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24 Sep




Mussleman’s Lake, where the sun always shines…even when it’s behind the clouds.

Musselman's Lake, Ontario, Canada

Musselman’s Lake, Ontario, Canada

What a summer we have had! The weather has been amazing and Musselman’s Lake water has been clear and warm.
The MLRA apologizes for not  posting as regularly as we normally do but we we have been quietly working  in the background on a couple developing issues affecting our Lake Community. We want to take this opportunity to update everyone.

Invasive Species Released In Our Lake.

It was brought to our attention in July that some person, in an act that defies logic put 7 large KOI fish into Musselman’s Lake.  No doubt you have seen these large colourful fish in the shallows of the water.  We have been trying to remove them from
our Lake but to date we have not had a lot of success in getting help with this.
The MLRA has been in contact with the Ministry of Natural Resources and are still waiting on a response, the party that we have been looking to get in touch with is on vacation until mid October, but we will followup.
We have also been in touch with the Ontario Federation of Anglers and Hunters to see if they could be of any assistance and unfortunately they are not a reactionary group and are only set up for education.
Our contacts at the Lake Simcoe Conservation Authority (LSRCA), have been a huge help but, unfortunately they have had limited success battling a similar problem with invasive KOI being dumped in drainage areas. On a positive note, we have learned a lot from the LSRCA and they continue to be a valuable resource for the MLRA.

WE NEED YOUR HELP. The large KOI are carp that have been bred for their colour, and are considered to be an extremely invasive species and will upset the delicate ecology of our Lake quite quickly.  They do like to hang out in the shallows and although they are bottom feeders they will come to the surface for food and apparently like, corn, bread, peas and watermelon.  The good news is that they don’t breed until late in the spring and early summer as they like to wait until the water warms up.  We will continue to work with the different agencies to try and get a team out to trap this fish, but we need your help.  Please try and catch these fish in any manner you can. If you do manage to catch one, let us know so we can keep track of the remaining numbers.  Lets get these extremely invasive fish out of our Lake!

Election Is Coming!

We are sure that everyone is well aware there is a very important election in Stouffville and this is your opportunity to Have Your Say And VOTE.
Dates to remember:
All Candidates Meeting
Wednesday September 19th
This is your chance to listen to what the Candidates have to say.
Advanced Polls
Saturday October 6th and Saturday October 13th
Monday October 15th at 7pm
Monday October 22nd.

18 Apr

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April Snow Forces Cancellation


Regretfully Earth Day Spring Clean Event Has Been Cancelled

MLRA Earth Day Spring Clean 2013

The MLRA has been running fantastic annual Earth Day events since 2006.  Back in 2013 we held our Earth Day Community Spring Clean even despite a light dusting of snow but for the first time in our history, we have been faced with unprecedented weather that will not allow this event to take place.  Although the weather this weekend will be some of the best weather we have seen this year, the area has not yet recovered from the ice and snow storm from a couple of days ago.  With the ground still covered in a heavy layer of snow and ice, we won’t be able to see the litter to clean up and we are concerned about the safety of everyone involved.

This will be the first time that this event has been cancelled.

The Earth Day event has grown over the years and has become the largest Earth Day clean up in the region. The best part is that you really can see a difference walking around the lake after the day has passed.

This year, as always, we had dedicated sponsors who showed their commitment to the community by supporting this very special event. We would like to thank the following organizations for their continued support. United Soils has been a devoted sponsor over the years with supplying free food and their street sweeper. The street sweeper lifts tons of sand off our roads before it can wash into the lake. Lake Simcoe Conservation Authority was also excited to be back with their children’s education program and their teams on hand to answer questions for the residents. Tim Hortons from Stouffville once again stepped up and was going to be on hand with their coffee, hot chocolate and Timbits to get us going in the morning.

Our Councillor Maurice Smith has been an integral part of the planning of this event and was once again on board with full support from the Town of Stouffville providing the garbage bins, vests, gloves and bags that are so important for this event.  Councillor Smith coordinates the police that are on hand to make sure everyone is safe while we walk the roads.

Last, but not least, Mike Feld from Most Excellent Productions and Cedar Beach Resort were once again going to provide all of their equipment and people free of charge so that this event could take place.

