Exciting Project Was Launched Thurs. July 18th

by · July 30, 2013

Hutchinson Environmental Sciences Ltd. (HESL) has started the Geranium sponsored in depth study of Musselman’s Lake.

HESL scientists have been working with Geranium Corporation on water quality management for over 12 years, and are pleased to be working with them again on Musselman’s Lake. On Thursday July 18th Dr. Neil Hutchinson and Dr. Tammy Karst-Riddoch launched their aluminum boat onto Musselman’s Lake.


Dr. Neil Hutchinson & Dr. Tammy Karst-Riddoch conducting water quality testing on Musselman’s Lake (Photo – Linda Wigmore)

They then loaded their boat with copious amounts of scientific equipment and officially started the research project on Musselman’s Lake. HESL scientists expect to be back on the Lake in another 2 weeks conducting more tests through until the end of September. For their next visit, they will be measuring water quality at two sites on the lake with particular attention to the oxygen and nutrient status of the lake. They will also complete a survey of the aquatic plants (“weeds”) to establish the species that are present and their density. We expect a full report probably in November with recommendations on various courses of action going forward and costs associated with the various courses of action.

We hope to then use this report to raise money from various corporations and government organizations to improve the water quality and hopefully better control the weeds.