Now, The Big Geranium Homes Announcement

by · July 15, 2013

Official Statement

For many years Musselman’s Lake has been the source of great community enjoyment. At the same time, environmental degradation has been a mounting source of concern for the community.

Local Councillor Phil Bannon and the Musselman’s Lake Residents Association are to be commended for their efforts to address these concerns. Together, they have sought input from Dr. Neil Hutchinson, a highly qualified limnologist (a scientist who studies bodies of fresh water such as lakes and ponds with reference to their physical, geographical, biological and other features), who is well respected both locally and internationally. Over the next four months, Dr. Hutchinson’s team will study the lake to confirm the cause of the problems, and then identify the best solutions to address the problems.

Geranium Corporation is proud to sponsor Dr. Hutchinson’s work and support the Ballantrae-Musselman’s Lake community in its endeavours to improve the environmental quality of the Lake. We have every confidence in Dr. Hutchinson and his team and are proud to contribute to this project which we are confident will bring lasting benefits for the Lake and the surrounding community.