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01 Sep


Fireworks Display


Cedar Beach Season Ending Fireworks Display

Cedar Beach Fireworks

On Saturday September 4th at dusk, Cedar Beach is once again ending the summer season with a BANG!

This display is their exciting way of saying THANK-YOU! to their patrons for the business and to the residents for their support.

Patrons are invited to gather on the beach and residents are encouraged to view the outstanding display from the many vantage points on the shore or from their boats. Boaters are encouraged to cruise slowly to reduce the effect of waves and to stay at least ¾ km. away from the Fireworks Launching Barge for safety.

Note to Boaters:
The display will be set up on a barge and towed to the middle of the Lake. From late afternoon on, please keep your boating activity to cruising around the perimeter of the Lake and also keep your boat wake to a minimum. There will be boats out BEFORE the display at dusk to help you maintain a safe distance from the barge and the fireworks.


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18 Aug


“Acquisition of Parkland and Open Space-Community of Musselman’s Lake” “Approved”


By Councillor Phil Bannon

I am very pleased to announce that on Tuesday August 17th, 2010, Town Council unanimously approved my motion for the construction of a Neighbourhood Park, in Musselman’s Lake.

There are so many people who deserve credit for their part in this success. Town Staff who have dedicated so much time and energy throughout this process, negotiating the acquisition of the Park Land and Environmentally Sensitive Lands for $2.00, effectively acquiring the lands for no direct cost. The Musselman’s Lake Residents Association, who have continued to provide so much information and positive support through their strong, responsible leadership in the community. A very special thanks to the Mayor and Members of Council who have continued to support my efforts over the past five years to have this Park put on the map.

The final proposal to acquire this neighbourhood park ” Coultice Park” and the environmentally sensitive lands from the James Coultice Estate has now been approved authorizing Staff to embark upon the next phase of the workplan, that being the design of the park in consultation with the Community in 2011.

Development will be limited to an unserviced park and low intensity recreational uses. The site is approximately 4-5 acres in size. Uses that could be accommodated and sited within the neighbourhood park include:

  • Junior and intermediate play structures and swings
  • Picnic shelter or gazebo and associated sitting areas
  • Multi-purpose court/basketball court
  • 12-14 stall parking lot
  • Unorganized open play area
  • toboggan hill utilizing the existing topography of the site

An additional parcel comprised of approximately 137 acres of environmentally sensitive lands represents an opportunity to promote public education and outreach on environmental awareness , and , water conservation and water quality initiatives could be designed and implemented consistent with the objective of the Musselmans Lake Subwatershed Assessment and Stewardship Opportunities Project.

Additionally,trails could be established through portions of the property which in time could be extended to make connection with the Oak Ridges Moraine Trail.

This is a Win, Win, Win situaton for the Town, The Residents of Musselman’s Lake and the Conservation Authority.

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04 Aug


Note to Local Business Owners


Feature your Business Here!

Feature your business here! For a $100/year donation to the Musselman’s Lake Residents Association we will feature your business on the home page and add your business and a link to your web site on the Business Directory of our web site. If you don’t have a web site and want one, we can make arrangements for you or we can simply put in your address and phone number in the listing.

This MLRA web site currently has over 1,700 visitors in a month with over 6,000 page views. This is doubling the number of visits that we had last year in a month.

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28 Jul


Another Step Closer


Positive Community Park Meeting puts us another step closer to a community park

Approximately 40 or 50 residents attended the community park meeting at Ballantrae Community Centre on Thursday July 22nd. The Town was represented by Andrew McNeely -Planning, Robert Raycroft- Liesure Services and our Councillor Phil Bannon. We were hoping to have a copy of Mr Mcneely’s presentation for the web site but as yet it hasn’t been provided so here is a synopsis of the presentation.

The Coultice Estate property, known locally as the Wagon Wheel ranch property, is 170 acres in total. 137 acres will be acquired and put under the stewardship of the Lake Simcoe Region Conservation Authority. This property has significant wetland and wooded areas and contains unique and in some cases endangered flora and fauna. The plan is to restore and enhance key heritage areas, build hiking and biking trails to various vantage points where the public will be educated on some of the areas unique features and plants. This is just an amazing opportunity for the area residents.

