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23 Jun

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A Legacy Community Park


A Long Time Coming: Coultice Park a Reality

By Charlene Jones

Coultice Park Musselman’s Lake. Stouffville Review website photo

The past met the present and predicted the future on Saturday June 17th at the former Wagon Wheel Ranch on Ninth Line. Many faces reflecting our community gathered to witness the ribbon cutting ceremony, the grand opening of Coultice Park. These faces showed the history of our area, and as one person said “This park has been in the works at least 15 years.”

Coultice Family at the Coultice Park Opening June 17, 2017. Maurice Smith website photo.

Councillor Maurice Smith spoke to the same theme, beginning and ending his short talk with the words “It has been a long time coming.”

Natalie Coultice-Matthews description of her father’s past, his beginnings as a chicken farmer, his short stint as chinchilla farmer and his destiny as horse ranch owner created waves of sympathy from the crowd.  It was Jim Coultice’s vision to leave a legacy for the future.

Looking around at children exploring the gym equipment, teenagers sauntering in small packs through the crowd, the parents, grandparents and elders of our community for whom this park has been a dream it is clear: Jim Coultice’s vision has left us all richer by far.

It’s a gift that will keep giving for a long time coming.

30 Jul


Talks with Canada Revenue Agency once more delay finalization of Community Park


The closing date for the Community Park has been extended once more from July 18, 2013 to Dec. 19, 2013.

jul29-papersPlease be patient as the deal is still proceeding. Although the Park Plan deal was to have been closed this month, extensions are a common occurrence when you have three parties involved with three lawyers.


The Town has extended the closing date once more to allow discussions to continue between the Coultice Estate and Canada Revenue Agency.

Apparently the sticking point in the whole negotiations now boils down to the Community Park. The CRA is at this time is satisfied that the donation of 135 acres of environmentally sensitive land will be handled under the Eco Gift program. However the C.R.A. has ruled the 4-5 acres of land for Community Park does not qualify as a donation under the Eco Gift program. It now appears there is a way out by splitting the applications and putting the Community Park under the Community Gift Program.

The Town is now working with the Coultice Estate and the C.R.A. to divide the applications and make this happen. December 19th, 2013 was arrived at as a date reasonable for all the lawyers to file the correct paperwork to satisfy all parties.

All we can add at this time is to encourage the C.R.A. to get on with it. This community has waited far too long for a community park. We would also like to THANK the Town Staff and especially Councillor Bannon for not giving up on this idea.