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15 Nov




Community Safety Committee Has Great News. We Now Have A Safer Corner.

Drive Slow caution

Drive Slow caution

New safer guardrail

New safer guardrail


Green Gabion is an environmental friendly gabion type used for erosion control for rivers, shorelines and stream banks. They provide immediate and long-term erosion control and create hospitable conditions for plant establishment. Green Gabions help to slow water velocities near the banks and trap sediment. They are made of PVC coated wire mesh baskets with an inclined face of 45° or 60°, lined with a coconut fiber blanket on the facing and filled with a mix of stone and topsoil. The heavy coconut mat has a durability of 3 to 5 years that allows vegetation establishment. The integration of the vegetation provides a high resistance and durability of the structure. As the root system develops, it reinforces the soil providing a significant resistance to the structure.

Green Gabion is an environmental friendly gabion used for erosion control. They are made of PVC coated wire mesh baskets with a coconut fiber blanket on the facing and filled with a mix of stone and topsoil. The heavy coconut mat allows vegetation establishment. As the root system develops, it reinforces the soil providing a significant resistance to the structure.

The Musselman’s Lake Residents Association (MLRA) is a member of the Community Safety Committee along with the Town, York Region Police and York Regional Roads. It is through the efforts of this committee, spearheaded by Councillor Phil Bannon, that “Bang Up Bend” now needs to be renamed.

R&M Construction did a great job on road embankment repair that now provides a solid foundation for the road on the bend. New  guardrails and safety signage were also added.

Our Thanks goes out to Councillor Bannon for moving the project forward with the Region and to Scott Stover and the York Region Roads Department for getting the repairs done.

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15 Nov




The Whistle Radio Show “Stouffville Now” with Host Sarah Newton Interviewed Councillor Phil Bannon


Whistle Radio

This very informative interview has been broken down in five segments for your listening convenience and we will be posting one segment each week.

Segment titles will be as follows:

  1. Why did you want to become Councillor? About Ward Two
  2. Business, Community, Safety and Corporate Sponsorship
  3. Park, Seniors, Day Care and Community Centre
  4. Stewardship, Community Events and Corporate Sponsorship
  5. Whitchurch-Stouffville Town Council

This week we are starting with the first segment…

Why did you want to become Councillor?  About Ward Two

08 Nov




Originally posted Oct 11, 2013

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Trespassing On The Water Tower Private Property Is Going To Cost You!


Paul Whitehouse – Director of Public Works & Operations, Teresa Hector, Bylaw Officer,
Councillor Bannon, Constable Richie Ho, Constable Ivan Liew – Crime Prevention District #5,
Mohamed Reda – Property Owner
Photo – Rick Wigmore


On October 9th 2013, Councillor Bannon arranged a meeting at the Water Tower property with the property owner, York Regional Police, By-law Enforcement, Town Roads Department and Musselman’s Lake Residents Association (MLRA).

Residents have been complaining about trespassing on the Water Tower property by local dirt bike and ATV riders. The concerns are not strictly about the excessive noise being created by these off road machines but there also are concerns about injuries being received by riders while on this private property.

Mr. Reda, who is the property owner has agreed to erect more barriers and gates to further limit access to this property. There will be a locked entrance and police will be given a key to allow their ATV’s onto the property for purposes of enforcement.


No off road vehicles are permitted on Water Tower property


Local residents are encouraged to take pictures of any off road vehicles on the premises and to file complaints on the York Regional Police website where they can register the trespassing information through the Road Watch Program .  All complaints will be followed up on especially if they contain license numbers which allow police to track the owner of the vehicle.

If you are one of these motocross or ATV riders that frequent the water tower property, please cease and desist trespassing on private property. It will save you both the money and embarrassment of being charged. You will also help to restore the peace and quiet to our community that we all enjoy so much.

Thank You for your cooperation.

08 Nov

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Remembrance Day – November 11

We Shall Not Forget The Sacrifices Our Veterans Have Made For Their Country.

