On Tuesday February 26th Mayor and Council voted to extend the park agreement closing date to July 18th 2013.

by · February 28, 2013

The Good News is that Town staff believes they have sufficient information to proceed with community consultation on design of the park.

Staff have advised Council and members of the Public that the Municipality and the James Coultice Estate require additional time to submit documents and supporting material to the Canada Revenue Agency as the Estate pursues a valuation for a charitable receipt for the dedication of the proposed neighbourhood park and environmentally sensitive lands to the Town of Whitchurch-Stouffville. Council in Committee Report February 26, 2013.

The amended Conditional Agreement of Purchase & Sale established a February 28, 2013 date by which the James Coultice Estate was to advise the Town as to whether their discussions with Canada Revenue Agency had been successful. Staff and representatives of the Estate have been working through the fall/early winter to finalize the land acquisition. Discussions between Staff and representatives of the James Coultice Estate have occurred and as such, it is recognized that additional time is required to finalize the transaction. Staff and the Solicitor for the Estate have agreed upon a new clearance date on the Conditions for the Agreement of Purchase & Sale of July 18, 2013. This additional time will allow for the finalization of the Reference Plan to create the appropriate property description, update the land appraisal, and, to complete discussions with the Canada Revenue Agency.

We have included the full report for you to view and section 4.3 deals specifically with plans to proceed with community consultation on the design of the park.

We would like to Thank the Mayor and Town Council for granting the numerous extensions required to get this deal done. A BIG THANK-YOU! goes out to Councillor Bannon who has been the greatest supporter of this park and has lobbied very diligently to make sure plans were not de-railed. And, finally Thank-you to all residents for your patience. This has been a long time coming but definitely worth the wait.

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