Connor Drive

by · September 24, 2009

A Brief History of Connor Drive and the Connor Drive Cottage Owners Association

By Bob Halsey

Previously known as Sunnybank Boulevard, Connor Drive acquired its current name shortly after Mrs. Connor bequeathed the Connor property to the community during the 1940’s. This is located where the swimming beach currently is.

Connor / Sunnybank has had some changes over the years. About 25 years ago, the road was more hilly than it currently is and there was a small side road near the West end which allowed access to 3 cottages. The city levelled out the highest part of the hill, eliminating the side road and adding wooden shoring to the lawn of some houses that lost access to their driveways!

At the time, most of the houses on the street were cottages. Over the years, most of these have become permanent year-round residents.

The Connor Drive community has always been very close. There were generally a lot of children around, especially during the summer.

Starting up in 2001, a new newsletter, “The Connor Chronicle” began publishing bi-monthly. It has assisted the community spirit and communications on the street, and attempted to bring the neighbouring Highcrest Road into the fold.

A reflection of the community spirit was in the number of events taking place during the year, including:

1. Multi-national chili-fest pot luck lunch in February
2. A “Critter roast” pot-luck lunch and Fireworks by the lake on May 24th
3. A kids and adults street party and in the evening hot dogs, corn cobs     and street dancing in August
4. A corn roast and pot luck dinner event in September
5. On Christmas Eve, a “Lighting the Way For Santa” event of lining the     street with gently glowing candles bringing people outside as well

As with most community groups interest in and participation in tends to ebb and flow. With the changing residents and children moving away some of the annual events seem to have unfortunately dropped off but we’re sure this is cyclical. With new residents moving in and hopefully new children we hope to breathe new life into this long term residents group.

There’s no doubt that a active healthy residents group brings to the residents a sense of community and belonging not felt in the larger communities.

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