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12 Feb

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$2 Million Allocated Toward Coultice Park



TOWS logo_Smith

Town Approves 2016 Budget

Click here for a PDF copy of the media release re Council approval of the 2016 budget for the town.

With this change in the town’s portion of your property taxes, as well as that charged by York Region and the School Board, which are all included in your realty tax bill, residents will see their property tax bill increased by approximately 2.1% this year.

I am very pleased to advise that I had support from other councillors to include three special capital projects in our Ward 2 area.

• $2. million allocated toward the work on the new Coultice Park

• A new sports Fieldhouse for Ballantrae Park on Aurora Road

• Installation of sidewalks on both Highway 48 (Pine Vista to Ballantrae Road) and Aurora Road (Grayfield to Hwy 48)

These projects are all scheduled to be well underway during 2016.

If you have any questions I invite you to email me at maurice.smith@townofws.ca.

14 Aug

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Fond Memories of Cedar Beach & Musselman’s Lake


Long ago and far away

From The Stouffville Free Press

by Maurice Smith

One of my earliest childhood memories is of travelling from the west end of Toronto with members of our church group aboard a gaggle of orange school buses, en route to a place in the country for our Sunday school picnic.


Musselman’s Lake old road sign

For all the seven and eight-year-olds on those buses, it seemed we would never arrive at our destination. Eventually of course we landed on the shores of that faraway haven: Cedar Beach, Musselman’s Lake, located north of a place called Stouffville. That kettle lake was the destination of many such convoys in the 1940s.

Who would have thought that years later, I would be living here and writing about that very place? A place where you would not only be able to swim, but also to enjoy the amenities next to the pavilion built in 1929 by George Davies.
Mr. Davies decided to build a cottage on acreage he owned along the north shore of the lake on land which he had been farming. Without a firm set of blueprints, his cottage soon turned into his pavilion.
I wonder if he ever imagined that what he built in that summer of ’29 would become the focal point of a very large recreation business. Or that his pavilion, in the waterfront park, would one day be surrounded by mobile summer homes, pass its 85th anniversary and be operated by four successive generations.
During the 1930 and 1940s the pavilion became the place to play and to dance the nights away. Most nights of the week you could dance on the sprung hardwood floor to music provided by the big bands of the day such as Bobby Gimby, Jack Crawford or Bert Niosi. If you could not make it to “the lake” on a Saturday night, you could tune into a Toronto radio station and hear live broadcasts from the pavilion.

Historic photo of Cedar Beach, Musselman's Lake

Historic photo of Cedar Beach, Musselman’s Lake

In the 1960s, George’s son Vern and Vern’s daughter, Janet, expanded the trailer park portion onto the east side of Ninth Line. This area was formerly an apple orchard and Evans Drive, the street going into the trailer park, is named after the original owner of that orchard.
Another aspect of the Davies’s business was the renting of boats for an afternoon paddle around the lake. When they realized that the boats were not being rented after dark, because it was cooler – so I have been told – they came up with the idea of providing pillows and blankets for those moonlight trips.
On most summer Sundays the parking lots were overflowing with vehicles by 10 a.m. During the week kids would simply ride their bikes up to spend a day at the beach. In those days the entrance fee to the private beach was ten cents. However, Vern would waive the fee for those who had come on their bikes. As he often observed, “If kids ride all this way just for a swim, they deserve to have it for free.”
During the 1960s, after the big band era had passed, a country and western music theme was introduced to the pavilion’s repertoire and once again the building came alive. On average 400 patrons were squeezed in every weekend.

The store across from the pavilion was built in the early 1930s. It housed a grocery and butcher store for many years. Today it is operated by Mr. George Karpouzis as an ice cream and variety store catering to the needs of tourists and trailer park residents.
Although Fishbone by the Lake restaurant now occupies the waterfront area of the property during the summer months, today the pavilion itself sits dormant.

Maurice Smith can also be reached at: mauricefp@rogers.com

Photos from the MLRA Photo Library.

24 Oct

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High Standards of Civility, Respect and Decorum.


It is too bad we elect only one councilor because both gentlemen are great advocates for the community.

by Rick Wigmore


Maurice Smith


Adam Schickedanz

As noted previously, the residents attending the Ward 2 Councillors’ Debate on October 14th put forth a number of well thought out questions to our candidates, Adam Schickedanz and Maurice Smith.  The residents’ questions and subsequent responses from each candidate are listed below.

