by · September 20, 2013

Another Routine Water Quality Survey For Musselman’s Lake

Dr. Neil Hutchinson, Ph.D.
President, Principal Aquatic Scientist
Hutchinson Environmental Sciences Ltd

On Friday September 13, HESL scientists Richard Nesbitt and Clarke Heitman completed another routine water quality survey for Musselman’s Lake.

As before, they collected 3 sets of water samples:

  1.  a composite of the water column at the east end of the lake
  2.  a composite of the upper water column at the west end of the lake over the deep portion
  3.  a sample from 0.5m above the bottom at the same location at the west end.

 They also collected profiles of temperature  and oxygen at the east and west ends.  

Our Hidden Jewel. Musselman's Lake.

Our Hidden Jewel. Musselman’s Lake.
Photo – Dan Wigmore

At this time of year the lake is still strongly thermally stratified into an upper warm layer and a bottom cooler layer. The stratification will start to weaken with the onset of cooler weather but the bottom waters will remain anoxic until the lake turns over and mixes. We took samples to check for phosphorus in the deep section at the west end of the lake.

HESL expects to visit the lake once more, and prepare a report by the end of October.

We thank Geranium  Corporation for their support of this study. 


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