Lynn Goad Carries Olympic Torch

by · November 27, 2009

Bringing a Whole New Meaning to the Phrase “carrying the torch for someone”

The Olympic Torch Run
Musselman’s Lake resident Lynn Goad, will bring a whole new meaning to the phrase “carrying the torch for someone” when she carries the Olympic Torch down Main St. Stouffville on Thursday December 17th.

It was her commitment to physical fitness which helped her be chosen as one of 12000 people for the Torch Relay. Ms. Goad teaches Physical Education, French and English at Stouffville’s Glad Park Public School. As part of her on-line submission, Ms. Goad wrote a 250 word response about how her active lifestyle impacts positively on herself and others. Ms. Goad encourages her daughter Jessica toward fitness through sharing daily walks, hikes or bike rides. She also demonstrates to her students by example. Her regular swimming or running routine state more clearly than words her sense of the value and benefits of daily physical exercise.

Ms.Goad learned this summer she had been selected. She has unfortunately broken her torch-bearing arm, but with her knowledge about physical training is already well on the way to having the arm back in shape. She must carry the three-pound torch for 300 metres.

While we know the torch arrives in town Dec. 17, we don’t know where and at what time. The exact route and time for the torch’s passage are being kept under wraps until one week prior to the big event, as per the Olympic Committee’s instructions. Although the Torch will not be stopping this time, as it did in 1987 when the games were held in Calgary, festivities are planned. Centered at Lebovic Centre for Arts and Entertainment, Nineteen on the Park will host a choir singing O Canada, Olympic videos and hot drinks for all.

Please wear Red and White in support of Canada’s participation.
The town will supply Canadian Flags to students. To offset the cost, Organizers hope to hear from businesses willing to volunteer to sponsor the flags.

If you want to volunteer, contact Micole Ongman at 905-640-1910 ext. 323 or

For more information on the Games, including the torch run, go

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