This is truly an amazing community that we live in and we are so very grateful for the continued support we receive from the residents and  local business owners. We will never be able to thank you enough for all your help and support through the years.

We may not be able to host a formal Earth Day event this weekend, but once the snow melts, please get outside and take a moment to help Spring Clean our community.

Thank you,



Official Media Release



Earth Day Clean Ups Cancelled Due To Uncooperating Weather


12 Jun

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Celebrating CANADA 150 With A New Park!


DREAMS DO COME TRUE! Coultice Park and Surrounding Protected Land are Proof 0f it!

A community park plus rare, fragile and disappearing plants identified on the protected surrounding land will now be valued and guarded. What a historic and unique  “win/win” deal for our community!

By Charlene Jones

Coultice Family at 2014- Coultice Park Dedication. Thank you Coultice Family

Community parks usually emerge from the pockets of developers, who designate a section of land for a park then build the community around it. In the unflagging manner of everything unique about Musselman’s Lake, our community grew prior to the perceived need for a park.

One of the perks that draws people to want to live here involves the casual friendliness. People enjoy walking and talking to each other. Dogs pant at the end of their leashes, children hang off their parents’ hands while parents’ smile at neighbors and friends as everyone enjoys their day.

Many of our neighborly encounters took place on the road and increasingly drivers honked to warn us. Soon the idea of a public park where children might play safely and adults chat comfortably became a need.

Rick Wigmore then President of the MLRA on left on Earth Day 2014  with then Councillor Phil Bannon. Thank you Phil and Rick.

True to the unusual geography we share the process of bringing the park to reality took many turns and twists, with dips and hills along the way. The vision for a community park stayed firm through three changes of government, seven years and much public input.

The first public meeting held in 2008 showed three different potential sites. The final choice was Coultice Park, formerly known as Wagon Wheel Ranch. That was the beginning.

The land formerly called Wagon Wheel Ranch used to be a horse riding stable and ranch spread over 150 acres of pristine land close by the Rouge River Hiking Trails. The property lies enclosed in Oak Ridges Moraine protective custody. Along with the stewardship of the Lake Simcoe Region Conservation Authority, most of the land will remain protected.

That’s a good thing if you’ve a heart for ecology. Rare, fragile and disappearing plants identified on the site will now be valued and guarded.

Councillor Maurice Smith picked up where Phil Bannon left off to ensure the Coultice Park dream became a reality. Thank you Maurice Smith.

Coultice Park itself, 5 acres of land easily accessible off the Ninth Line offers what many voices at public meetings over seven years have requested: splash pad, washroom/change location, children’s playground, fitness equipment, and of course, the beauty of the land.

For all the many people Government officials, Residents’ association members, members of the public who have held the vision of a Park in our community and worked to bring it to completion, June 17th marks success: Congratulations! We have our Park!


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27 May

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Planning Any Shoreline Improvements?


Please Check With The LSRCA First!

Rules and Regulations Regarding Shoreline Improvements Planning to make any changes or improvements to your shoreline? Please Check With The L.S.R.C.A. First

Planning to make any changes or improvements to your shoreline? Please check with the LSRCA first.

Past summers a few lake shore owners ran into issues by performing shore line work without permits. The MLRA has held discussions with the LSRCA. (Lake Simcoe Region Conservation Authority) concerning these resident difficulties. The LSRCA was asked for a clarification of the rules and regulations regarding shoreline improvements.

Please click on the link below or the LSRCA icon for more information

Lake Regulation re Shoreline Improvement (click here)

19 May

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Thank You Sponsors and Volunteers! Spring Clean Event was a BIG Success


Community stepped up on April 23, 2016. Six crews and a marine unit participated in our Earth Day Community Spring Clean Event


Roger Carlsen photo – CLICK on image for photo gallery

The community cleanup was a huge success this year.

We want to thank Councillor Maurice Smith for helping to organize this year’s event and chairing the organizing committee.

Over 100 volunteers of all ages participated.

There were 6 different crews covering all around the lake and we also had the marine unit, on the water, with Kevin and Tyler doing the lake shore line.

Everyone started the day with coffee, hot chocolate & Tim bits donated by Tim Hortons.

