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02 May




This is a great time to be living at Musselman’s Lake…talk about exciting times!

After enthusiastic volunteers did an exceptional job on the cleanup, everyone who attended the MLRA Earth Day Spring Clean Event was treated to a great BBQ lunch and to one good announcement after another.

MLRA Earth Day Spring Clean Event 2014

Residents have been given saplings every Earth Day to take home and plant. Some of the trees from the MLRA’s first event are now over 6 feet tall


A clean-up crew heading back in for the BBQ lunch after a job well done

The first announcement came from Cheryl Shindruk, Senior Vice President of Geranium Corporation, the developer for the Copperstone Project on Lakeshore. Geranium as part of their community involvement not only agreed to sponsor a $40,000 study of Musselman’s Lake but provided the services of a leading Ontario limnologist. Cheryl told the residents how pleased Geranium was to participate in this study for the betterment of the community and how excited they were to be building here.

Dr. Neil Hutchinson of Hutchinson Environmental Sciences Ltd. with Cheryl Shindruck, Senior Vice President Geranium Corporation

Dr. Neil Hutchinson of Hutchinson Environmental Sciences Ltd. with
Cheryl Shindruk, Senior Vice President Geranium Corporation

Along with Cheryl was Dr. Neil Hutchinson of Hutchinson Environmental Sciences Ltd., who together with Dr. Tammy Karst-Riddoch conducted the 1 year study and prepared the report, titled “Water Quality and Management of Musselman’s Lake”. This unique report is filled with complete scientific data and analysis which you would expect but also explains in layman’s terms what happens to the Lake with each season. Plus, the report explains how seasonal changes that we as residents have observed are completely normal for a kettle lake. Dr. Hutchinson made an excellent often humorous presentation on how the lake changes and what they found. (Short version: lake is in very good shape but Chloride numbers should be monitored as they are a little high.) Both Cheryl Shindruk and Rick Wigmore were presented with bound copies of his report by Dr. Hutchinson. (Executive summary and full report will be posted on this web site)

Councillor Phil Bannon, who as everyone knows by now is running for and would make an excellent or should we say “most excellent” mayor stepped up to the podium with more exciting news for our community.

Rick Wigmore, President of the MLRA & Councillor Phil Bannon celebrate the unveiling of the Coultice Park sign

Rick Wigmore, President of the MLRA & Councillor Phil Bannon celebrate the unveiling of the Coultice Park sign

It’s Official…the community park “Coultice Park”, after 8 long years of negotiation is finally going to be a reality. Besides our community, no one can be more jubilant than Councillor Bannon about the announcement. Councillor Bannon had made it his personal quest to ensure the Community of Musselman’s Lake got the park that it so deserved. There will be an official announcement at Town Council May 6th. Phil thanked the Coultice Family for their perseverance in seeing this amazing land deal through to a close. Mayor Emmerson and Town Councillors were also thanked for their part in seeing this dream become a reality. In this case reality exceeded the dream as not only are we getting the 5 acre community park of our dreams but…also an additional 136 acres of prime ecological land to be managed by the Lake Simcoe Conservation Authority. This park deal is a legacy that can be handed down from generation to generation.

Councillor Bannon continued with the exciting announcements. A new restaurant is coming to our Lake. Opening up soon at Cedar Beach will be the Fishbone Bistro that many are familiar with in Stouffville. This will be a great new addition to our community.

Another announcement was made by Phil Bannon that is going to have a positive impact on our community. The town had reached an agreement with the owners of the Water Tower property to erect barriers and fencing to keep ATV and motocross bike trespassers off the property and return this area back to the peace and quiet that we had there before the invasion of trespassing off road vehicles and the noise associated with them.

All in all it was quite an eventful Earth Day and one to be remembered! Everyone left tired but feeling good about themselves and our community by what we had accomplished.

MLRA Earth Day Community Spring Clean Event Videos and Photos




Can’t remember when we had another Earth Day with so much to be thankful for and so many people and companies to THANK!

