Dance tickets

The Meat Merchant (Uxbridge) opening a new store in Stouffville 2010 – 4x$25 gift certificates

Pattison Outdoor & Ontario Science Center – 4 passes to the Bodyworlds exhibit

George of Cedar Beach General Store who donated a Candy Piñata

Members of the Cedarvale Community Association and the MLRA who help set up and decorate the Pavilion.

Lisa White

And last but not least A HUGE THANK-YOU to Lisa White, President of the Cedarvale Community Association and Executive member of the MLRA. It’s safe to say without Lisa and her dedicated volunteers this event would never happen. Every successful event needs a spark plug and Lisa provides that spark. Many meetings and months of planning go into making this event more successful each year. THANK-YOU Lisa!!!!

And THANK-YOU to all the residents and their friends who attend each year. We are very grateful that you mark this event on your social calendar each year as a must attend.

For those of you that have never attended…shame on you… because you don’t want to miss it next year. Just check the website in August for the date and details will follow. In the meantime click on the button below, relax and enjoy the show.

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02 Nov


Stewardship Plan Captures Two!


Musselman’s Lake Stewardship Plan Captures Two Awards at the Lake Simcoe Region Conservation Authority Awards

Stewardship Award
Dr. Terry O’Connor,(far left) resident of Whitchurch Stouffville, Dr. Brian Laing and Christine Laing, executives of the MLRA represented the Members of the Technical Working Group, Musselman’s Lake Stewardship Plan to receive an LSRCA Water Conservation award for the outstanding work they and other members of the TWG accomplished in bringing the plan to fruition. Presenting the award was Councillor Virginia Hackson and Councillor Ken Ferdinands representing the LSRCA board.

Phil Bannon and Ken Ferdinands
Councillor Ken Ferdinands representing the LSRCA presents an award to Councillor Bannon representing the Town of Whitchurch Stouffville for his and the Town’s contribution to the Musselman’s Lake Stewardship Plan.

Town of Whitchurch Stouffville receives water conservation award from the Lake Simcoe Region Conservation Authority ( LSRCA )…… “For the contributions towards the completion of the Musselman’s Lake Subwatershed Assessment and Stewardship Opportunities Report.”

“We are pleased to advise that the Town of Whitchurch-Stouffville has been named as a recipient of the Water Conservation Award for the contributions that the Town of Whitchurch-Stouffville made towards the completion of the Musselman’s Lake Subwatershed Assessment and Stewardship Opportunities Report”….

Phil Bannon
“I would like to take this opportunity to thank our partners, Town of Whitchurch Stouffville staff, LSRCA staff and residents of the community who partnered with us to make this a reality. This has been a long journey (4 years) between the time I first met with Brian Kemp (LSRCA) and proposed the development of a lake management program for Musselman’s Lake. We should all be proud of what we have accomplished. I would like to thank the Musselman’s Lake Residents Association for their continued support throughout this process. Over the long term, the success of this program will be measured by the level of participation of the residents in the community”……Councillor Phil Bannon.

The Lake Simcoe Region Conservation Authority’s mission is to provide leadership in the restoration and protection of the environmental health and quality of Lake Simcoe and its watershed with our community, municipal and other government partners. By celebrating environmental success stories like yours from across the watershed, we hope to inspire others to conserve and protect Lake Simcoe.

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24 Sep


Backbone of Our Community


Long Standing Street Associations are the Backbone of Our Lake Community

The street associations that have been brought together under the Musselman’s Lake Residents Association (MLRA) umbrella have histories of looking out for the concerns of the Lake area as far back as the 1940’s. The following two articles feature two of them. One is a brief history of the Connor Drive Cottage Association by Bob Halsey who writes and produces the “Connor Chronicle” a very good newsletter full of local information for the residents of Connor Drive and Highcrest Road.

The second article is by Jane Grinnell the Churchill Residents Association spokesperson and Vice-president of the M.L.R.A. This is exciting as this very old street organization had gone into decline and virtually ceased to exist; but, now has been resurrected by the residents and become very active. The Churchill area which is at the east end of the lake has come to be known as “Party Central” CONGRATULATIONS CHURCHILL RESIDENTS!

And while we’re at, it let’s not forget about the Cedarvale Community Association who on SATURDAY OCTBER 31st supported by the MLRA will once more be putting on The Social Event of the year… “THE HALLOWEEN DANCE” at Cedar Beach. Lisa White, President of the Cedarvale Community Association and member of the MLRA executive is the driving force behind this unique and fun fundraiser. The Park will still be open, so make sure you get there early to avoid disappointment. This adult party was an overwhelming success last year. If your company can donate any prizes please contact us at our web site and we’ll put you in touch with Lisa.

It should be noted at this time that the Musselman’s Lake street organizations do an excellent job of presenting the local issues of each individual street or area. Every street organization has a representative serving on the executive of the Musselman’s Lake Residents Association which makes for a very united front when presenting local issues to our Councillor Phil Bannon, Mayor, and Council.

The power of many residents and one strong united voice is imperative for progress in the neighbourhood to continue so please remember support your local street associations and the MLRA.
It’s good for all of us.

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24 Sep

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Connor Drive


A Brief History of Connor Drive and the Connor Drive Cottage Owners Association

By Bob Halsey

Previously known as Sunnybank Boulevard, Connor Drive acquired its current name shortly after Mrs. Connor bequeathed the Connor property to the community during the 1940’s. This is located where the swimming beach currently is.

Connor / Sunnybank has had some changes over the years. About 25 years ago, the road was more hilly than it currently is and there was a small side road near the West end which allowed access to 3 cottages. The city levelled out the highest part of the hill, eliminating the side road and adding wooden shoring to the lawn of some houses that lost access to their driveways!

At the time, most of the houses on the street were cottages. Over the years, most of these have become permanent year-round residents.

The Connor Drive community has always been very close. There were generally a lot of children around, especially during the summer.

Starting up in 2001, a new newsletter, “The Connor Chronicle” began publishing bi-monthly. It has assisted the community spirit and communications on the street, and attempted to bring the neighbouring Highcrest Road into the fold.

A reflection of the community spirit was in the number of events taking place during the year, including:

1. Multi-national chili-fest pot luck lunch in February
2. A “Critter roast” pot-luck lunch and Fireworks by the lake on May 24th
3. A kids and adults street party and in the evening hot dogs, corn cobs     and street dancing in August
4. A corn roast and pot luck dinner event in September
5. On Christmas Eve, a “Lighting the Way For Santa” event of lining the     street with gently glowing candles bringing people outside as well

As with most community groups interest in and participation in tends to ebb and flow. With the changing residents and children moving away some of the annual events seem to have unfortunately dropped off but we’re sure this is cyclical. With new residents moving in and hopefully new children we hope to breathe new life into this long term residents group.

There’s no doubt that a active healthy residents group brings to the residents a sense of community and belonging not felt in the larger communities.

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