MLRA Executive Endorses Phil Bannon & Wayne Emmerson

by · October 19, 2010

“We realize the necessity of being politically active in order to create and sustain a healthy community.”

By Charlene JonesFour years ago Phil Bannon encouraged the residents to form an association to work with him at improving and protecting the quality of life in our community. With Phil’s help and with the cooperation of other politicians we have significantly improved the previously neglected “jewel of Whitchurch-Stouffville”, Musselman’s Lake. The executive of the MLRA have come to realize it’s just not enough to be active environmentally. Through our efforts and the successes we have had we realize the necessity of being politically active in order to create and sustain a healthy community.

Cedar Beach Grill
MLRA Award Presentation
Cedar Beach Grill
Phil oversees the removal of the toxic barge from the lake
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Gateway Sign
Cedar Beach Grill
Phil and Rick present cheque to Scouts

Together with Phil Bannon we have made infra structure changes which include new gateways to the community built, roads paved, speed limits adjusted and streetlights tested on 3 streets. Together with Phil Bannon we have made environmental changes. Most significantly the Stewardship Plan to protect and foster the health of the water of Musselman’s Lake is in full swing. Phil Bannon led the way toward closing an illegal dump on Highway #48. He participated with us in the Great Crappie Clean-up when the fish smell ranked and the dead bodies floated.

Now with the CUPPEL project, aimed at improving water quality through shoreline restoration, we have government participation at all three levels.

Perhaps nothing speaks of the determination, commitment and dedication to our community however, as Phil Bannon’s public statement in his first term as Councillor that Mussselman’s Lake Community needs and deserves to have a park.

Finally, through hard work and with his skill at Council we have a 142 Acre Community Park, including 5 Acres of organized community parkland and over 135 Acres of nature preserve with bicycle and hiking trails!

All of these direct actions happened with the help and insight of Phil Bannon.

But that’s not all. To build a community means to participate in events, and celebrations throughout the year. With Phil Bannon as founder and Chair we have participated in very successful social events: the Annual Winter Fest, the new Fall Festival which drew huge numbers of us out for an afternoon of family fun, the Wine and Cheese evenings, an enormous garage sale…all of these interesting and fun afternoons and evenings brought so many of us together. And in so doing raised over $100,000 dollars for our local charities: Boy Scouts, Evergreen Hospice, Lions Rotary Club to name a few.

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LSRCA ML Stewardship Plan Award
Cedar Beach Grill
Phil helps with clean up of the lake after the Crappie die off
Cedar Beach Grill
Park and Stewardship Plan
Cedar Beach Grill
Winter Carnival – Phil and Wayne

Although we can look back with well deserved pride on our accomplishments, much still remains to be done. To monitor and improve clean water in Musselman’s Lake, to utilize the park land for educational, recreational and community purposes, to cooperate with governments toward helping them find what we need and want, we need in Council a person with a PROVEN TRACK RECORD. We need someone we know we can trust. We need Phil Bannon.

For these reasons the Executive of the Residents Association of Musselman’s Lake strongly endorses the re-election of Phil Bannon. We know Phil Bannon deserves this endorsement and your vote. We know he works hard, with sustained effort on our behalf. We know his dedication paid off, after five years of keeping the Community Park idea in front of the Mayor and Council, because we have acquired for our community the park he long believed we needed and deserved. That’s dedication! We know he will work with us to help us achieve our goals!

We also endorse Mayor Wayne Emmerson. Mr. Emmerson has been a great proponent of a Community Park at Musselman’s Lake. When seed money was needed to launch The CUPPEL Project, Mayor Emmerson with Phil Bannon, stepped up for the residents of Musselman’s Lake and provided the commitment needed to start the project.

Cedar Beach Grill
Earth Day 2010 – Phil and Kids
Cedar Beach Grill
CUPPEL PROJECT cheque presentation

Please don’t misunderstand. We are not saying there are not other good candidates out there. We are simply stating that in the interest of keeping our current projects moving forward these are the politicians with a proven track record of doing what is right for our community. We are saying that it’s in our vested interest to support those politicians who have and will continue to support constant improvement in the Musselman’s Lake area.

On October 25th the Executive of the Musselman’s Lake Residents’ Association encourage every citizen to get out and exercise their right as citizens to choose the candidates they feel best represent their interests and the interests of the community as a whole.

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