A big THANK-YOU goes out to everyone who showed terrific community solidarity by coming out to spring clean, the roads, ditches, and the shoreline in our community on such a wet cold miserable day. There were around 100 residents who did our community proud by actively participated in the massive spring clean-up with around 50 who stayed for the BBQ lunch and announcements.

  • Kyle Jenkin of Cedar Beach for location and equipment
  • Geranium Corporation for sponsoring  the Lake Study
  • Mike Feld and Most Excellent Productions for the venue set up including microphone, speakers, tents and musical entertainment
  • Ian Feld of AquaVantage Marine who took care of picking up the Food and Tim Horton’s, plus providing a truck and trailer for the clean-up,
  • Stouffville Tim Horton’s for coffee, hot chocolate and Timbits
  • Alec Cloke and United Soils Management who provided the food and the “most excellent” hot dogs
  • The Town and Town Staff for the bird houses, the trees, the gloves, the road sign, the bins, etc.
  • The Musselman’s Lake Residents Association who organizes and promote Earth Day and especially all the residents who eagerly gave of their time on a cold damp day.
  • Ravenshoe Group who supplies the MLRA website and event photography.
  • Gibson Printing who supplied the flyers,  the new MLRA banner and signs

P.S. Would like to send out a special THANK YOU to Kevin Wigmore and the residents that helped him using their own pontoon boat. This Musselman’s Lake Marine unit laboured on and in the very cold water to pull debris of all types out of Lake. Your extra efforts were very much appreciated.


18 Oct




This Article Has Been Reprinted With Permission From The Stouffville Free Press

Kate Gilderdale


Rick Wigmore, Cheryl Shindruk and Phil Bannon
Photo by Kate Gilderdale

When rapid growth makes development inevitable, a collaborative approach between town, developer and area residents can go a long way towards overcoming concerns and creating consensus.

Earlier this year, Geranium Corporation presented a proposal to the Town to build 18 homes on 12 acres of land along Lakeshore Rd. In May, Musselman’s Lake Residents Association (MLRA) president Rick Wigmore met with Geranium president Mario Giampietri to discuss the impact of the plan on the existing community.

Mr. Wigmore cited density, the effectiveness of the proposed septic system, potential problems resulting from water flow across the property and traffic congestion as four major concerns expressed by residents. Mr. Giampietri agreed to investigate and address those concerns, and asked if there was a stewardship plan in place at Musselman’s Lake.

“We said, yes, but we don’t have the money to execute it,” said Mr. Wigmore. “Then he said, ‘How would you like a limnologist?’ (a specialist in the study of freshwater ponds and lakes). He asked if we’d like this number one guy, Neil Hutchinson. We said that would be really nice.”

In July, Ward 2 councillor Phil Bannon arranged a meeting between Cheryl Shindruk and Shauna Dudding of Geranium Homes, Neil Hutchinson of Hutchinson Environmental Sciences and the MLRA’s Rick Wigmore, with Mr. Bannon representing the town.

“Neil came up with a (stewardship) plan which he priced at around $40,000 and Cheryl gave us the good news that Germanium was willing to proceed with this,” said Mr. Bannon. Mr. Hutchinson’s review will address weed control and provide an assessment of water quality at the lake.

“We are very impressed with the work that the community is doing,” said Ms Shindruk, who is Geranium’s vice-president of land development. “We started building homes in Ballantrae area a couple of years ago on the west side of Hwy 48, and the community and market interest was strong and positive.”

An existing property on the proposed Lakeshore Rd. site, which is built to high environmental standards, will be integrated into the new development, said Ms Shindruk. “We designed the development to maintain that home. Each site is unique and you work with it.”

The dedication of the residents makes Musselman’s Lake a very special community, said Mr. Bannon. “Everyone works so hard at our annual community cleanup. We also have a tremendous (town) staff who work with the developers and the community for the best outcome.”






