Willing To Pay For Winter Storage

Email from Anne re Winter Storage

I live in Toronto and am looking for a place to use and store my 10 ft dinghy. I am willing to pay a reasonable fee to store it over the winter. It just has to be overturned and can be kept outside.

Thank you.



Again, you all have done a wonderful job, providing our community with timely information…

Letter from Charlene Jones to the MLRA

June 4th, 2013

Again, you all have done a wonderful job, providing our community with timely information on the application to refill the fill site on Bloomington. In addition, the letter from our neighbor on Ninth Line provides the whole area with a clear and specific sense of just how dangerous it can be over here.

As always Councillor Bannon’s response is articulate, friendly and caring. Add to this his impressive list of accomplishments around road safety and we see why he was re-elected!

I hope more can be done regarding this sensitive spot around the Ninth Line, the place I wrote about as Bang Up Bend, particularly to alert cyclists who as Angela so clearly states, seem to careen around as if no one else occupies the road.

Thanks to MLRA and the great folks at Ravenshoe Group who provide the technology.

With many thanks
Charlene Jones

Thank you for taking the time to make your residents aware of this community concern.

Letter to the Rick Wigmore, president of the MLRA from Councillor Phil Bannon

June 4th, 2013

Good Morning Rick:

I would like to thank you and your Association Board for the great work that you do representing your community and taking the time to attend the Council meeting on Wednesday, May 22, 2013.

The facts are very clear, precise and well presented in your report.

The proponent has the right to submit his application to the Town for the Site Alteration Permit and the residents have a right to voice their support or opposition to the application.

This was clearly an opportunity for residents to come forward and voice their concerns about the proposed Site Alteration Permit application at 5783 Bloomington Rd.

A very clear majority of the residents registered legitimate concerns in relation to the existing 5511 operation that currently exists at the western portion of the property and how that operator will impact on their property and lives if the application for 5783 is allowed to proceed.

All of the comments registered by residents who attended the meeting, sent emails, letters and phone calls will be reviewed by Staff.

A formal report will be prepared and presented to Council in September for final decision. The report and Council decision would have been available earlier, but one of the residents asked that they be given time to prepare a more detailed opposition to the application.

Any further comments registered by residents will be taken into consideration by Staff in their report to Council.

Thank you for taking the time to make your residents aware of this community concern.

Phil Bannon

Road Safety Starts With Residents.

Letter from a concerned resident to the MLRA and Councillor Phil Bannon. Also Phil Bannon’s response.

May 22nd, 2013

Dear Councillor Bannon & MLRA Exec,

My name is Angela and I live on” bang up bend” at the South end of Musselman’s Lake on Ninth Line. In the last two years I have been first on-scene to two severe accidents directly in front of my home. I am sure you are all aware of the dangers on this curve. I am wondering when other nearby residents are going to realize that people live on this corner, people walk on this road & children play here.

At 1:30 pm today I had a friend stop by with his Grandparents so they could see the lovely view of the lake we are so blessed to enjoy. When he tried to pull out of my driveway to head North, he was very nearly rear ended by a vehicle coming around the corner way to fast. This offending vehicle blasted her horn at him for several seconds, and from my window, she appeared to be making unkind gestures towards him. After he arrived at his destination he called me to say that the offending car & driver pulled into a nearby home. I was saddened and angered to learn that this person who is not respecting the safety of our community is not only a member of the community, but basically a neighbour. Someone who should know better.

What my friend experienced trying to leave my home is something I experience here every day. People honk, give me the finger, try to swerve around me nearly causing accidents with oncoming traffic. Imagine if you had to deal with all that animosity & risk of personal injury every time you tried to leave or enter your home. It is completely unnecessary, unkind, straight up dangerous and frankly I’m fed up with it.

I understand the YRP have found a similar pattern – most speeders caught here are local residents.

