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by · November 1, 2008

Rick Wigmore, VP M.L.R.A. Opened the Meeting…

It was a cold snowy night, a lot of residents were suffering from cold and flu, and the Leaf game was on television. Not exactly a great night for a meeting.

1. Rick Wigmore, VP MLRA opened the meeting with a review of events since the last meeting.

The Giant Hogweed Scare and how it was confined to the Churchill area and how we are going to have to be vigilant in the Spring because this is a very prolific plant and there is a chance not all the spores were eradicated.

The Resurgence of the Churchill Drive Residents Association. Over 20 attended a meeting in the summer between Councillor Bannon and the Association to discuss local street issues. They have been showing up in good numbers at the Park meetings and the recent council meeting. It’s great to see this group get active again and Jane Grinnell, their spokesperson, will be the main contact with the MLRA.

All Musselman’s Lake Residents Association executive members are working together to achieve positive outcomes. Lisa White, President of the Cedarvale Community Association, Dan Heron President of the Connor Residents Association, and Jane Grinnell spokesperson for the Churchill Drive Residents Association have all been valuable additions to the MLRA Executive Team. Their participation means there is a constant line of communication between the Street Associations and the umbrella residents group, the MLRA.

Musselman’s Lake is going to have two very viable variety stores. One on the north shore at Cedar Beach and now with building issues getting resolved, the one on the south shore will remain open. There was a very positive meeting held between the owners of the building and neighbouring residents. Also present was Councillor Bannon and members of the MLRA executive. This meeting was a prime example of when people are respectful of each other’s position, any problem can be worked through to everyone’s satisfaction. There will be a follow-up meeting where final plans will be presented to residents for approval before the final presentation to Council.

The owner of the Cedar Beach Variety Store was credited with helping to save the life of a 13 year old drowning victim in early July. George heard about the commotion on the Beach, left his store unattended, called 911 on the way down to the beach and helped three other gentlemen perform CPR. There were no vital signs when George arrived but thankfully they were able to revive the boy. Police said “It’s good to see there are still people willing to go above and beyond to help others”. Our congratulations go out to George Karpouzis, our own local hero.

Charlene Jones, MLRA Fisheries Co-Chairperson has become a Musselman’s Lake Reporter for the Stouffville Freepress which has already resulted in two very positive articles on the Lake. Charlene is friends with Kate Gilderdale the editor who has told us the Free Press wants to carry positive news with lots of pictures.

Dan Heron and Dan Wigmore have become our official unpaid photographers and are building a library of shots of the lake and events for use on the website and with the media. One of those pictures was recently featured on the front cover of the latest edition of the Stouffville Freepress.

MLRA website has become very popular with residents. The MLRA website received over a thousand hits in both the month of July and August. The breakdown of the site activity shows us that besides visitors from around the world we have 140-144 regular visitors each month which we can only assume are local resident family computers. With this amount of local traffic our sponsorship sub committee will be looking into selling corporate ads to local businesses.

Two more Streetlight systems are being investigated. One system is a variation of the Envirosmart system produced by a local Stouffville Company and the other is a brand new LED system produced by a Paris Ontario company. There will be more news later on both these systems.

2. The Stewardship Plan Update was presented by Dan Heron, President of the Connor Residents Association, plus Chairman of the Technical Working Group of the Stewardship Plan.

Dan Heron displayed a map of the Musselman’s Lake and the surrounding area with the watershed area clearly indicated. Dan said there were 500 residents contained in this area. He said it was important to realize we are part of a greater watershed that stretches as far as Lake Simcoe therefore what we do or don’t do with the water quality in this area has far reaching effects. The Technical Working Group is meeting regularly to craft a Stewardship Plan for the Area.

3. Park Study Update was presented by Rick Wigmore VP MLRA

Park Study Slide Presentation (click here)

Mr Wigmore went on to say…

Historically we know the Town has used dissent among the residents to back off and take our requests off the table. ”We don’t know what the Lake Residents want” has always been the easy way out for local politicians. Well things have changed. We want to work with Council and Town Staff to realize our dream of a Community Park.

Now more than ever we need to project a united professional image of a community that wants to work in a spirit of cooperation with Council and Town Staff. Please help us maintain that image. Be patient, negotiations with land owners and costings will take a while and then will come their recommendation.

Let’s not squabble over this recommendation and repeat mistakes of the past because there is no doubt any dissent will once more result in the Town backing off and we will have once more squandered a terrific opportunity.

In a perfect world the FOML would be working in concert with the MLRA. The FOML(Friends of Musselman’s Lake) currently have two great initiatives. One is the Green Frog initiative where green frogs are painted next to sewer grates and swales as a reminder to residents that what you do at home affects the whole ecosystem. It is amazing how many unfiltered road grates are directing road run-off directly into the Lake. The FOML has also launched a recycling and disposal program for batteries, rechargeable tool batteries, ink cartridges, compact fluorescent light bulbs and small electronic devices such as cell phones. Both these programs are very commendable.

Unfortunately this is not a perfect world and the FOML are the ONLY lake group that steadfastly refuses to work with the MLRA. Maybe it’s because the MLRA would require two things from the FOML 1.TRANSPARENCY OF OPERATION & 2.PUBLIC ACCOUNTABILITY FOR ALL FUNDS. No more applying for Government and Non-Government funding in complete secrecy without any input from the residents on whose behalf these funds have been raised. No more secrecy in how much was raised and how these funds were spent.


