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19 Jun

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Happy Canada Day From The MLRA


Since the earliest days of our history, Canada has been a land of promise.

Happy Canada Day everyone!

Canada FlagWe are proud of the nation we have built together over the last 148 years. Since the earliest days of our history, Canada has been a land of promise. We have built a society that celebrates achievement and excellence, while at the same time maintaining a strong respect for human rights. Canada Day brings us together, strengthens our communities, and helps us understand the significance of the citizenship we all share.

  Also please enjoy this amazing Canada Day video by the Hadfield family.

A polite song from two brothers who are just hoping your day is going okay.


Please Remember… Drive to Arrive Alive and Be Safe!

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Lake Watch – Water Safety

19 Jun

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A Summer Tradition…don’t miss the festivities!


Stouffville Strawberry Festival festivities run from June 26 – 28th with fireworks on Canada Day

Make sure you bring the whole family out to enjoy the Strawberry Festival and celebrate Canada Day as well!


Mouth watering Stouffville Strawberry Festival Strawberries.

Happy Canada Day

Canada Day celebrations are an integral part of the Stouffville Strawberry Festival



CLICK ON IMAGE for the complete Stouffville Strawberry Festival calendar of events



12 Jun

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Does Your Septic Need A Tuneup?


The Town is Coming to look under your hood…


CLICK ON IMAGE to view the Lake Simcoe Protection Plan

The Musselman’s Lake Residents Association has been busy looking into the potential ramifications of the Lake Simcoe Protection Plan and here is what we know so far.  Under the Lake Simcoe Protection Plan there are amendments coming to the Building Code effective Jan 1, 2016.  These amendments will expand from their current requirements and make septic inspections mandatory for all properties within 100 meters of any waterway in the Lake Simcoe Watershed.  This means that if you live within 100 meters of Musselman’s Lake, your septic is going to be inspected!

This is great news for the health of the lake as failing septic systems are a leading cause of phosphorus loading in the watershed.  But, we know that this can put some people in a very difficult situation when they have to pay for a new system.

The MLRA was in a meeting with Lake Simcoe Conservation Authority earlier this week and there is a light at the end of the tunnel, or pipe in this case.

Environment Canada is increasing the funding available to the LEAP program and that means there is more government funding to help residents pay for the upgrades. In some cases they are willing to subsidize up to $7000.00!

The most important thing is that if you get caught in the mandatory inspection and found to be in violation, you are NOT eligible for grant monies.  The grant money is there as an incentive for people who are proactive in dealing with their systems.  

From Lake Simcoe Conservation Authority:


CLICK ON IMAGE for the LEAP Program website

If your septic system is faulty, malfunctioning, or older than 20 years, you may be eligible for funding to repair, upgrade, or replace it through the Landowner Environmental Assistance Program (LEAP). This program aims at improving water quality and wildlife habitat within the Lake Simcoe watershed. This is accomplished by providing landowners with confidential and free site visits, technical advice and funding assistance for environmental projects on their land. LEAP is administered by Lake Simcoe Region Conservation Authority (LSRCA) and made possible by funding from municipal partners and the support of the York, Durham, and Simcoe chapters of the Ontario Federation of Agriculture.

 Find out more about the Lake Simcoe Region Conservation Authority’s Landowner Environmental Assistance Program at www.lsrca.on.ca/leap or contact Jen Slykhuis, Stewardship Technician: j.slykhuis@lsrca.on.ca1-800-465-0437 x. 121.

The MLRA continue to look into the details of this, but time is of the essence.  Contact Jen and LSRCA and see what you need to do to take advantage of the money available to you now, before the Town comes to your door.

The MLRA is working closely with our Councillor Maurice Smith and will bring you more information as we learn more details of the inspection program.


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Planning Any Shoreline Improvements?


29 May

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We Are Looking For Residents’ Participation


If you have any good news stories about helpful neighbours, unique accomplishments, success stories or events in our Musselman’s Lake community we would like to hear from you.