Five acres will be acquired by the Town for the Community Park proper. This area will contain the usual play area of swings and slides etc. There will be a toboggan hill, a picnic shelter and an unorganized area suitable for pick up sports events such as baseball, football and soccer.

There will be Parking spaces for 10-14 cars and no washroom facilities. This is to encourage use by local residents rather than day trippers out of the city.

This park will be named “Coultice” Park at the request of the Coultice Estate without whose generous donation the Park simply would not happen.

Another idea put forth is to create a “Community Safety Zone” around the park entrance way to slow down traffic. This allows the Police to double the speeding fines in this area.


August 17th – Council Meeting to decide whether to proceed with the Park

August 19th- Town deadline to indicate to the Coultice Estate that the Town wishes to proceed with the offer.

Fall 2010 /Winter 2011- Park Consultation with focus on design of the park and preparation of project budget and planning schedule.

January 2011- Depending on positive negotiations between Revenue Canada and the Coultice Estates and assuming a price for the sizeable donation is acceptable to both parties the Coultice Estate must decide whether to proceed.

Spring 2011- Site Preparation begins

The budget for this park has been set at $1,000,000 but funds are not to be spent all in one year.

Mr. McNeely indicated at the end of the meeting based on the positive reaction of the residents that he would be recommending to council on August 17th that they proceed with the park. We would like many residents to attend this Council meeting as a show of support to Mr. McNeely who has come up with a terrific plan for our Community Park and to our Councillor Phil Bannon who for many years has kept this Community Park “on the radar” with Mayor and Council. To these two gentlemen we really owe a debt of gratitude.

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27 Jul


Design Of Musselman’s Lake Community Park


Resident Invites Youth Input

Resident invites youth input into the design of the Musselman’s Lake Community Park. Local Resident, Spir Baillie, who is the acting Secretary for the Ninth Line Residents Association has taken the initiative to start asking youth in our community what they would like to see or not see in the design of the Community Park. Spir (pronounced spear) said that after attending the the site location meeting for the Park in the community of Musselman’s Lake on July 22nd, she realized that what was lacking in the planning process was the “Voice of our local Youth”.

Spir would like the parents in our community to discuss the Park with their children to see what design features they would like to see incorporated into the park design and e-mail their comments to Spir at with the subject line “Musselman’s Lake Community Park.

Spir would like to assemble the feedback from our Youth with a list of features, likes and/or dislikes by August 16th. In this way she can represent the voice of the local youth at the next Town Council Meeting on August 17th. Any youth who wish to contact Spir directly may do so. The MLRA Executive would like to THANK Spir for initiating this program encouraging Youth Feedback on the Community Park

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21 Jul


A Long Hot Summer At Musselman’s Lake


A Bumper Crop of Weeds for the Lake

A long hot summer at Musselman’s Lake always means a bumper crop of weeds for the Lake. This year is no exception and the bumper crop of weeds is not new. Back in the 1920’s a tour boat that operated on Musselman’s Lake was ordered with a weedless prop in order to take tourists around the lake during the summer without getting bogged down in the dense weeds. Every year around this time there is a hue and cry from the residents “What are we going to do about the weeds?” and some even equate weeds with water pollution. The fact is that Cedar Beach has the water tested every week and once more it is passing with flying colours. The weeds in the Lake react the same way flowers or vegetables in a garden do to a good growing season…they flourish.

The problem is that the weeds are a vital part of the ecology of the Lake and make excellent habitat for a variety of wild life.

What to do?

1) Conduct an expensive weed harvest? We have looked at this in the past and the funds and/or equipment were not available at the time. Also it would only be performed on a very small section of the Lake each year requiring permits and equipment each time. This may be an option to revisit later.

2) Apply Phoslock currently being tested by the LSRCA? Again this process is extremely expensive to do and would we be just creating other ecological problems.

The fact remains that Preston Lake and Wilcox Lake, along with other Kettle Lakes on the Oak-Ridges Moraine, have experimented with boat bans, aeration systems and who knows what else with less than stellar results and in some cases have created other problems that didn’t exist before.

