We Need Your Help! – Invasive Species invade Musselman Lake

by · May 15, 2019

Invasive Species Released In Our Lake.

It was brought to our attention in July 2019 that some person, in an act that defies logic put 7 large KOI fish into Musselman’s Lake.

No doubt you have seen these large colourful fish in the shallows of the water.

We have been trying to remove them from our Lake but to date we have not had a lot of success in getting help with this.

WE NEED YOUR HELP.  These large KOI are carp that have been bred for their colour, and are considered to be an extremely invasive species and will upset the delicate ecology of our Lake quite quickly.

They do like to hang out in the shallows and although they are bottom feeders they will come to the surface for food and apparently like, corn, bread, peas and watermelon.  The good news is that they don’t breed until late in the spring and early summer as they like to wait until the water warms up.  We have contacted different agencies to try and get a team out to trap this fish, but none of them will assist us so we need your help.

Please try and catch these fish in any manner you can. If you do manage to catch one, let us know so we can keep track of the remaining numbers.

Lets get these extremely invasive fish out of our Lake!

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