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by · November 1, 2008

We Would Encourage All Residents to Read This Park Study Report

Downloadable Copy of Park Study

This report was presented to Council in a very contentious meeting September 2nd. Two lake residents took exception to the fact that the Glendale Beach (Waterfront) Option had been removed from the table for the reasons given in the report. The report indicated that a clear majority of residents did not want a waterfront park location

Despite what can politely be called a very rude presentation by these two Lake Residents, the Mayor and Council agreed to accept the report with the exception that the Glendale Beach Proposal would also be costed.

This would at present seem to suggest that 3 major properties are being investigated…The Wagon Wheel Ranch location, The Water Tower location and the Glendale Beach location.

The Town Staff, based on recommendations and information received from the Lake residents at the two public meetings, on the resident survey and at the Town Council meeting September 2nd will now enter into negotiations with the property owners and various government agencies to determine the most appropriate site for the park location.

As you can appreciate these negotiations will be a sensitive and a lengthy process. The good news is we are one step closer to realizing the dream of a community park.

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