by · August 23, 2013

HESL continues with Lake Study

Dr. Tammy Karst-Riddoch from Hutchinson Environmental Services Ltd. (HESL) was back on the Lake Friday the 16th and Sunday the 18th.  She returned to our Lake to continue with the Geranium Homes sponsored Lake Study.

IMG-20130818-weedsurvey (2)

Dr. Tammy Karst-Riddoch from HESL & her husband Terry

 This stage of the study consisted of a census of the types, quantity and location of aquatic plants on the Lake. The good doctor was accompanied by her husband Terry whose main job was to paddle his wife in their canoe to strategic locations on the lake.  Samples of the weeds present on the lake were taken along with a copious amount of notes. Dr. Tammy Karst-Riddoch indicated they would be back on the Lake in two weeks continuing with their water quality study.

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