A couple points:

Safety on this corner is a huge huge huge issue. Because of the stunning view of the lake it seems to be a natural stopping point for pedestrians, vehicles, and children alike. People stop and sit on the guardrail watching the sunset, and then I have to go out and let them know that 2 cars have smashed into that exact spot in the past 2 years, and they may want to be extra cautious (I never tell them to leave, just to be on guard – they always choose to leave when told what has gone on though). Cars with tourists in the summer come to a dead stop on the road as it’s the first view of the lake and they take pictures out their car windows until another car comes screaming around the curve and lays on the horn/swerves around them. Moms with babies in strollers pause to take in the view. All this while motorists are careening dangerously fast around the curve.

Cyclists – I fear them the most as I fear hurting someone unintentionally. They come hurtling around that corner at 40 km +, and those of us that live on the lake side of the bend cannot see them, and cannot hear them in time to react. The lake has seemed to land itself on some list of popular cycling route and the sheer amount of them in spring/summer is a constant source of fear for me. I have been trying to reach out to the cycling community to make them aware of this danger, but no responses as of yet.

My stories from my 6 years here are endless.

What I am wondering is if something can be done to improve signage & road safety. I realize that speed humps, while by far the best solution are a “no-go” due to the regional route status, but is it not possible to have large “children at play, drive slow, SLOW DOWN” signs painted on the road all the way around the lake. I envision something like Jackson’s point where it is made very obvious that pedestrians and vehicles share the road and the speed limit is 25 or 30 km/h. I also think that the current flashing 20km/h sign and other caution signs at the south end on Ninth line are in the wrong place. People are not looking up and to their right when coming around the corner at Sunny’s heading North. They are looking down and to the left – at the lake. This is where the flashing caution light needs to be (at hyrdo pole at corner of Restnook & Ninth) as well as just before the guardrail begins, and perhaps along the guardrail. Take a drive yourself and see where your eyes go. The last guy to smash in here told me that he did not even see the signs and thought the speed limit was 60.

I can only imagine that Ninth Line pedestrian safety is an issue that is being tossed about more and more with the impending park at Wagon Wheel. I know I wouldn’t let a child walk along the Ninth the way it is now.

Would appreciate hearing thoughts on what can be done with signage, etc. I’d prefer not to wait for a tragedy before action is taken. Perhaps road safety is something that can be discussed at next weeks event?


Good Afternoon Angela:

Thank you for your email and your concern for our community. Community Safety and the reduction of speeds in our communities has always been a priority of mine.

Our communities are never safe enough. You are correct, that a clear majority of the speeding offenders caught by York Regional Police, are residents in your community.

I drive through the community at least twice a day so I know exactly what you are speaking of.

Just a bit of history, after the very sad motor vehicle fatality on Ninth Line, I implemented a Community Safety Committee composed of members of the MLRA, Town, York Regional Police and York Regional Roads.

The Committee implemented a significant number of safety measures that would provide the community with some confidence, that prevention was our utmost priority. The speed limit has been reduced (40 km) and the posted speed limit signs for northbound traffic on Ninth line, have been moved further south, to the top of the hill. A very aggressive radar enforcement program has been implemented, as well as speed caution signs installed on Ninth Line. The installation of the flashing amber light with recommended 20km speed limit and the large caution direction signs and arrows on the guardrails have also been implemented.

We have made a concerted effort to provide as much cautionary notice for drivers that their speed should be reduced in the area. I appreciate your concern and I will make every effort to implement safety preventative measures for you, your family and community. Special Note: You would be surprised to hear the number of phone calls and emails that I receive from residents in your community, complaining about the radar enforcement and the fact that they were caught.

Phil Bannon

Really good update

You and your elves have been working overtime!!

Jan 16, 2013

Really good update, Dan and Rick! You and your elves have been working overtime!!

Seriously, all the important, vital information about the lake, the exciting mystery of Phil’s announcement, and the invitation for folks to write, contribute and participate all sound and look really warm, inviting and helpful.

Thanks for all you do!

A Big Thank You

A big thank you to Charlene Jones for her lovely article about the Free Press on the MLRA website.

