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27 Mar

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Lake Update re Water Level


 Water Level in Musselman’s Lake

Lake Inlet Culvert – water flows out of the Lake here when levels are high

In the spring of 2018 the MLRA approached Councilor Smith regarding the high water level of the lake and what seemed to be a simple cause.

Dryland Marsh Culvert – Lake high water levels flow out into the Dryland Marsh

Dryland Marsh that Lake overflows into

Seemingly over time the culvert that is in place on the west side of the lake was partially obstructed and that was leading to higher then normal water levels.   The culvert is the only outlet for the lake and if it was not for the culvert the lake could potentially rise until it breached Lakeshore Road and flowed Southwestward throughout that wetland.The solution seemed simple, but of course as things go it has been anything but.  Councilor Smith continued to keep us updated as he worked with Lake Simcoe Conservation Authority, Ministry of the Environment and the Region, apparently “adjusting” the level of a lake is a big deal.  All of these agencies seem to forget that the culvert was in place for a reason and that it is existing and simply needs cleaning. As it turns out others who live around the lake were also approaching Councilor Smith about their concerns regarding the high water level.

Councilor Smith has made progress and I am happy to quote him in the progress.

“I now have a commitment that the town will take on the responsibility and not await input from the Region. This leaves us with just having to deal with Lake Simcoe Region Conservation Authority (LSRCA).  As you are probably aware LSRCA have ultimate authority over the lake.”

“It has also been determined that the culvert in question has deteriorated over the years and as such the project will/must include;

— Culvert replacement

— Road reinstatement

— Clearing the significant amount of sediment from the downstream area

— Design and installation of a control structure to regulate flow and water levels”

“Staff will be exploring grant opportunities for the cost of this work.”

“I wish it was just a straight forward clearing of the culvert and moving on but it appears it will be a bigger and more costly job. However, from my point I am satisfied there is finally a priority put to the project and it will be resolved in the best manner for the long term.”      Councilor Smith.  March 2019.

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26 Mar

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Planning Any Shoreline Improvements?


Please Check With The LSRCA First!

Rules and Regulations Regarding Shoreline Improvements Planning to make any changes or improvements to your shoreline? Please Check With The L.S.R.C.A. First

Planning to make any changes or improvements to your shoreline? Please check with the LSRCA first.

Past summers a few lake shore owners ran into issues by performing shore line work without permits. The MLRA has held discussions with the LSRCA. (Lake Simcoe Region Conservation Authority) concerning these resident difficulties. The LSRCA was asked for a clarification of the rules and regulations regarding shoreline improvements.

Please click on the link below or the LSRCA icon for more information

Lake Regulation re Shoreline Improvement (click here)

25 Mar




Update From Councillor Maurice Smith



At our meeting on February 26 town council had an opportunity to discuss in detail the Town’s 2019 Operational and the Capital budgets. These budgets represent the cost of town operations and are separate from those of the Region and School Boards. All three have an impact on our annual tax bills.

There are many different aspects to the local budget documents. Some of the highlights are as follows;

  • Operations will consume $71.0 million of the tax dollar invoiced by the town and an additional $17.9 million has been set aside for various capital projects.
  • The increase in this budget from that of 2018 will equate to an estimated additional $31.00 for the average detached single family home with a property appraised value of $625,000.
  • An estimated $61.00 total property tax change per home includes the combined Regional, Town and Public School Board.

One of the major changes in the Operations portion of the budget which directly benefits our Ballantrae area, is the approval to hire four additional firefighters. This additional staff will allow the Ballantrae Fire Station to transition to a complete full-time 24/7 service. To accommodate this additional service certain modifications will be required at the current fire-station structure. My fellow councillors supported assigning $825,000 in the Capital budget for this purpose. I have agreed to be the council representative on the steering committee for this project.

Approval was also provided for a $1.9 million Grant to the W-S Public Library.

