Phil Bannon Mounts A Cleanup

by · June 5, 2009

Councillor Phil Bannon and Members of the M.L.R.A. Executive Mounted a Cleanup Effort to Scoop Dead “Crappie” Out of the Water.

The bad news is that the death toll of “Crappies” continues to rise with unofficial numbers between 1,200 and 1,500.

The good news is that whatever the bacteria is that swept through the Crappie population, it doesn’t appear to have spread to the rest of the fish population.

Numerous healthy bass were observed during the clean up. Some Lakefront owners have done an extremely good job of cleaning up their waterfront of dead and decaying fish and as usual there are some landowners who just don’t get it and have not done a thing to clean up their waterfront. PLEASE, PLEASE do your part to keep our environment clean.

We are still awaiting MNR biopsy report as to what caused this quick and deadly disease to the “Crappie” population. The indigenous species of the Lake should benefit as the “Crappie” often raid the nests and devour eggs of potential future predators like the bass and pike.

Crappie Cleanup
Councillor Bannon with a net full of dead Crappie.

Crappie Cleanup
Councillor Bannon & Dr. Brian Laing fishing dead Crappie out of Musselman’s Lake.

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