Aug 14, 2012
A big thank you to Charlene Jones for her lovely article about the Free Press on the MLRA website.

Musselman’s Lake is a historic and beautiful corner of Whitchurch-Stouffville, with a caring population who work hard to enhance their community. Best of all, they know how to have fun and they always provide a warm welcome for this townie whenever I drop by for a visit.

Keep up the good work and keep those stories coming in!

Kate G.

This is to express our appreciation…Kate and Bruce, Stouffville Free Press.

We hope you will continue to keep us informed, so that we can do our job to the best of our ability.

Jan 20, 1023

This is to express our appreciation of Charlene Jones’s lovely article about the Stouffville Free Press.

Our paper benefits enormously from the information and photographs supplied by members of the MLRA. As a community monthly with limited resources, we rely on residents to keep us posted about what’s happening in their part of Whitchurch-Stouffville, and without that input we would not be able to cover the news, events and people that make this a wonderful place to live.

We hope you will continue to keep us informed, so that we can do our job to the best of our ability.

With many thanks,

Kate Gilderdale and Bruce Stapley

Stouffville Free Press

The Seeleys

“Good information!”

Jan 11, 2012

Good information!

A good site!

Happy New Year

The Seeleys

Congratulations… Well done.

The MLRA volunteers have done an excellent job on keeping Musselman’s Lake healthy and beautiful.

Nov 22, 2012

Dear Rick,

Please pass along my congratulations to your association for being named Water Conservation Hero by the Lake Simcoe Region Conservation Authority.

The MLRA volunteers have done an excellent job on keeping Musselman’s Lake healthy and beautiful.

Well done,

Paul Calandra, M.P.
Oak Ridges – Markham

You Should Be Proud!

The community of Musselman’s Lake serves as an excellent example of what great achievements can be accomplished when people work together.

Nov 22, 2011

Dear Mr. Wigmore,

On behalf of the Government of Ontario, I am pleased to offer my sincere congratulations to the Musselman’s Lake Residents Association for receiving the Water Conservation Award from the Lake Simcoe Conservation Authority.

This award recognizes the hard work and dedication of your community members and the Musselman’s Lake Residents Association’s commitment to the environment and to a sustainable future we can all enjoy. The community of Musselman’s Lake serves as an excellent example of what great achievements can be accomplished when people work together. You should be proud!

Your continued efforts are valued and appreciated.


Dr. Helena Jaczek
Member of Provincial Parliament
Oak Ridges-Markham

Mike Murphy

“…all the residents of Musselman’s Lake that continue to contribute to make our little community a Great Place to Live and Play!”

Nov 8, 2011

Well here we go again!

A small Lake Community, “WaterShed Heroes”, Environment& Safety Innovators with new LED street lighting and a dedicated close community with a resident’s association being emulated all over the World.

We don’t brag but we sure are proud!

Many thanks to our Councillor, Phil Bannon , Cedar Beach (Janet Davies and all the staff), MLRA President, Rick Wigmore and all the residents of Musselman’s Lake that continue to contribute to make our little community a Great Place to Live and Play!

Mike Murphy
Ninth Line Residence Association


“congratulations from us here at Maryholme…”

Nov 8, 2011
Good morning,

I just wanted to say congratulations from us here at Maryholme , on receiving your award.

Loretto Maryholme

Pam Evans

“what a great party it was…”

Oct 31, 2011

Just a quick note to let you know that the Hallowe’en party was (as always) brilliant and tons of fun.

We had friends drive from Streetsville for the occasion and they couldn’t believe what a great party it was.

Thanks again!

Pam Evans

Mike Murphy

“We clearly have an opportunity to make a difference!!”

Aug 8, 2011
Sorry I missed the MLRA meeting. I just finished reading your report on the WEB site…..Excellent contribution to the wellbeing of our community and visitors!

Only hope that others take the time to recognize and contribute to your suggestions.

We clearly have an opportunity to make a difference!!

