Lee Sand & Gravel Restoration Project Sets A New Standard (part two of three parts)

by · April 9, 2013

Rarely do you get large companies taking time to be interviewed by a local residents association. United Soils Management and SCS Consulting Group are to be commended for participating in these interviews.

Alec Cloke, owner of United Soils Management along with Julia Risi from SCS Consulting Group take time to sit and chat with Charlene Jones from the Musselman’s Lake Residents Association (MLRA) concerning regulations & safeguards governing the Lee Sand and Gravel Restoration Project.

United Soils Management with over 35 years of soil management ensures that its landfill sites are designed and operated to minimize any potential impact on both the environment and local communities.

SCS Consulting Group provides the land development industry and municipalities with expert municipal engineering services.

Both companies are working closely with the Town of Whitchurch Stouffville and the MLRA to set a new standard for future restoration projects such as this one.

Take a few minutes to listen in and hear for yourself; share with us in discovering how working with companies and government can create a win-win-win for residents. If you come away with any questions please send them along to mlra@musselmanslake.ca

This is the second of a three part interview. The last part will be posted next week.

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