What can be done about the number of dump trucks operating in the area?

Trucks are limited to Bloomington Road and Ninth Line. Unfortunately, the trucks are needed to fill in the quarry on the Ninth Line. United Soils Management is running this clean fill operation and is one of Whitchurch-Stouffville’s largest tax contributors. This tax revenue is needed to keep down property tax increases and to fund improvements such as our new community park.

He would like to see trucks off Aurora Road and have more safety checks implemented.

Can we expect full time fire and emergency services introduced to Ballantrae?

He supports 24/7 EMS services in Ballantrae. In fact, he campaigned for it when he ran in the last election. However, one of the obstacles noted is that these services are overseen by the region and not the municipality.

He supports 24/7 EMS services in Ballantrae and, if elected, he will lobby for it.

How many Council and Planning meetings have you attended?

Over the last nine years he has attended approximately 200 meetings.

He has attended approximately 5 in the last year but says he won’t miss a single meeting if elected.

Do you support having a Trade Centre in Stouffville to create jobs?

Both candidates indicated that it was a controversial issue. It’s not supported by residents living in close proximity to the proposed site; however, it will probably be needed as it would create jobs.


Do you support the vote by Council against on-line voting?

Both candidates support the traditional way of voting.  Currently, online voting would be a tremendous, additional drain on our tax dollars and we do not have the confidence that the voting process could not be manipulated.

What problems do you see in Ward 2?

There are not enough services. This is why he has helped open businesses in the Ballantrae area. He also supports the park at Musselman’s Lake.

He supports the new Coultice Park. He says we need to find ways to get residents safely to the Park – safer entranceways; perhaps sidewalks and streetlights? There is an issue in the Ward with the lack of transit available thereby limiting ability to get to stores and services.

In 2015 there will be a review of the Oak Ridges Moraine Act. What is your view on this?

Leave the Act as it currently stands. Continue to protect environmentally sensitive areas. I support the creation of more walking trails.

He supports leaving the Oak Ridges Moraine Act as it is. He indicated that Mr. Frank Stronach has been buying up land in proximity to the York Regional Forest in order to both preserve and expand it.

Streetlights are badly needed on Ninth Line going around the Lake. What’s your opinion?

The Streetlights are definitely needed and would tie in with the safety issues surrounding the park.

Streetlights are definitely needed.

Right hand turn lanes are needed at intersection of Highway 48 and Aurora Road. Will this be something that will be addressed?

He supports this initiative.

He supports this initiative but says that nearby property owners will have to agree to sell first. Sidewalks and upgraded traffic signals are also needed.

What is your vision of Stouffville in 3-4 years?

He wants historical structures maintained but he also sees the need for progress.

He says that despite any problems, this will still be our home. It’s a beautiful place to live.  He wants to see growth limited to the current Act.

Will you continue to support the Community Events started by Mr. Bannon?

He will continue to support the local community events started by Mr. Bannon.

He will continue to support the local community events started by Mr. Bannon and also suggested that this could also be expanded to events in the town.

There is a need for public transit on the 9th line from Stouffville north. Do you support this initiative?

He supports extending public transit up to Ballantrae and he also wants to see a seniors’ home built there to service the local community.

He says that the region is undertaking a study and any additional bus routes will have to be financially viable.

Do you support the need for a Food Bank in the centre of Stouffville?

He is an advocate for the Food Bank and supports the need for an additional location in Stouffville.

He enthusiastically supports the Food Bank and wants to talk with the residents further about financial support.

Can you address lack of employment opportunities in the area?

He has met with local developers to encourage employment opportunities.

He is already actively working on bringing in several new businesses such as a doctor’s office, pharmacy and possibly a grocery store to the Ballantrae area.

Summary of Closing Remarks:

He indicated that he had an extensive business and municipal background. He has been on both sides of the negotiating table when bringing in new industry and he will bring this extensive experience to the Councillor’s position. He summarized himself as a mature individual who understands accountability.

He said it was a privilege to run against Maurice. He indicated that he too has extensive business expertise to bring to the job – just not as many years as Maurice. Adam enthusiastically stated he wanted to be Councillor to give back to the community he loves.