All the kids wore protective bright fluorescent vests provided by the town of Whitchurch – Stouffville, who also made sure we all had gloves, garbage bags and the huge 40 yard garbage bin.

The York Regional Police escorted the 3 crew wagons with their new ATV’s.

Cedar Beach Resort provided their big parking lot again this year, as our base, as well as the bathrooms, picnic tables, tractors and wagons, garbage bins and a 20 yard recycling bin.


Roger Carlsen photo – CLICK on image for photo gallery

Everyone collected garbage around the area for over two hours.

It is unbelievable but they filled the entire 40 yard bin and also the 20 yard recycling bin.

Ten tires were also collected and fifteen bikes were donated to Africycle.

At the same time the United Soils street sweeper covered many of our local streets picking up the sand from this winter.

Everyone had a healthy hot lunch courtesy of United Soils & Tiny Seedlings – corn on the cob and chili served out of their events trailer.

Donnlyn Home Improvements joined this year and handed out water and treats for the kids along the routes and at lunch. 

Charlinda’s Belgian Chocolates gave away chocolate treats with lunch and of course George at the variety store gave all the kids a free ice cream cone for participating.

York Regional Police set up a display and everyone got to check out the ATV’s and discuss road safety.


Roger Carlsen photo – CLICK on image for photo gallery

The Lake Simcoe Region Conservation Authority set up a large display.

Christa Sharp and Brian Kemp of the LSRCA had an education area set up and discussed the living organisms with water right out of the lake. It was interactive for all the participants.

Small seedling trees – pines, cedars and spruce, were also given out to the participants to take home and plant.

Roger Carlsen, a new resident to the lake, and also a professional photographer, documented the entire event. (see attached photos)

Tents, music, power, & tables were provided again this year by Most Excellent Productions.

Earth Day 2016 is one that our entire community can be proud of.

Thank you to all the sponsors and volunteers for making our lake a better place to live.



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11 Mar

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MLRA Annual Earth Day Community Spring Clean Event


09 Mar

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Media Release – LSRCA


Media Release
For Immediate Release


 Warmer Temperatures Coming: Be Careful Around Waterways

Spring melt brings with it hazardous conditions

Newmarket, ON – March 4, 2016 – Lake Simcoe Region Conservation Authority (LSRCA) is reminding residents of the dangers that exist near streams, rivers, ponds and lakes around this time of year and urge people to keep family and pets away from the edge of all waterways.

Spring is q
uickly approaching, with warmer temperatures expected this weekend and into next week. That means people will be looking forward to getting outdoors. Warmer temperatures, however, also bring rain, melting snow and ice, which can contribute to higher, faster flowing water in watercourses. Slippery and unstable stream banks and extremely cold water temperatures can also lead to very hazardous conditions close to any body of water.

See more at:




18 Sep

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CUPPEL Project re Septic Systems



Control Unwanted Phosphorous and Pollution Entering Lake

The CUPPEL Project is an MLRA initiative to help Control Unwanted Phosphorous and Pollution Entering Lake. As part of that initiative we are sharing this information from the LSRCA about septic systems.




Septic System Care

It is essential that septic waste water does not reach the surface or groundwater supplies, as it contains bacteria and viruses harmful to human health, as well as nutrients (e.g., phosphorus and nitrate) that promote algae and weed growth in the lake.

What You Can Do

  • If you are considering purchasing a home, have a trained professional look for indications of a failing septic system. If there is a problem, you may need to improve or upgrade the existing septic system.
  • Submit an application to your local municipal health unit before installing a septic system. Whether you or a licensed contractor does the work, a certificate of approval will be required to construct the system. Your septic system must pass a final inspection before you get a permit to use it.
  • Know the location of all the components of your septic system and keep heavy vehicles, large shrubs and trees away from these areas. Check the sludge level in your septic tank yearly and have a reputable contractor remove sludge and scum every three to five years, depending on how much the system is used.
  • Dispose of household chemicals properly, at a Household Hazardous Waste Depot. Do not pour them down the toilet or drain, as they can destroy the bacteria that help decompose septic.
  • Do not use food waste disposal systems, they contribute unnecessary solids and grease to your septic system.
  • Do not use toilets as garbage cans. Unnecessary solids reduce the efficiency of the system.
  • Septic systems enjoy a phosphorus-free lifestyle.
  • Do not use septic system additives to eliminate the need to periodically pump out the sludge.
  • Call your local health unit if you think you or your neighbour has a problem with a septic system. If you feel uncomfortable about reporting a neighbour, remember that it’s your water supply and your lake that is at risk.



