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by · July 7, 2008

Councillor Bannon Holds Informational Meeting for Lake Representatives

On Thursday July 17th Councillor Bannon held a meeting at Cedar Beach. The meeting was between residents representing the MLRA, the street representatives from Churchill, Cedarvale/Connor, Coultice/Restnook and York Regional Police, Town By-law enforcement, and Town Services.

The agenda consisted of:

Police enforcement supplemented by Town By-law enforcement officers

Parking – Churchill Beach

Parking- Ninth Line at Cedarvale

Parking-Churchill Drive

18 Coultice Drive

ATV- enforcement in Musselman’s Lake

1. Police Enforcement

Musselman’s Lake will now be serviced by York Regional Police out of Newmarket with the newly formed #1 COR (Community Oriented Response). Sgt. Ben Nengegeveld, who is getting to know the area and Officer Melanie Moffat with Crime Prevention Community Services and is quite familiar with the area, were there to listen to the concerns of the residents. You will see increased patrols and they will be working quite closely with Linda Mainprize the Town By-law officer who also attended the meeting.

2. Illegal Parking at Churchill Beach

Poles that had been ripped out by illegal parkers have been replaced and steel cable will be added to tie them all together. The main problem seems to be with fishermen launching all manner of boats illegally from the Beach and then illegally parking their cars both at the beach and on Churchill. The Town By-law Officers will be monitoring the situation on an on going basis and illegal cars can and will be towed.

3. Parking Ninth Line at Cedarvale

Because of the increased traffic at this corner during the summer and concerns of visibility, NO PARKING signs will be erected and no parking within 30 feet of this intersection will be enforced.

4.Parking-Churchill Drive

Parking on Churchill Drive is presently be policed by the residents. Linda Mainprize pointed out if Town signs were erected, she would have to ticket the residents own cars and those of their visitors. It was decided to remain with the system as is and private no parking signs. Linda pointed out that the Town has an agreement with Ted’s Towing to tow illegally parked cars but this must be done through a By-law Officer. If a resident calls them he or she will be charged with the tow NOT the car owner.

5. 18 Coultice (Neil Swanson’s property)

The Coultice address is to the rear of the property on Restnook where the pontoon boat was removed. On May 13th after repeated attempts to have the house brought back up to proper building standards (there is a dangerous mould problem amongst a very long list of violations) the Town issued an order to vacate and boarded up the property. There was also a demolition order given which has been appealed by Mr. Swanson and the appeal is set to be heard October 14th.

6. ATV Enforcement

Up until recently there has been only 6 ATV’s available to Police for all of York Region. The Newmarket detachment recently purchased 2 more for their use. Once the officers are trained, this will result in more policing of the situation; but, as the York Regional Police Officers pointed out this is very much a game of cat and mouse.

The MLRA executive would like to thank Councillor Bannon for putting this meeting together with all the stakeholders ( Police, Bylaw and Town Services, Street Representatives and MLRA Reps).

This meeting was quite informative, very positive, and went a long way to increasing communication between the Residents and the Professionals who keep this community safe.

Thank you all!!!

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