The evening overall……

Let me apologize in advance for any errors or omissions contained in this document. If there are, it is not intentional. Not being a secretary by trade, I now have a greater appreciation for reporters and those who take minutes of meetings.

The two candidates are to be congratulated for the high standards of civility, respect and decorum maintained at this debate. It is too bad we elect only one councilor because both gentlemen are great advocates for the community.

In my opinion, this debate should set the standard to which all political debates should be held. The candidates did not attack each other and were very clear on where they stood on all of the issues. The residents, for their part, remained respectful of the candidates and asked all the tough questions that needed to be asked. All in all – an evening that all participants can be very proud of.


17 Oct

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Everyone Was A WINNER At The Ward 2 Candidates’ Debate On Oct. 14th


On October 27th you will have to decide what is important to you.

by Rick Wigmore

First of all, let me congratulate both candidates running for councillor in Ward 2.  Maurice Smith and Adam Schickedanz conducted a very mannerly, respectful debate and set a very positive tone for the evening.  In turn, the residents were also very respectful of the candidates and their positions. There were very thoughtful and insightful questions posed by the residents to the candidates and the candidates’ responses were listened to intently. Absent were the cat calls and the candidate-baiting that has become all too much the norm in today’s negative politicking.

Also to be congratulated are Jim Mason, editor of the Stouffville Sun Tribune, and his band of trusty helpers who have worked diligently to arrange these all-candidate debates throughout Whitchurch-Stouffville. These events have been set up to encourage more resident participation in the voting process.

We will go into the questions and the answers in more depth next week.  Suffice to say, the candidates were in agreement on most, if not all the issues. Both candidates are very enthusiastic supporters of the community of Ward 2 and both are long term residents.


MAURICE SMITH www.msmithforcouncillor.ca


Maurice is the “elder statesman”. In his run against Phil Bannon in the last election, he lobbied long and hard for 24/7 Fire and EMS coverage for the area. It’s still a hot button for the area residents. When Maurice lost to Phil in a hard fought battle, rather than sit and lick his wounds, he re-doubled his efforts to volunteer his time to our community and get further involved in local politics from the sidelines. When we held our annual Earth Day at Musselman’s Lake, Maurice rolled up his sleeves and worked hard all morning alongside the residents to clean up the Lake.




ADAM SCHICKEDANZ www.adamschickedanz.ca

 Adam Schickedanz is a young, successful realtor in the area. He is new to the political arena and his description of himself is “young, loud, brash and energetic” which pretty much sums up his reputation. Quite frankly, I went to this debate prepared to dislike him based on reputation alone. However, he pleasantly surprised me in that he has a very proud, positive passion for this community in which he lives. He also surprised me by the very respectful manner in which he carried out the debate and in addition, by his knowledge of our community as a whole.


My opinion is this – both gentlemen are excellent representatives of our community. The Musselman’s Lake Residents Association could definitely work with both candidates. The only real difference is Maurice is a retired businessman who has worked long and hard for the community and can definitely be a full time Councillor. Adam, on the other hand, is also committed to the community but he has a successful realty business to run and obviously could not devote all of his energies to the job of Councillor.

On October 27th you will have to decide what is important to you.

The good news for our community is that the choice is a win-win for all of us.

13 Oct




Make Sure You Make An Informed Vote

podium-coucillorThe Community Links Panel of the Stouffville Sun-Tribune are hosting a Ward Two Councillor Debate on Tuesday, October 14th – 7 pm at the Ballantrae Community Centre. Please be certain to attend.

Candidates for Ward Two:

ADAM SCHICKEDANZ     www.adamschickedanz.ca

MAURICE SMITH          www.msmithforcouncillor.ca



Vote Phil Bannon


Voting Day is Monday, October 27, 2014. Polls are open from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.

 This year’s municipal election is important for all of us! In order to help shape the future of your community. Please vote.

04 Sep




Maurice Smith Has Reached Out To Our Community…

Maurice Smith has reached out to our community for our support and has asked us to share this information with everyone. Please click on the image below to view his election pamphlet.

Maurice Smith runs for Councillor in Stouffville Ward 2

Maurice Smith runs for Councillor in Stouffville Ward 2 – PLEASE CLICK ON IMAGE TO VIEW FULL PAMPLET



Maurice Smith election pamphlet