Cedar Beach historic photo

Please also feel to send us your photos taken in the Mussleman's Lake Community. We will post the best ones on the website. Photo - Dan Wigmore

Please also feel to send us your photos taken in the Mussleman’s Lake Community. We will post the best ones on the website. Photo – Dan Wigmore

If you have any good news stories about helpful neighbours, unique accomplishments, success stories or events, we would love to publish them on the web site. If you have any historical stories of life on and about the Lake we would like to hear from you. Simply e-mail us with your story at

mlra@musselmanslake.ca .

Please include your name, address and phone number so we can verify the information.

22 May

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Planning Any Shoreline Improvements?


Please Check With The LSRCA First!

(Originally posted March 2014)

Rules and Regulations Regarding Shoreline Improvements Planning to make any changes or improvements to your shoreline? Please Check With The L.S.R.C.A. First

Planning to make any changes or improvements to your shoreline? Please check with the LSRCA first.

Past summers a few lake shore owners ran into issues by performing shore line work without permits. The MLRA has held discussions with the LSRCA. (Lake Simcoe Region Conservation Authority) concerning these resident difficulties. The LSRCA was asked for a clarification of the rules and regulations regarding shoreline improvements.

Lake Regulation re Shoreline Improvement (click here)

15 May

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Think Water Safety


The official start of summer’s water activity season is the Victoria Day long weekend. Be Safe And Always Think Water Safety whether in a lake or a swimming pool.

The MLRA wishes everyone a Happy and SAFE long Weekend.


MLRA Lake Watch Water Safety

Always think water safety and wear a life jacket when on or near water.


As part of the MLRA Lake Watch initiative, the MLRA added a “Water Safety Tips” section on the home page. Also as part of that same initiative we are going to continue to post articles and information about water safety on the MLRA website to help educate residents and visitors to the Lake about water safety.






Video message below was produced as part of the MLRA Lake Watch initiative

Never Without My Life Jacket  – Canadian Red Cross

Please make sure that you read the posting below thoroughly and pass the information along. Also please make sure that any visitors that you may have to the Lake are aware of WATER SAFETY. You may save a life!


15 May

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Musselman’s Lake Is Healthy And Vibrant


While none of us like to see the amount of algae mats that are in the lake this spring, it is important to understand why they are there and to look at the long term trends in water quality that fortunately are positive.

A synopsis of what is happening in our lake, by Dr. Brian Laing.

Please feel to send us your photos taken in the Mussleman's Lake Community

Musselman’s Lake is healthy and vibrant!

So, why are we seeing more algae this Spring?

This winter has been long and hard and the spring late in coming. This has delayed the normal slow blooming of algae and had made it come all at once. Algae cells are able to rise into the warmer water at the surface of the lake and consequently take advantage of the sudden warming of the water. This has been one of the harshest winters in living memory so it stands to reason that it will have a transitory effect on the ecology of the lake.

Of greater concern are the trends in water quality in our lake. As detailed in Dr Hutchinson’s water quality study of the lake, the overall health of the lake is good, and improving.

Lake Report Final_cvr1

CLICK ON IMAGE for the Water Quality and Management of Musselman’s Lake Report

As we have suspected, Dr Hutchinson determined that one of the major problems controlling algae blooms and plant growth is the internal loading of phosphorus. Phosphorus is the primary nutrient that controls growth of plants and algae in most lakes. When plants and algae die and decompose on the bottom they release phosphorus into the water. Under aerobic conditions (plenty of oxygen) the phosphorus is bound up and unusable for plant or algae growth but under anaerobic conditions (little or no oxygen) this phosphorus is released back into the water in usable form. This is called internal phosphorus loading an it is largely responsible for the algae blooms and plant growth. In the winter the bottom of the lake becomes particularly anoxic and results in extra phosphorus being available for algae and plant growth in the spring. This winter was harder than usual likely resulting in greater phosphorus being available. The other ingredient for algae growth is warm water. Because this was delayed this spring, when it did come there was plenty of phosphorus available for eager algae to use.

