About The MLRA

“An Award Winning Residents’ Association”


The Musselman’s Lake Residents’ Association (MLRA) is a volunteer organization established in early 2006. The Executive consists of representatives of local residents’ associations from various neighbourhoods around the Lake. Prior to creation of the MLRA, very little was done for our community because it was simply impossible to get a consensus from all of the residents as to what needed to be done.   Although there were  several  long-time residents’ associations in existence,  their primary focus was the betterment of their immediate neighbourhood.   This is where the MLRA came in.  Councillor Phil Bannon recognized a need to somehow pull these communities together and work as one.  The MLRA was created to pull the various communities and residents’ associations together and to provide   our community with one collective voice.  One community voice will always carry more weight than any individual and it’s crucial that that voice speak for all the people and not just a select few. We now have the ear of our councillor and in turn, our Town Council. As a result of our commitment to our community, we can be proud of the following accomplishments to name a few: (Annual Earth Day, Watershed Hero Award, Stewardship Plan, and Community Safety Committee). The establishment of the MLRA has been a tremendous success and is one that similar communities are trying to emulate.

It is very important that all groups and all residents work toward finding COMPROMISE SOLUTIONS to the various lake issues that we face. Without COMPROMISE SOLUTIONS, there can be no CONSENSUS. Without the CONSENSUS of the residents, there will be no ACTION.

We can build a better, safer community by working together.

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