Crappie Update

by · May 19, 2009

Dr. Laing as Head of the M.L.R.A. Science Committee

We are very fortunate to have Dr. Laing (our local veterinarian) as head of the MLRA Science Committee. He has assumed a lead role representing the interests of the residents in this investigation of dead and dying Crappie in Musselman’s Lake.

Dr. Laing has performed post mortems on two of the infected Crappie. His initial findings are “the white blemishes, which we have observed, are just surface lesions. They do not appear to extend beneath the scales and are composed of a whitish mucous like substance lightly adhered to the scales. The gills are edematous and covered in mucus substance. It would appear the fish actually suffocate. I have collected samples of the skin and gills for histopathology and sample of the mucus substance for cytology.”

In the meantime, Charlene Jones Co Chairperson of the MLRA Fisheries Committee and the LSRCA are in contact with the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources for their assessment. Apparently the MNR have been to Musselman’s Lake this week netting fish for examination.

We would encourage all waterfront residents to please scoop as many dead Crappie as possible out of the water and dispose of them either through burying or the green bin.

Please continue to check the web site for updates.

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