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Musselman’s Lake Is At the Cutting Edge Of LED Streetlights

Next Generation LED Streetlight testing continues at Musselman’s Lake with amazing results.

In a story we posted October 25, 2011 we talked about the three-phase streetlight test launched by Councillor Phil Bannon and the Musselman’s Lake Residents Association (MLRA). It was noted that we are in the third and final stage – the testing of leading edge streetlights using LED technology. We are now in the third and hopefully final stage of the LED Streetlight test on Byron Street.

To review what’s happening on Byron, we replaced the traditional inefficient 100watt streetlight that contains Mercury and Phosphorus with a new 90watt ProTerra LED fixture that contains no Mercury and no Phosphorous. Even though the new light was a lower wattage, the clarity of vision was far superior over the traditional light and we found the light was actually too bright. ProTerra recommended to the MLRA that we try their new 75watt light. This new 75watt light prototype design includes next generation LEDs and also provides a more directional light output courtesy of ProTerra’s patented lens technology. ProTerra using the Town’s installer, Fellmore Electrical Contractors installed their new prototype 75W LED streetlight a couple of weeks ago in front of #2 & #4 Byron Street and…the result was the 75 watt light was even a little brighter than the 90watt LED light installed earlier in front of #10 & #12 Byron.


Byron Street with the 75W ProTerra LED test light in foreground and 100W traditional light behind.

Based on the results of the performance of the 90W version that was installed back in October and now with the impressive results from the new 75W prototype, ProTerra has offered to proceed to test their 50W version of the streetlight to replace the traditional 100watt light for even greater savings in hydro and a further reduction in the Town’s carbon footprint. In addition to the amazing energy savings, the ProTerra LED lights contain no mercury or phosphorus (RoHS & LEED compliant), are long lasting with little or no maintenance producing further savings by reducing maintenance and disposal costs. Since LEDs produce only visible light and not non-visual light such as UV and Infrared as do the traditional lights, they provide great visual clarity so street signage is easier to read and road hazards can be recognized earlier.

We get a better, safer light while saving both money and the environment.

A further update will be posted once the 50W LED light has been installed for testing within the next couple of weeks.

Through extensive design and engineering ingenuity on the part of ProTerra, combined with the positive feedback from the MLRA and residents we are now approaching perfection in an environmentally friendly streetlight. It’s exciting that this small community of Musselman’s Lake has become the focus in developing cutting edge, environmentally safe streetlights.

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