“Acquisition of Parkland and Open Space-Community of Musselman’s Lake” “Approved”

by · August 18, 2010

By Councillor Phil Bannon

I am very pleased to announce that on Tuesday August 17th, 2010, Town Council unanimously approved my motion for the construction of a Neighbourhood Park, in Musselman’s Lake.

There are so many people who deserve credit for their part in this success. Town Staff who have dedicated so much time and energy throughout this process, negotiating the acquisition of the Park Land and Environmentally Sensitive Lands for $2.00, effectively acquiring the lands for no direct cost. The Musselman’s Lake Residents Association, who have continued to provide so much information and positive support through their strong, responsible leadership in the community. A very special thanks to the Mayor and Members of Council who have continued to support my efforts over the past five years to have this Park put on the map.

The final proposal to acquire this neighbourhood park ” Coultice Park” and the environmentally sensitive lands from the James Coultice Estate has now been approved authorizing Staff to embark upon the next phase of the workplan, that being the design of the park in consultation with the Community in 2011.

Development will be limited to an unserviced park and low intensity recreational uses. The site is approximately 4-5 acres in size. Uses that could be accommodated and sited within the neighbourhood park include:

  • Junior and intermediate play structures and swings
  • Picnic shelter or gazebo and associated sitting areas
  • Multi-purpose court/basketball court
  • 12-14 stall parking lot
  • Unorganized open play area
  • toboggan hill utilizing the existing topography of the site

An additional parcel comprised of approximately 137 acres of environmentally sensitive lands represents an opportunity to promote public education and outreach on environmental awareness , and , water conservation and water quality initiatives could be designed and implemented consistent with the objective of the Musselmans Lake Subwatershed Assessment and Stewardship Opportunities Project.

Additionally,trails could be established through portions of the property which in time could be extended to make connection with the Oak Ridges Moraine Trail.

This is a Win, Win, Win situaton for the Town, The Residents of Musselman’s Lake and the Conservation Authority.

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