by · October 11, 2013

Community Safety Committee Has Good News.

Attending the "Bang Up Bend" meeting were Scott Stover, Paul Whitehouse, Peter Alcorn, Councillor Phil Bannon Photo by Rick Wigmore

Attending the “Bang Up Bend” meeting were Scott Stover, Paul Whitehouse, Peter Alcorn, Councillor Phil Bannon
Photo by Rick Wigmore

The Musselman’s Lake Residents Association (MLRA) is a member of the Community Safety Committee along with the Town, York Region Police and York Regional Roads. On Friday October 4 2013, as part of the on-going effort of this Community Safety Committee, Councillor Phil Bannon and Mr. Rick Wigmore (President of the MLRA), met with Staff from the Town and York Region. This very important meeting wasn’t held in a conference room but rather it was held on site at the side of the road of “Bang up Bend” on Ninth line. Representing the Town were Mr. Paul Whitehouse, Director of Public Works & Operation, and Mr. Peter Alcorn, Supervisor of Public Works & Operation. Representing York Region was Mr. Scott Stover, District Manager- Central/North, Road Maintenance Transportation and Community Planning.


Bang Up Bend temporary repairs
Photo by Linda Wigmore

Mr. Stover had very good news for us. He told us that a contract will be awarded very soon to fix “Bang-up Bend” permanently. Many residents had pointed out that the Bend was being eroded away under the road’s surface and was in danger of collapse. This has been fixed with a temporary solution but the permanent fix is now on its way. We will let you know the timing of these repairs as soon as we are updated by Mr. Stover.

Also discussed was pedestrian safety or lack thereof on this dangerous corner. The talk focused on extending a sidewalk on the west side of ninth line north to Coultice Drive. This is not a simple task as first funding has to be found and then plans will have to be drawn up. Next, some utilities will have to be moved, and then a bank of earth and some trees will also have to be removed. The good news is that under the direction of Councillor Bannon, this project will be moved forward in a timely manner.

We can never say enough about Councillor Bannon and his ability convene the right people to ensure community safety projects remain a priority and that they continue to move forward.