The Community

A little history…

The lake that we call home was formed over 12,000 years ago after glaciers, which covered most of the North America, melted away. After melting, huge chunks of ice were left in the ground. The chunks eventually melted and the ground fell in and around them forming kettle depressions. Some of these depressions would fill and hold water, forming what is known as a kettle lake. In order to survive and maintain its water level, a kettle lake requires ground water and surface run off. Currently we have two large pipelines that provide run off from our sub divisions and numerous road drains in the area. Musselman’s Lake is one of many kettle lakes that run along the Oak Ridges Moraine and there are many others in and around the Whitchurch Stouffville area such as Windsor Lake to the South and Shadow Lake on the east side of 9th line. This beautiful area has been home to many movie shoots.

Long ago the landscaping surrounding this picturesque community was filled with rolling terrain, crystal clear lakes and dense virgin forests. The community of Musselman’s Lake rich dates back 100’s of years with the migration of native Canadians using this areas as a stop over on their way to and from Lake Ontario and Lake Simcoe. Native Canadian artifacts have been found all around this community. The Musselman’s, a family from Pennsylvania, first settled in the area in 1807. Peter and Jacob bought land on the West side of the Lake and another family member, William, bought land in Lemonville. In the mid 1800‘s the Lake was the source of water for a steam driven saw mill. The area was surrounded by prime forest land that was eventually stripped to build homes. The area surrounding the sawmill was clear cut which destroyed most of the forest. The sawmill sat on the property of Charles Appleton and his original home still stands on the north side of Lakeshore just north of Byron Street. He resided there from 1823-1893 and is buried at the Churchill cemetery. (9th and Aurora side road)

In the early to mid 1900’s Musselman’s Lake was the entertainment capital of Southern Ontario.

Cedar Beach on the north side, Glen Baker Hall on the south held weekly concerts and dance’s that drew people from miles around.

The first plans for a residential cottage community were filed in 1912. Cedar Glen was erected on the South side of the lake, later to be called Glendale beach and destroyed by fire in 1928. It was originally home to the Glen Baker Hotel and Dance Hall was built in the late 19th century. Like so much of the architectural history that surrounds us it was destroyed by fire in 1928. In its place one of the largest dance halls in the country was built, then closed in the 1970’s and torn down in 1990.

The proximity of the Lake to Toronto made this area a favourite for people running from the law.

Among them Famous bank robbers, The Boyd gang, Lennie Jackson, Ann Roberts and many motorcycle gangs.

On the North side, when George Davies Sr. purchased the property and built a Pavilion in 1929, Cedar Beach Park was borne. It was not until summertime in the 1960’s that the population of our community would double with the opening of the area trailer parks. Still a popular summer campground and trailer stop over for thousands every summer. The entire area is very popular for a lot of summer and winter activities such as: boating, fishing, skating, cross country skiing, snowmobiling, cycling, horseback riding and swimming.

Since the community of Musselman’s Lake is situated on the top of Oak Ridges Moraine, it has recently been protected from development by the Government of Ontario.

Today many of the cottages in the area have been renovated and taken over by full time residents. Unlike most subdivisions, every home is unique to the lot it resides on.
This picturesque area surrounds us with beautiful sunrises and sunsets, various wildlife including, ducks, geese, frogs, foxes, bears, a selection of fish species, birds and many more and activities galore.

For those that live here, we are lucky to call this beautiful lakeside community home!