Scientists were back on the Lake again

by · August 8, 2013

Hutchinson Environmental Sciences Ltd (HESL) continues study funded by Geranium Corporation.

Scientists from Hutchinson Environmental Sciences Ltd. (HESL) were back on the Lake again on Thursday August 1st.

Dr. Tammy Karst-Riddoch and an associate were able to continue the testing of the Lake in part thanks to resident Kevin Wigmore who made his aluminum boat available to the scientists. The HESL company boat was tied up on another assignment and threatened to delay this project. Kevin graciously said he would be glad to loan them his boat if it meant keeping the study on track. THANKS KEVIN!

Dr. Karst- Riddoch and her associate were focused once more on water quality with samples being taken from specific locations on the Lake. GPS is being used to ensure each time water samples are taken they are from the exact same locations as previous sampling.

Dr. Karst-Riddoch indicated there would be another group on the water from HESL taking a weed census. They will be taking samples, identifying varieties of weeds and their location on the lake.

Once again, THANK-YOU to Geranium Corporation for funding this study and we look forward to the results of the study and recommendations in November.