Musselman’s Lake Earth Day Spring Clean Event

by · April 24, 2013

Cold wind and blowing snow wasn’t enough to keep away this year’s crew of hearty volunteers at our annual “Community Spring Clean.”

By Gord Collins (story and photos)

Guest contributor, Gord
Collins at the MLRA Earth
Day Spring Clean Event

Cold wind and blowing snow wasn’t enough to keep away this year’s crew of hearty volunteers at our annual “Community Spring Clean.”  This reporter isn’t from Musselman’s Lake or Ballantrae, but I enjoyed getting into the action and seeing the spirit of the event.

Some of your community members literally put their bodies into it, sliding down hills to get at paper and plastic. It was cold and wet but it didn’t dampen enthusiasm.

tent-boothThe cleanup went well. Over a year, a lot of garbage such as paper, bags, bottles, cans and other items clutter the shoreline and roadside. The presence of such items makes it unsafe for all residents and it detracts from the beauty of Musselman’s Lake. We didn’t get three dumpsters this time, we are down to only one and that shows people are getting the message about not littering.

Another valuable outcome for the event is enabling community members to set a good example for the younger generations.  Nothing speaks louder than actions. The kids see community involvement is not only fun, but serves a valuable end goal — a cleaner environment for us all and pride in our community.

This year, United Soils Management and Tim Horton’s sponsored the event with food and drinks.  And the Town of Stouffville Leisure Services department chipped in with a free bird house building tent. They also supplied young pine and spruce saplings for volunteers to plant anywhere we liked.

hotdogThe weirdest things found this year were 20 empty bottles of Polar Ice and a dead muskrat. Oh, and someone found a $20 bill, so there are benefits to volunteering.

Mike Field of Most Excellent Productions kept everyone thoroughly entertained not only with his great music and comedic commentary but also with his extensive skills in barbecuing “Timbits” and hot dogs. Quite a character…he also personalized hotdogs with impromptu decorating techniques.

kids-building-bird-housesThe bird house building tent was a big hit with the kids. They enjoyed hammering together the precut pieces of a real bird house. Town of Stouffville Leisure Services department’s Maureen and Ashley guided all of them and myself in putting together some surprisingly nice looking birdhouses.

Cedar Beach Trailer and R.V. resort again supplied the MLRA with not only the location for this event but also tractors, hay wagons, heavy equipment and operators required to handle some of the larger/heavier debris found. Kyle Jenkin and the Cedar Beach crew are to be commended.

Phil Bannon the local councillor for Whitchurch/Stouffville attended the event too and thanked everyone for their contribution. Phil is instrumental in bringing people together and building support for events such as this one. Rick Wigmore updated everyone on the progress being made on the United Soils Management, Lee Sand & Gravel pit fill and restoration project. He then thanked everyone for coming out despite the chilly weather and also thanked all the corporate sponsors that make the event possible.

We’re looking forward to next year’s Earth Day Community Spring Clean. Come on out and enjoy the fun!