A Game Changer Interview

by · April 3, 2013

Charlene Jones using her Whistle Radio experience, interviews owner of United Soils Management for the MLRA about Lee Sand & Gravel pit restoration project in this three part interview.

Living in a small and active community such as ours, puts pressure on the MLRA Executive to know what issues are coming down the pipe and how it will effect this community going forward. Thus when Alec Cloke owner of United Soils Management requested a meeting with Rick Wigmore as President of the Musselman’s Lake Residents’ Association concerning the Lee Sand and Gravel Restoration Project and the new proposed Fill by-law, Wigmore easily obliged.

What surprised Wigmore was the absolute transparency Cloke demanded of his own company! He invited Wigmore to sit in with all his experts on the planning stages of the Lee Sand and Gravel Pit Restoration Project on Ninth Line to make sure he was happy with all the safeguards being implemented and that the rights of the residents were properly being addressed.

Believing in having a well- informed community, Wigmore then came up with an idea to interview Alec Cloke, for residents to see and hear Mr. Alec Cloke as he discusses his company, his ethics and various aspects of the on-going rehabilitation project involving Lee Sand and Gravel.

When Rick Wigmore asked me to do this interview based on my Whistle Radio experience, I was delighted. I was even more delighted to sit with Alec Cloke and discover a genuine man of integrity, who takes pride in offering better than the best regarding every aspect of his company’s presence in our community. We are indeed fortunate to be involved in setting the “Gold Standard” of By-Laws for filling trucks province wide. More, we are indeed fortunate to have working with us Alec Cloke, an entrepreneur with old fashioned integrity.

Take a few minutes to listen in and hear for yourself; share with us in discovering how working with companies and government can create a win-win-win for residents. If you come away with any questions please send them along to mlra@musselmanslake.ca

This is the 1st of a 3 part interview. The other parts will be posted at later dates.

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