Any direct action taken against the weeds could create more harm than good by creating other unforeseen problems or even a chain reaction of problems. In the meantime we have a limited number of power boats cutting paths through the weeds and aerating the lake. Most residents are voluntarily switching to 4-stroke outboard technology which is so environmentally friendly that they are the only motors approved for running on the water reservoirs in California. Also The CUPPEL Project (Control Unwanted Phosphorous and Pollution from Entering the Lake) has been initiated and once it has been implemented it will give Mother Nature a helping hand to control the excess amount of weeds naturally, without triggering any imbalance in the ecology of the Lake. Mother Nature given half a chance can really do a wonderful job at looking after herself, and our Lake is a great example of that. She just keeps getting better and better with age.

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20 Jul


The CUPPEL Project Surveys Are Complete


First CUPPEL Project site could begin transformation in Aug/Sept

The CUPPEL Project that was announced at the MLRA Earth Day Spring Clean Event is moving forward. Thanks to the efforts of the Project Manager Dan Heron and the LSRCA, all the required surveys are complete. The stage the project is now at is that everything has to be compiled to be submitted for the permits. Once the permits are in hand the first CUPPEL Project site could begin transformation in August/September, pending final review with residents who border the initial project site.

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06 Jul


Town Clarifies Estate Building Lots Associated with Park Plan


Park Plan building lots are for single family detached dwellings only

Rumours seem to be part of life at Musselman’s Lake. The latest one was that, once the Park Plan was approved, Townhouses would be going on Lot E behind the Lakeshore residents. As there are several building lots associated with the Park Plan the MLRA asked for clarification from the Department of Planning and Building on their potential use. We were informed “The zoning for this site in both By-law 897-34 (RU-Rural) and the new comprehensive Zoning By-law 2010-001-ZO (ORM-L – Oak Ridges Moraine Linkage) is such that the only permitted residential use would be for a single detached dwelling.“

So there you have it… No rumoured Townhouses, Apartment Buildings, or subdivisions.

We would again encourage all residents to attend the Community Park Plan meeting at the Ballantrae Community Centre, Thursday July 22nd at 7:00pm. Mr. Andrew McNeely will be there to present all the exciting plans for this amazing Park. Andrew will be listening to residents’ concerns/recommendations and he will also be answering questions.

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06 Jul


Newly Formed Ninth Line Residents Association


Held Inaugural Meeting Wednesday June 30th

Mike Murphy hosted the Ninth Line Residents Asssociation inaugural meeting at his home. Over a dozen very enthusiastic residents attended the meeting to elect their executive and listen to a presentation by Rick Wigmore, President of the MLRA. Rick spoke about the importance of resident participation in their local street associations and the benefits of working under the umbrella of the MLRA representing not only their association’s interest but the interests of the Lake area as a whole.

Mike Murphy was elected President, Keiran Glynn- Treasurer, and Spir Baillie – Secretary.

It was agreed that they would establish short, medium and long term goals. The Park Land, with respect to access and building lot would be the immediate priority, followed by street safety (lighting, speed control, sidewalks). Mike indicated their intention was to table these suggestions prior to the Community Park Meeting and possibly set up a meeting with the Churchill Group. Mr. Wigmore welcomed them to participate actively with the MLRA and Mr. Murphy was appointed as the group’s representative to serve on the MLRA Executive.

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24 Jun


Date Set For Community Park Meeting


Thursday July 22nd, 7:00pm at the Ballantrae Community Centre

Residents of Musselman’s Lake who want to learn more about the fantastic community park planned for the Wagon Wheel Ranch property, should plan to attend this meeting. Mr. Andrew McNeely, representing the Town of Whitchurch Stouffville, will be presenting the Town’s plans to all interested residents and will be answering any and all questions. If you have any suggestions on how the park should take shape, this would be the time to voice them.

Assuming that the community shows a continued spirit of cooperation and judging by the high level of enthusiasm for the park itself, the meeting should proceed extremely well. Council will then meet on Tuesday August 17th. Mr. McNeely will report on the results of the residents’ community park meeting and Council, depending on the level of support for the park in the community, will vote either to proceed or to shelve the report.

Please, show Council and Mr. McNeely that we really support this community park idea and believe NOW IS THE TIME FOR A MUSSELMAN’S LAKE COMMUNITY PARK! Come out and attend the meeting on July 22nd.

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