by · March 14, 2014

 Mussleman’s Lake Is Getting It’s Park And Open Space!

Mussleman's Lake gets Park and Open Space

Mussleman’s Lake gets Park and Open Space

After over seven years, Councillor Phil Bannon’s perseverance has made a dream into a reality.

It has been a process that has taken over seven years to complete but thanks to Councillor Phil Bannon’s vision and perseverance, the Community of Musselman’s Lake is not only getting a community park but, a legacy to be handed down from generation to generation.

The former Wagon Wheel Ranch property/Coultice Estate consists of 150 beautiful acres that is now going to be used for a community park of approximately 5 acres and the remaining environmentally sensitive land will be left almost entirely natural under the management of the Lake Simcoe Region Conservation Authority.

The Town and LSRCA have spectacular plans for this location which will be presented by Town staff in a community meeting (date to be announced) for residents to review. Residents have had input into these plans at previous community meetings held by the Town.

A Big Thank-You!

On behalf of the MLRA, we would like to thank Andrew McNeely and the Town Staff who worked so diligently to put the proposal and deal together. We would also like to thank the Mayor and Council who supported the park plan these many years. Especially we would to like to thank Councillor Phil Bannon, who has worked tirelessly and attended an endless number of meetings in order to get the residents of Musselman’s Lake a community park.

And finally thank you to all the residents who united in support of this amazing project.


Councillor Phil Bannon’s Park Announcement Made On WhiStle Radio

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