Approved Capital projects such as the following will be completed in Ward 2. The street lighting systems along Aurora Road will be changed before year-end. The first significant change will be the traffic signals at the intersection of Highway 48 where advanced left turn signals will be installed. Thereafter street lights will be installed on Aurora Road extending the two KM section from the Ballantrae Community Centre west to Grayfield Drive.

Funds were also made available to complete the rebuild of Felcher Park. Grand reopening is scheduled for early summer. $350,000 remains in the Leisure Services budget for outdoor pickleball courts.

Further details and supporting documents are available online at

Maurice Smith
Councillor Ward 2
Town of Whitchurch – Stouffville
905-640-1910 Ex 2102


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24 Sep




Mussleman’s Lake, where the sun always shines…even when it’s behind the clouds.

Musselman's Lake, Ontario, Canada

Musselman’s Lake, Ontario, Canada

What a summer we have had! The weather has been amazing and Musselman’s Lake water has been clear and warm.
The MLRA apologizes for not  posting as regularly as we normally do but we we have been quietly working  in the background on a couple developing issues affecting our Lake Community. We want to take this opportunity to update everyone.

Invasive Species Released In Our Lake.

It was brought to our attention in July that some person, in an act that defies logic put 7 large KOI fish into Musselman’s Lake.  No doubt you have seen these large colourful fish in the shallows of the water.  We have been trying to remove them from
our Lake but to date we have not had a lot of success in getting help with this.
The MLRA has been in contact with the Ministry of Natural Resources and are still waiting on a response, the party that we have been looking to get in touch with is on vacation until mid October, but we will followup.
We have also been in touch with the Ontario Federation of Anglers and Hunters to see if they could be of any assistance and unfortunately they are not a reactionary group and are only set up for education.
Our contacts at the Lake Simcoe Conservation Authority (LSRCA), have been a huge help but, unfortunately they have had limited success battling a similar problem with invasive KOI being dumped in drainage areas. On a positive note, we have learned a lot from the LSRCA and they continue to be a valuable resource for the MLRA.

WE NEED YOUR HELP. The large KOI are carp that have been bred for their colour, and are considered to be an extremely invasive species and will upset the delicate ecology of our Lake quite quickly.  They do like to hang out in the shallows and although they are bottom feeders they will come to the surface for food and apparently like, corn, bread, peas and watermelon.  The good news is that they don’t breed until late in the spring and early summer as they like to wait until the water warms up.  We will continue to work with the different agencies to try and get a team out to trap this fish, but we need your help.  Please try and catch these fish in any manner you can. If you do manage to catch one, let us know so we can keep track of the remaining numbers.  Lets get these extremely invasive fish out of our Lake!

Election Is Coming!

We are sure that everyone is well aware there is a very important election in Stouffville and this is your opportunity to Have Your Say And VOTE.
Dates to remember:
All Candidates Meeting
Wednesday September 19th
This is your chance to listen to what the Candidates have to say.
Advanced Polls
Saturday October 6th and Saturday October 13th
Monday October 15th at 7pm
Monday October 22nd.

25 May

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Successful Community Teamwork


Nine Years Of Community Persistence Yields Results

On Friday May 11th the house at 18 Coultice Drive was removed from the property. What happened?

Last year the MLRA was contacted through our website by a very concerned member of the public.  The party involved had seen pictures of a house for rent on VRBO and were drawn in by the beauty of Musselman’s Lake and wanted to spend the weekend away.  What they found when they arrived was a house occupied by numerous families, no running water and no hydro. The prospective renters were appalled at the living conditions and reached out to the MLRA for help.

The MLRA in turn contacted our local Councillor Maurice Smith to see what the Town could do.  As it turned out the Town was very familiar with the owner of this property as there had been numerous by-law infractions with police also involved over a span of many years.

Our Councillor knew that intervention was needed immediately and had the Fire Prevention staff involved to assess the safety of the situation. Using their expertise they deemed the house unfit for occupancy.