Past studies have shown that the phosphorus level in Musselman’s Lake have decreased by 50% between 1989 and 2006. Dr Hutchinson’s results show that it has reduced further in 2013. This is good news. Our lake’s total phosphorus concentration is below the Provincial Water Quality Objective ‘for protection against nuisance growth and algae, and would not be indicative of impaired water quality, particularly for a lake in Southern Ontario’.  Because of this, Dr. Hutchinson has recommended that we not pursue phosphorus sediment inactivation techniques such as phospholock at this time. He did however recommend that we continue to monitor water quality to track the inter-annual variability and if the internal phosphorus loading is in an up trend then the community should consider phosphorus sediment inactivation techniques at that time.

So in conclusion, while the algae mats are unsightly, they do not mean that the health of our lake has suddenly a turn for the worse. Fortunately Geranium homes generously supported the detailed professional analysis of the Lake by Dr. Hutchinson which gives us a baseline of the lake’s water quality.

It is our belief that we as a community should organize and raise money for ongoing monitoring of the lake so that trends can be identified and informed decisions can be made on if and when remedial action is necessary. The monitoring also enables us to gauge the effects of the actions we institute.




15 May

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Resident’s Concern Addressed.


A Resident made an inquiry about ground water at the United Soil Restoration Project Site so United Soils has shared these study results with us.

 Protocol Control officer , Lori Loughlin-Pilato demonstrating random soil testing performed regularly on site

Protocol Control officer , Lori Loughlin-Pilato demonstrating random soil testing performed regularly on site

One of seven monitoring wells strategically positioned on the site to ensure water quality is maintained

One of seven monitoring wells strategically positioned on the site to ensure water quality is maintained

Golder Associated Ltd. has completed baseline groundwater monitoring at the Lee Sand & Gravel property located at 14245 Ninth Line, Town of Whitchurch-Stouffville, Ontario (referred to as the “Site”) to determine the chemical quality of the on-Site groundwater.  The baseline study conducted in 2012 consisted of installation of monitoring wells around the perimeter of the Site with additional monitoring wells in the central area of the Site. In August 2012, the reported concentration of phosphorus in these monitoring wells were less than the laboratory detection limit (<50 micrograms per Litre).  In addition, based on groundwater elevation data and groundwater monitoring events completed between 2012 and 2014, groundwater has consistently been found to flow in a south-southwesterly direction (i.e., away from Musselman’s Lake).

Based on our current understanding and findings, it is unlikely that phosphorus levels in Musselman’s Lake (located approximately 900 m north-northwest of the Site) are affected by the activities at the Lee Sand & Gravel Site. We note that inorganic phosphorous in groundwater is typically present as orthophosphate, which is not particularly mobile in groundwater.  Further, the Lake Simcoe Region Conservation Authority’s report on Musselman’s Lake  identified runoff from agricultural land, urban stormwater runoff, and discharges from improperly functioning septic systems as significant contributors of phosphorus to the Lake .

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Back Stage Pass

08 May

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Keep A Look Out


Neighbourhood Watch


Please keep an eye out for suspicious activity at the Lake. There have been several boats vandalized in the last 2 weeks.  If you see anything unusual please call York Regional Police or if you have any information on the crimes and wish to remain anonymous you can also call Crime Stoppers

Hit and Run

Sean Davidson, CTV Toronto
Published Friday, May 1, 2015 8:49AM EDT

A cyclist was seriously injured after being struck from behind by a truck in a hit-and-run.

AlertThe incident happened at approximately 10:30 a.m. on Thursday, on York-Durham Line near Wagg Road on the border of Witchchurch-Stouffville and the town of Uxbridge.

The 33-year-old man from Toronto was riding southbound on York-Durham Line when he was struck by a black truck, according to Durham police.

The man was rushed to a Toronto trauma centre where he remains in serious condition.

The suspect vehicle is described as an older black tow truck with dual wheels at the rear and “FREE TOW AND SCRAP” written in white lettering on the sides of the vehicle.

Durham police believe the black truck will have damage to the front end.

Anyone with new information regarding this investigation is asked to contact Durham Traffic Services Branch at 1-888-579-152, extension 5231.

Anonymous tips can be made to Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477(TIPS) or on the website at www.durhamregionalcrimestoppers.ca.