A proud resident,
Ninth Line Residents Association
Mike Murphy

The Seeleys

“Thanks for your touching story of your visit with Nash.”

Aug 8, 2011

Thanks for your touching story of your visit with Nash. Just from the story, I can say that we will miss him too and we never met him.

We have been at the cottage through most of this ordeal.

May God Bless those who mourn.

The Seeleys

Kate Gilderdale

“I just read Rick’s tribute to Nash and it’s so touching and beautifully expressed.”

Aug 4, 2011


I just read Rick’s tribute to Nash and it’s so touching and beautifully expressed. Thank you so much for sending it.

I brought my kids and a friend up to the lake on Sunday to swim and we had a wonderful afternoon. My daughter in law couldn’t believe this little miracle was right on our doorstep. We’ve driven up before with her, but never swum there and it’s been years since I took my own offspring – I think we’ll all be back later this summer.

All the best,


Kate Gilderdale
Editor, Stouffville Free Press

Kim A. Oxley

Those donations translate into helping to save up to 96 lives… what an accomplishment!

Feb 11, 2011

Thank you for your great support of the January 29th blood donor clinic. We had a fantastic turnout, and were able to collect 32 units of blood, only four donations shy of 100%! Those donations translate into helping to save up to 96 lives… what an accomplishment!

Thank you again for helping us spread the word about the ongoing need for blood. I look forward to another successful Ballantrae Blood Donor Clinic on April 9th.

Keep well.


Kim A. Oxley
Community Development Coordinator
Canadian Blood Services

Mike Murphy

Bang…Wow!! Cedar Beach made it happen again!

Sep 10, 2010


Weather …(who knows ???), as much as we were looking forward to the Sat’s night extravaganza, it worked out much better !!!

The bonus was that “The Show Went On”, the next day exceeding expectations, and more neighbours were around to share the fun experience together !!!

Great contribution to the Community!!!!

A proud resident,
Mike Murphy

P.S. Hard act to follow..what next year ???

Christine Laing

Did Tribune reporter attend same park meeting as residents?

Jun 24, 2010

Last Tuesday, Council’s chamber was overflowing with supporters from Mussleman’s Lake for a long awaited decision regarding acquiring park land for our Community. This is the first time in 25 years of my being actively involved in Lake Issues that I saw something almost unheard of, near unanimous community support. It’s easy to understand why. The Coultice Property’s is a win win on many levels. How often do you get given a 147 Acre parcel of land that is centrally located to ALL residents of the community for virtually free? Rather than take one portion of Doctor Laing’s statement out of context, why not report the essence of the sentence: “…not a dump…this site lies adjacent to the Lake, without being in a position to attract city dwellers to further stress our lake’s fragile ecology. It consists of acres of rolling hills giving us an area that has unlimited potential. It safeguards delicate ecosystems and provides an opportunity to further environmental education as well as serve the typical uses ascribed to a public park”. His statement accurately represents why I and the executives of the MLRA fully supports this project. While it`s democratic to listen to opponent’s comments, I question what community benefit would we have with another direct lakefront park when the existing public waterfront “Churchill Beach” park is rarely used for leisure or educational proposes? I applaud the Town for this well thought out project. We will be preserving a large parcel of land for future generations. This Park Land will not only benefit the locals, but possibly the entire residents of York Region if it’s connected to the Trail system. This would be why Council saw almost unanimous support for it. It’s a shame that your reporter focused primarily on negative comments and omitted all the articulate thought through commentaries by the other speakers.

Christine Laing

Peter Rosefield

Acquisition of Parkland and Open Space

Jun 18, 2010

This is in response to the detailed report on the park proposal for Musselman’s Lake found here.

I regret that I was not able to attend the Council Meeting last night, June 15th. But I would still like a chance to give my feedback.

First of all, my family and I are very excited to see progress on this initiative. We think that both the park and the environmentally sensitive areas are great. I like the idea of the education component on environment and conservation and getting the LSRCA involved and linking with the Stewardship Report.

I have two areas I’d like to see further discussion on.