20 Sep

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The Stouffville Free Press Visits Musselman’s Lake

You know you are doing something right when Kate Gilderdale, editor of the Stouffville Free Press wants to interview you. Last week Kate came for a visit to Musselman’s Lake to interview Rick Wigmore, president of the MLRA, for an upcoming story about the MLRA that her very popular community newspaper was working on.


Rick Wigmore – MLRA President, Kate Gilderdale – Stouffville Free Press Editor, Cheryl Shindruk – Executive VP of Land Development at Geranium Homes, Councillor Phil Bannon

 Now when Kate Gilderdale researches a story she goes all out. Not only did she want to interview Rick Wigmore about the MLRA but she wanted to get a perspective on what it is like to work with such a progressive resident’s association from organizations that have worked with the MLRA. This of course, involved interviewing the Town of Whitchurch Stouffville’s representative Councillor Phil Bannon who has worked with the MLRA for years now. Together with the MLRA they have a long list of positive achievements in the betterment of community as a whole. She also wanted to interview, Cheryl Shindruk, Executive Vice-President of Land Development-Geranium Homes as Cheryl has worked with the MLRA on the Geranium Homes Lake Drive development proposal. Kate was interested to get Geranium Homes viewpoint as a quality high end builder on how it was to work with a unique community resident’s association such as the MLRA.

Please watch for Kate Gilderdale’s story it the next edition of The Stouffville Free Press due out October 1st.

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15 Jul


Historic Meeting on Musselman’s Lake Water Quality, Weed Control & Stewardship Plan


Government, Developer, Environmental Company and Resident’s Association discuss ideas for improving local community.

Councillor Bannon arranged a meeting at Musselman’s Lake on Friday July 12th between Geranium Corporation, Hutchinson Environmental, Musselman’s Lake Residents Association, and Councillor Bannon, representing the Town.


Cheryl Shindruk, Executive Vice-President of Land Development-Geranium Homes, Shauna Dudding, Vice- President of Land Development-Geranium Homes, Rick Wigmore, President-MLRA, Dr. Neil Hutchinson of Hutchinson Environmental, Councillor Phil Bannon

Thanks to Phil we are setting a new standard for communication and co-operation between a Residents’ Assoc., Environmentalists, Developer and Government. Our Community Of Musselman’s Lake is coming out a big winner in this uncharted territory.

In the first meeting between Mario Giampietri, President of Geranium Corporation and Rick Wigmore of the Musselman’s Lake Residents Association many community concerns and issues were discussed. Mr. Wigmore discussed the four main resident concerns revolving around Geranium’s proposed development on 12 acres on Lakeshore Road. Those concerns were 1) Density  2) Waterloo Biofilter Septic Sytems. 3) Water Flow across the property negatively affecting neighbouring homes 4) Increased Traffic Flow. Mr. Giampietri assured Mr. Wigmore that Geranium would investigate and address all the concerns which they subsequently did through Ms. Cheryl Shindruk Executive Vice President of Geranium Corporation.

(Click here for complete discussion of issues)

In the course of the conversation Mr. Giampietri expressed Geranium’s desire to be good corporate citizens in the communities in which they build and to only build the finest of communities. He asked if the residents had other concerns in the neighbourhood. Mr. Wigmore replied that water quality and weeds in Musselman’s Lake had always been a big topic of concern.

He asked if we had a Stewardship Plan to which Mr. Wigmore replied we did, but execution was hindered due to limited funding. He then offered the services of Dr. Neil Hutchinson head of Hutchinson Environmental to review our Stewardship plan at Geranium’s expense and to see what if anything could be done. Mr. Giampietri has worked with Dr. Hutchinson on a few projects and considers him one of the foremost experts on all things water in Ontario and our own Dr. Brian Laing concurs.

Click here for Dr. Hutchinson’s initial assessment of our existing Stewardship Plan.