Remembrance Day. Lest we forget

Remembrance Day. Lest we forget


 11 For 11 Campaign – Canadian Hero Fund – November Remembrance

GIVE 11 FOR 11

And provide scholarships for the children of fallen soldiers…

Because we can never give as much as they did.


Highway Of Heroes – The Trews


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07 Nov

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Bang Up Bend Update

New and Improved Bank Up Bend to be fully open soon

New and Improved Bank Up Bend to be fully open soon

According to Scott Stover, District Manager, Roads Branch York Region the Ninth Line at the bend should be back to normal for early next week if not by the weekend. R&M Construction was awarded the project for road embankment repair to provide a solid foundation for the road on the bend plus guardrails and safety signage. We would encourage residents to take a look. You can tell road embankment repair is a real specialty for R&M Construction. Our Thanks goes out to Councillor Bannon for moving the project forward with the Region and to Scott Stover and the York Region Roads Department for getting the repairs done.


01 Nov




United Soils Management Children’s Halloween Display Destroyed By Vandals.

Halloween Hay Figures courtesy of United SoilsPhoto - Dan WigmoreIMG_4903IMG_4897IMG_4900

First of all our deepest THANKS goes to Mr. Alec Cloke and United Soils Management for developing such a creative and innovative Halloween Display. In the short time the display was up the many hay characters sure garnered a lot of attention from our residents both young and old. People took pictures and kids stared at them in amazement. They really were quite impressive.

Then late on Friday October 25th or the early hours of Saturday October 26th a couple of sick individuals decided to take that joy and goodwill from the community by destroying each and every character. This was not the work of one individual as the hay bales are simply too heavy for one person to move.

The MLRA would like to find these individuals and is appealing to the community to send us whatever they saw or heard no matter how insignificant the information seems. It will be kept in the strictest confidence.

As you can appreciate this sure makes it more difficult for Councillor Bannon and the MLRA to encourage local businesses to work with us on improving the community. This sort of nonsense should not be permitted to go unpunished. The Ninth Line is a very well-travelled road so we feel someone must have seen or heard something.  We would encourage the residents to keep their eyes and ears open because someone is going to brag or talk about this incident and we would love to turn any and all information over to the proper authorities.

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31 Oct




Residents Voice Their Disbelief

Below are emails the MLRA received from local residents regarding the vandalism of the United Soils Management’s children’s Halloween display.

Dennis and Gerri

Through you, we would like to commend United Soils for placing the straw creatures/display on the 9th line at United Soils.

It was very well done.

We were taking grand children and another young person there just to see them, only to find that they had been vandalized.

We hope United Soils are prepared to make the effort again and will not be permanently discouraged.



That’s absolutely horrible, I feel sick when losers destroy what good people have built.  So frustrating.  I really hope that they get caught.  If you’re allowed to, please let me know if they get caught. I’d feel better knowing that someone was held accountable.



I’m sorry I don’t have any information about the Halloween Display that was destroyed on the United Soil property. I just wanted to express my annoyance with the individuals who did this. The display had become the “thing to look for” by my 4 year old on all our drives to town. She noticed one day it was gone and was sad. When I told her what happen, she said ” we should go help them rebuild it, that wasn’t very nice”.

So to the people responsible, I send this picture I saw online today that reminded me of this incident.



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30 Oct




Geranium Homes’ Sponsored Lake Report Will Be Completed Once Laboratory Results Are In.

Dr. Neil Hutchinson, Ph.D.
President, Principal Aquatic Scientist
Hutchinson Environmental Sciences Ltd.


HESL in depth report on Musselman’s Lake will soon be completed

Hutchinson Environmental Sciences Ltd. completed their last sampling of Musselman’s Lake on October 10, 2013. At that time the lake had cooled to a uniform 16Celsius at all depths. The uniform temperature and autumn winds produced the fall turnover – mixing the lake completely from top to bottom, restoring oxygen to all depths of the lake and ending the internal loading of phosphorus from lake sediments. We are now awaiting the return of all chemistry and algal species results from the laboratory and will write our report when all these results are back.

25 Oct




The MLRA Wishes You And Your Family A  Safe & Happy Halloween.

Please follow these basic Halloween safety tips.