1) Pedestrian Access to the Park from the West and South:

I would urge all Council Staff members to take a walk from the intersection of Lakeshore and 9th line, and walk North along 9th line to where the park entrance would be (section “H” in the attachment I assume). Imaging you are pushing a stroller and have another kid or two walking or riding a bike. Just before you get to the lake you will find a very blind corner. If cars happen to be coming from both directions at the same time, they don’t see each other, let alone me, due to the hill and the curve. The lake adds another component of danger into the mix! Even if the cars are travelling slowly, I find I have to be completely off the roadway to let the cars pass safely. If I understand correctly, everyone from the West and South sides of the lake, along with everyone South of the proposed Park location would have to walk along this section of 9th line to get to the park entrance. This would mean a lot of new pedestrian traffic along an already un-safe route. Not to mention, when my kids are old enough, I’d hope they could walk to the park by themselves.

Would it be possible to put a walking/biking path entrance to the park off Mitchell Ave somehow? Then residents West of 9th line and South of the lake, could cross 9th line at Coultice Dr where there’s lots of visibility (near the variety store at the bottom of the hill) and continue on Mitchell Ave to the park.

2) Splash Pad:

Maybe it’s just me, but I was hoping for a splash pad as part of the park. My son can’t get enough of them! Currently we drive him into one of the excellent splash pads in Stouffville. We would LOVE to be able to walk to one in our own community.

I don’t know if it’s feasible, but I didn’t see any mention of one in the report. So I would at least like to see the discussion of pros and cons take place. Here’s how I see it:


People LOVE them, just ask my toddler!
Good way to cool off when it’s hot.
If you’re worried about people accessing the Lake and the associated maintenance and safety costs (as mentioned in the report), this may lessen the need for people to go for a swim in the lake.


It is stated in the report to not make this park a draw for non-residents. Would this do that? Stouffville already has some great splash pads (as my son and I know!) so it shouldn’t increase the draw for Stouffville residents any more than the park itself would.
Cost? I have no idea what this would cost. I guess it’s just a question if enough people want it to warrant the cost. According to the community survey, 44% of the residents surveyed want it. Could we afford it with the current budget?

Thanks to all who have worked on this, it’s very exciting for me and my family!

Peter Rosefield

Kim Oxley


May 28, 2010

The clinic was great! We really did well thanks to the fantastic support and promotion of the local community! Thank you so much for spreading the word amongst your distribution list… it worked! Please share this positive response with the community, they are a great bunch of people.

Just a quick note of THANKS, to everyone, for supporting your local clinic. On Saturday, even though it was the long weekend, we collected 92% of our target! The community of Ballantrae donated 33 units of blood in just over 3 hours, that translates in to saving up to 99 lives.

Happily, we re-booked many of our donors into the next clinic on July 17th. At the next clinic hopefully we’ll be able to surpass our 92% collection, and collect to our target of 47 donations. If you haven’t made your appointment for the upcoming clinic, please call 1-888-236-6283 to reserve your donation time.

Thank you again for your support and encouragement.

Kind regards,

Kim A. Oxley
Community Development Coordinator
Canadian Blood Services
800-901-1719 xt. 7

Julie Granger

“Tim Hortons is pleased to offer support to M.L.R.A. Earth Day…”

May 18, 2010

The photos posted on your website look fantastic and it appears that you have a lot of community support for your efforts! Tim Hortons is pleased to offer support to MLRA Earth Day, so please keep us in mind for next year.

Take care,

Julie Granger
Regional Marketing Manager – Central East Ontario
Tim Hortons Advertising & Promotion Fund (Canada) Inc

Mike Murphy

“Cuppel” Congratulations and a BIG thank you!!

Apr 30, 2010

What a great feeling knowing that so many residents of Mussleman’s Lake take pride and interest in protecting the Lake.

To all those dedicated hard working people that made “Cupple” a reality, my sincere gratitude and appreciation for a tremendous effort towards improving our community.
A proud resident, Mike Murphy