Maybe the answer lies in a letter Mr. Carroll, chairman of the FOML wrote and distributed at an MLRA meeting where he refers to the shoreline restoration of Glendale Beach.

“The shoreline restoration should not be ignored. It would be a great project for the community to get involved in. There is plenty of government and non-government funding that would go this project. “(his wording not ours)” It would be something that could draw this community out to take part in. This should be something we should do, not be afraid to do. The FOML would gladly take this part on. We have the contacts, the expertise and the resources to do this. This should not be looked at as a problem but a great opportunity at no cost to taxpayers”

In this letter he clearly talks about applying for both Government and Non Government funding and the Friends running this project. Makes you wonder if there is a hidden agenda to this push for Glendale above all other options.

Right out of the Friends Newsletter this is their version of a community park (see any people?)
This is the MLRA version of a Community Park. Residents of all ages enjoying lots of recreational activities.
Why Does The Naturalized Shoreline Have To Be Tied To The Community Park?

Why can’t the residents have a 100 or 150 acre park off the lake with Bike paths tied into the Trans Canada Trail, baseball diamond, hiking paths and the like? If for instance the Wagon Wheel Ranch option is selected we know because there is no land cost, there will be a lot more funds available for park infrastructure.

Then, why not use that negotiation template (land for building lots) to get the shoreline and a small parkette. The Friends know where to get funding for a naturalized shoreline. Then you put in a boardwalk with park benches only. That way you’re not attracting the transient crowd to the Lake with picnic tables and other amenities. There are solutions to everything.

The one thing that is certain if when the Park Location is announced and if it is not the Glendale Beach option the FOML better not put on the same childish show as they did at the September 2nd Council meetings or it will cost us all a Community Park.

4. The Halloween Party Saturday November 1st Was Presented By Ian Feld Social Convener For The M.L.R.A.

Lisa White, the President of the Cedarvale Community Association was originally scheduled to give this presentation but due to a severe cold was unable to speak so Ian took over. This has become the biggest and most successful social event at the Lake. This year it will be held Saturday November 1st, 9:00 p.m. at the Cedar Beach Pavilion. All the details are at www.musselmanslake.ca. Admission is $10 at the door. There will be a cash bar and lots and lots of prizes eg. Best Costumes plus a popular 50/50 draw. Admission is limited to 19 years of age and over. Once more great music and entertainment will be provided by Mike Feld and Most Excellent Productions. This Party is presented every year by the Cedarvale Community Association and is supported by the MLRA. Please plan to attend.

Ian also reminded everyone that the highly successful Winter Carnival will be running again this year at Cedar Beach. Details to follow.

Earth Day Clean-up will be coming up in the Spring. Date and time to be announced.

5.The Financial Report Was Given By Linda Wigmore, Treasurer M.L.R.A.

The MLRA has just over $1,000 in the bank raised the previous year with memberships and the Halloween Party. Linda pointed out that, due to economic times and residents already paying for membership in their resident associations, we are discontinuing fees and encouraging all residents to join. The MLRA still hopes to raise funds with Corporate Sponsorships. If you have not registered yet with the MLRA we would encourage you to send us your contact information through the web site www.musselmanslake.ca

6. Christine Laing President Of The M.L.R.A. Gave A Report On The Formation Of The M.L.R.A. Sub-Committees

The reasons for the formation of the sub-committees were to build on the success of the Fisheries subcommittee where Charlene Jones and Harold Musetescu as co-chairs where able to use the numbers of the MLRA members to gain more authority when dealing with various government agencies and quite effectively brought ice fishing under control.

The Sub-Committees

Corporate Sponsorships
This sub-committee will investigate revenue streams for the MLRA. This would include local businesses running ads on the website with links to their own websites. In addition opportunities exist with Corporate sponsorships of Newsletters and Winter Carnival sponsorship packages.

Committee Members:
Jane Grinnell Lisa White
Tracey Heron Paul Lim

Environmental Issues
This sub-committee will deal with all things environmental around the Lake. We have Dr Laing and Dan Wigmore. Now with the addition of Ralph Tonninger resident and staff member of TRCA (Toronto and Region Conservation Authority) we are hoping he can serve as a lynch pin with the LSRCA and other environmental associations.

Committee Members:
Dr. Brian Laing Ralph Tonninger Dan Wigmore

Event Planning
We would like to plan more social events like the Halloween Party and along with corporate sponsorship hope to raise money for projects and worthy causes. This sub-committee will also work with Councillor Bannon on the highly successful winter carnival.

Committee Members:
Ian Feld Lesley O’Connor Janet Keen

This was the template for the sub committee idea. Charlene and Harold used the backing of the MLRA to effectively deal with appropriate government agencies to bring ice fishing under control. All things “Fishy” fall under this sub-committee.

Committee Members:
Charlene Jones Harold Musetescu
Steve Rivard Joe Russell

This is an important sub committee that we need more resident participation. We need residents especially at Churchill Beach with day boaters, trippers and illegal parkers and residents near the Water Tower to deal with ATV’s and motorcycles. This would require close liaison with the By-laws officers and the Police.

Committee Members:
Lois Stirling

Boating Safety & Practices
This sub-committee is responsible for ensuring that safe boating practices are carried out on the lake and in addition, give an MLRA presentation on what constitutes safe boating and etiquette.

Committee Members:
Kyle Jenkins Kevin Wigmore Robert Halsey

In summary we would like to remind residents that we need your participation to make the residents association a success. We all need to work toward a better community in which to live. If you would like to volunteer for any of these sub committees, please email us atmlra@musselmanslake.com.


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