Halloween Safety Image


Community sign at United Soils Management – Have a Safe & Happy Halloween
Photo – Dan Wigmore


Angry Birds and their friend “Oink”
Halloween Hay Figures courtesy of United Soils Management
Photo – Dan Wigmore

Halloween Hay Figures courtesy of United Soils Management Photo - Dan Wigmore

“Drummer Bear” Teddy
Halloween Hay Figures courtesy of United Soils
Photo – Dan Wigmore


Elvis Bear “Ted E Bear”
Halloween Hay Figures courtesy of United Soils Management
Photo – Dan Wigmore


“Mr. Big” the Rooster
Halloween Hay Figures courtesy of United Soils Management
Photo – Dan Wigmore







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25 Oct

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With Longer Nights Upon Us Please Take Extra Care To “See And Been Seen”.

The Lake Road is even more dangerous during our long dark winter nights. We have decided to post this article from last November again as a reminder that…”The Lake Road Is Dangerous”.  Please share, care and be aware.

The Lake Road is Dangerous

Originally posted November 15, 2012

BUT… We Are Our Own Worst Enemies

CopsThe road around the Lake was built as a cottage road. It was never intended to hold the volume of cars, pedestrians, runners and cyclists that now use it. Even though, through the years road safety has been improved dramatically around the lake (reduced speed limits, improved guardrails and intersection re-engineering), there is still one major problem that has always been with us and still is the greatest threat to everyone’s safety. That problem is speeding. Councillor Bannon reacting to residents’ complaints about speed arranged for the York Region Police to set up speed traps. Over 80% are local residents!

Based on this data…we are our own worst enemies.

The immediate solution, to making this road less dangerous lies with the residents, both drivers and pedestrians. The immediate solution lies with all of us putting our neighbour’s safety first rather than the fact we might be late for work or an appointment. Even though through the years the road has become safer, it is never going to be totally safe unless we all slow down. The solution lies within each of the residents as drivers respecting the safety of the pedestrians and also pedestrians respecting the drivers. Both pedestrians and drivers must play a major role in this common sense safety equation.

Common sense tells us that…

  • It is not safe to speed especially on narrow, multi-use, community roads.
  • It is not safe when pedestrians and cyclists do not dress to be seen and blend in with the scenery.
  • It is not safe for pedestrians to use this road in inclement weather.
  • It is not safe to have inadequate street lighting (certain residents have threatened to shoot out proper new lighting).

Please treat our lake road as a cottage road. It is neither a pedestrian board walk nor a typical road but serves our community as both. We have a very unique community with a very unique road, which with some effort can be shared safely by all.

Drivers need to slow down and also realize that the speed of 40kph is the suggested and posted MAXIMUM speed. That doesn’t mean you have to travel at 40kph when meeting other cars and/or pedestrians on the road. Please recognize this is not a safe speed for sharing this narrow road with other traffic and SLOW DOWN.

Reflective Clothing

Pedestrians please help out the drivers for not only your safety but also theirs. Do not walk 3 and 4 abreast and around corners please be extra cautious and walk single file. Dress to be seen. Wear bright and reflective clothing in order to be readily seen by the drivers. It’s a safety statement rather than a fashion statement. At night, you should be wearing reflective clothing and carry a small flashlight. Help the drivers to see you and they will in most cases instinctively slow down and give you room going by.

Please avoid walking the dog or especially the kids on this road when it’s raining or snowing. It’s a very difficult road to share with vehicles on the best of days but, in bad weather you have the added risk of not only the vehicles have less traction/visibility but, also you are more likely to slip which could be fatal if a car happens by at the same time.

If our community as a whole takes safety seriously, both pedestrians and motorists will immediately find that this cottage road in our community becomes less dangerous. Everyone has to recognize that it will never be totally safe and that safety starts at home. Please respect the dangers of our local roads and be safety conscious for your own safety and for the safety of our whole community who walk, hike, bike and drive the roads on a daily basis.

Maybe we can all learn to share this unique road so we can enjoy it without our safety being threatened.

Share, Care and be Aware!