After nine long years of the residents in the area having put up with everything that has gone on at number 18 Coultice, with the combined resources of the Fire, Police, By-law departments and Town Staff working so hard behind the scenes, an uninhabitable house owned by someone who felt the rules did not apply to him, has been taken down. Lets hope it’s a fresh start for the residents of the area.

Sometimes it is easy to get frustrated with the speed that the Town moves, but the determination of  Councillor Maurice Smith  to keep pushing the ball forward and through the court system is greatly appreciated.

A big THANK YOU goes out to Councillor Maurice Smith, our Fire Dept.and Police, By-law Dept., and Town Staff for a job well done!

09 May

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Councillor Maurice Smith Update


Food Waste Due To Power Outage 


Due to the overwhelming response to the opportunity to dispose of the food waste the drop off bin has been over-loaded. Please bear with us as two more bins will be in place in the parking lot at Ballantrae Community Centre on Aurora Road early tomorrow morning (May 9th). Certainly before lunchtime.

Remember you are also, on your normal pick-up day, for this week only, allowed to dispose of more than the normal amount of waste that fits into you green bin. Please put this extra waste in a clear recyclable bag. Put it beside your green bin and the collector will take it away.

Hope this helps.

Maurice Smith
Councillor Ward 2
Town of Whitchurch – Stouffville
905-640-1910 Ex 2102

02 May




Celebrate Victoria Day with Family Fun, Fireworks, and Food Trucks.

The safest way to enjoy Victoria Day fireworks is not in your backyard, but at the Town’s fireworks display. It is being held at the Ballantrae Community Centre, 5592 Aurora Rd on Sunday May 20th from 8 – 10 pm with a Rain Date of May 21st.

18 Apr

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April Snow Forces Cancellation


Regretfully Earth Day Spring Clean Event Has Been Cancelled

MLRA Earth Day Spring Clean 2013

The MLRA has been running fantastic annual Earth Day events since 2006.  Back in 2013 we held our Earth Day Community Spring Clean even despite a light dusting of snow but for the first time in our history, we have been faced with unprecedented weather that will not allow this event to take place.  Although the weather this weekend will be some of the best weather we have seen this year, the area has not yet recovered from the ice and snow storm from a couple of days ago.  With the ground still covered in a heavy layer of snow and ice, we won’t be able to see the litter to clean up and we are concerned about the safety of everyone involved.

This will be the first time that this event has been cancelled.

The Earth Day event has grown over the years and has become the largest Earth Day clean up in the region. The best part is that you really can see a difference walking around the lake after the day has passed.

This year, as always, we had dedicated sponsors who showed their commitment to the community by supporting this very special event. We would like to thank the following organizations for their continued support. United Soils has been a devoted sponsor over the years with supplying free food and their street sweeper. The street sweeper lifts tons of sand off our roads before it can wash into the lake. Lake Simcoe Conservation Authority was also excited to be back with their children’s education program and their teams on hand to answer questions for the residents. Tim Hortons from Stouffville once again stepped up and was going to be on hand with their coffee, hot chocolate and Timbits to get us going in the morning.

Our Councillor Maurice Smith has been an integral part of the planning of this event and was once again on board with full support from the Town of Stouffville providing the garbage bins, vests, gloves and bags that are so important for this event.  Councillor Smith coordinates the police that are on hand to make sure everyone is safe while we walk the roads.

Last, but not least, Mike Feld from Most Excellent Productions and Cedar Beach Resort were once again going to provide all of their equipment and people free of charge so that this event could take place.

This is truly an amazing community that we live in and we are so very grateful for the continued support we receive from the residents and  local business owners. We will never be able to thank you enough for all your help and support through the years.

We may not be able to host a formal Earth Day event this weekend, but once the snow melts, please get outside and take a moment to help Spring Clean our community.

Thank you,



Official Media Release



Earth Day Clean Ups Cancelled Due To Uncooperating Weather


16 Apr

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Join The Fun…Meet Your Neirghbours


Earth Day “Community Spring Clean” Cedar Beach Pavilion, Saturday April 21, 2018.

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