Upgrading Septic Systems

Septic system upgrade project


The purpose of this program is to help landowners through the process of repairing, upgrading or replacing faulty or malfunctioning septic systems in order to protect ground and surface water.


Any landowner within the Lake Simcoe watershed with a faulty septic system on their property may qualify for 50 per cent funding, $2,500 for a conventional system or $5,000 for an advanced system. Additional funds may be available from other environmental grant funding sources. LSRCA Stewardship Technicians will ensure that you are made aware of all the grant funding programs available to you.



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12 Jun

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Does Your Septic Need A Tuneup?


The Town is Coming to look under your hood…


CLICK ON IMAGE to view the Lake Simcoe Protection Plan

The Musselman’s Lake Residents Association has been busy looking into the potential ramifications of the Lake Simcoe Protection Plan and here is what we know so far.  Under the Lake Simcoe Protection Plan there are amendments coming to the Building Code effective Jan 1, 2016.  These amendments will expand from their current requirements and make septic inspections mandatory for all properties within 100 meters of any waterway in the Lake Simcoe Watershed.  This means that if you live within 100 meters of Musselman’s Lake, your septic is going to be inspected!

This is great news for the health of the lake as failing septic systems are a leading cause of phosphorus loading in the watershed.  But, we know that this can put some people in a very difficult situation when they have to pay for a new system.

The MLRA was in a meeting with Lake Simcoe Conservation Authority earlier this week and there is a light at the end of the tunnel, or pipe in this case.

Environment Canada is increasing the funding available to the LEAP program and that means there is more government funding to help residents pay for the upgrades. In some cases they are willing to subsidize up to $7000.00!

The most important thing is that if you get caught in the mandatory inspection and found to be in violation, you are NOT eligible for grant monies.  The grant money is there as an incentive for people who are proactive in dealing with their systems.  

From Lake Simcoe Conservation Authority:


CLICK ON IMAGE for the LEAP Program website

If your septic system is faulty, malfunctioning, or older than 20 years, you may be eligible for funding to repair, upgrade, or replace it through the Landowner Environmental Assistance Program (LEAP). This program aims at improving water quality and wildlife habitat within the Lake Simcoe watershed. This is accomplished by providing landowners with confidential and free site visits, technical advice and funding assistance for environmental projects on their land. LEAP is administered by Lake Simcoe Region Conservation Authority (LSRCA) and made possible by funding from municipal partners and the support of the York, Durham, and Simcoe chapters of the Ontario Federation of Agriculture.

 Find out more about the Lake Simcoe Region Conservation Authority’s Landowner Environmental Assistance Program at www.lsrca.on.ca/leap or contact Jen Slykhuis, Stewardship Technician: j.slykhuis@lsrca.on.ca1-800-465-0437 x. 121.

The MLRA continue to look into the details of this, but time is of the essence.  Contact Jen and LSRCA and see what you need to do to take advantage of the money available to you now, before the Town comes to your door.

The MLRA is working closely with our Councillor Maurice Smith and will bring you more information as we learn more details of the inspection program.


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22 May

Comments Off on Planning Any Shoreline Improvements?

Planning Any Shoreline Improvements?


Please Check With The LSRCA First!

(Originally posted March 2014)

Rules and Regulations Regarding Shoreline Improvements Planning to make any changes or improvements to your shoreline? Please Check With The L.S.R.C.A. First

Planning to make any changes or improvements to your shoreline? Please check with the LSRCA first.

Past summers a few lake shore owners ran into issues by performing shore line work without permits. The MLRA has held discussions with the LSRCA. (Lake Simcoe Region Conservation Authority) concerning these resident difficulties. The LSRCA was asked for a clarification of the rules and regulations regarding shoreline improvements.

Lake Regulation re Shoreline Improvement (click here)