CUPPEL Project – Phase One Complete

by · May 8, 2012

Many Hands Make Light Work. Couple hours reduced to thirty minutes!

By Dan Wigmore
Cuppel Project

Cuppel Project
Cuppel project

It is true…many hands do make light work. The MLRA has been working on the development and implementation of The CUPPEL Project for two years and on Saturday April 28, 2012 the community came together to help implement stage one with great success. The MLRA had put out a call for assistance “Couple of Hours for CUPPEL” to help with planting 50 Aquatic Emergent Plant Species (50 potted plants) in a swale down the west side of Mr. Puhl’s property. This planting is to help slow down and purify the water run-off from Connor Drive and High Crest Road before it enters our lake. Since we had a good number of enthusiastic people show up to help, we were able to shorten the estimated time of two hours, down to thirty minutes. It is really incredible what can be accomplished with a group of dedicated volunteers. Not only do we have to thank the residents that came out to support the MLRA and The CUPPEL Project but we also have to thank the Lake Simcoe Region Conservation Authority (LSRCA).

Cedar Beach Grill Cedar Beach Grill

The LSRCA has played a key role in The CUPPEL Project from the start. On this phase of the project we have been lucky enough to have working with us from the LSRCA, Lori McLean as project coordinator and Brook Piotrkwski as the project on site supervisor. Also supporting The CUPPEL Project from the early days has been both Councillor Phil Bannon and Mayor Emmerson. Mayor Emmerson working with Councillor Phil Bannon provided the much needed funding to get the project off the ground. Councillor Phil Bannon also arranged with the Town to have an essential truck load of mulch delivered to our Phase One site. The key MLRA personnel that you have to make sure you thank for ensuring The CUPPEL Project is alive and well are the MLRA President, Rick Wigmore and MLRA Vice President, Jane Grinnell. These two very busy individuals still managed to make time to meet with the LSRCA several times in person and respond to many phone calls and emails as well, to keep CUPPEL on track. Most of all we have to thank the property owner, Peter Puhl. Without his permission to implement this project on his private property…well…there would not have been a project.

Thanks Mr. Puhl for supporting the MLRA and the community, as always!

Please make sure to take a look at The CUPPEL Project – Phase One slide show below.

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