by · March 21, 2014

Don’t Take A Chance With Your Life. Be Aware Of Ever Changing Ice Conditions.

A resident has reported to us about going through the ice last Saturday while shovelling his rink. Fortunately he just went through up to his waist and with him being a Markham firefighter, his ice survival training helped him out of a bad situation.

Please be aware of constantly changing ice conditions on the Lake even in mid-winter but even more so this time of year.

Be Safe and Be Aware of changing ice conditions.

Be Safe and Be Aware of changing ice conditions.
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Ice Factors

Many factors affect ice thickness including: type of water, location, the time of year and other environmental factors such as:

  • Water depth and size of body of water.
  • Currents, tides and other moving water.
  • Chemicals including salt.
  • Fluctuations in water levels.
  • Logs, rocks and docks absorbing heat from the sun.
  • Changing air temperature.
  • Shock waves from vehicles traveling on the ice.

Ice Colour

The colour of ice may be an indication of its strength.

  • Clear blue ice is strongest.
  • White opaque or snow ice is half as strong as blue ice. Opaque ice is formed by wet snow freezing on the ice.
  • Grey ice is unsafe. The grayness indicates the presence of water.