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by · November 27, 2009

Lake Residents Al & Trudy Yetman Host Sing Along at Nineteen on the Park

By Charlene Jones

Musselman`s Lake Residents
Al and Trudy Yetman Residents of Mussleman’s Lake
Host Sing Along at 19 on the Park, Jan 17th 2010

If you find yourself singing in the shower, crooning along with commercials, or ramping up the car stereo for your own vocal version of the tunes, then this is for you.

On January 17th treat yourself, your family and friends to a perfect post-holiday pick-me-up. Al and Trudy Yetman bring their humour and joy in music to 19 on the Park for an old fashioned sing-along! Songs from the 1920’s, ‘30’s, 40’s, and 50’s ring out to the public and to the many who lived that history.

Audiences from Buckingham Palace, Jubilee, East Gate Community, Parkview are issued a special invite to come and participate. Usually entertainment means you arrive, sit, watch and listen. Audience participation has “never been done like this in Stouffville before” says Al proudly.

But here Al arranges to project lyrics on a giant size overhead screen above musicians’ heads so you won’t have to worry about not knowing or not remembering the words.

The inaugural event in November brought big kudos to Brian O’Sullivan who stepped into the fray with a sound system that carried the sound until Mike Feld of Most Excellent. Productions took over and made the day. Both these gentlemen hail from Musselman’s Lake and demonstrated the true community spirit of so many folks up here. Al and Trudy give special thanks to Mike for dropping his Sunday afternoon to help them out.

“That man, “raves Al “was wonderful!”

Cost is a mere $3. per person including free cookies and coffee. Al himself picks up all expenses, for the hall, the sound systems, and piano plus printing, computer designed flyers, brochures, tickets and prizes. The musicians contribute their time and energy on a volunteer basis. Some good-hearted local merchants including one bank (Bank of Montreal) and one food store (No-Frills),came forward to help Al & Trudy with a helping hand with money donations and prizes. In response to their generous support, Al projects continuous advertising on the overhead screen.

Al and Trudy have been hosting sing-alongs for the best part of 60 years After retiring from the business world at age 40 Al studied for his Ministry of Transport Captain’s Certificate. Sailing around the Caribbean, the Mediterranean, and USA etc on their beautiful sailboat, the “Vitamin Sea” only encouraged the two in their passion. Anchoring their yacht they would stoke a campfire with the locals and fellow cruising sailors who participated in happy sing-alongs with local flavored food and refreshments.

The Vitamin Sea safely carried Trudy and Al during their 8 continuous years of offshore cruising which included Canada, the USA, along with crossing the “Atlantic several times into the Mediterranean. These music aficionados have inspired audiences to raise their voices and let loose in song mingled with several languages which all blended together and made for countless happy moonlit nights on the shores of many countries.

Most recently Al and Trudy hosted a successful season of open mic music extravaganza at our own Cedar Beach Grill on Musselman’s Lake. For those of us lucky enough to attend it was a fabulous experience of joy and fellowship with people you might not otherwise have the opportunity to meet and mingle with.

After all their years with music, Al and Trudy have a long list of musician friends who help them out on-stage but if you know of an additional piano player, one who can play by ear, please let them know! Come out for a great afternoon of song, spirit and humour. Raise your voice with others! Al & Trudy can be contacted at

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