Historic Meeting Trivialized by Stouffville Sun-Tribune

by · June 21, 2010

Was the Reporter at the same Meeting?

By Dan Wigmore

The residents of Mussleman’s Lake were once again done an injustice by the reporting of the Stouffville Sun-Tribune. After an historic Council Meeting Tuesday night where excited residents packed the Town Chambers in support of a truly innovative “Win, Win” park plan, they were greeted by a less than enthusiastic story in the Tribune on Thursday. This was an historic Meeting! The community had been looking forward to this day for five years and the community pulled together in support of the park plan. Even residents that may have preferred another site supported the Coultice site. This was not reported. Instead, comments that were made in jest or the few negative comments that were made were jumped on. Residents have been left wondering… was the reporter even at the same meeting?

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