The Last Halloween Dance.

by · November 2, 2012

Individuals Give The Whole Community a “Black Eye”!

R.I.P. Halloween DanceWhile we had hoped to be writing about what a great time and success our 8th Annual Community Halloween Dance was, we are saddened and disturbed by the senseless situation that befell this year’s event. What has always been a fun and much anticipated community fund raiser, bringing friends and neighbours together, deteriorated into a brawl between two groups of young drunken, immature buffoons. We have chosen not to use the term “men” or “women”, or even children, as we do not believe it applies to any of those who instigated or fueled this ridiculous “punch-up”. What a shameful disgrace the lot of you are!

For those who didn’t attend the community Halloween Dance or left early, 10 – 15 young individuals, perhaps more, presumably emboldened by alcohol decided to turn a great annual event into their own fight-night. These reprehensible individuals have managed to take a truly fun and meaningful event and ruin it for everyone else. And for what, to show what brave fighters they are? Last year one of the identified troublemakers shoved a retired man into a young girl – pathetic! In reality, they are nothing more than simple-minded morons whose IQ matches their shoe size, and even that might be a reach! They obviously have no sense of control or respect for themselves or others. Even with hired security staff, and some of the attendees helping out, the situation elevated so quickly that there was little that could be done to halt the madness.

The organizing committee works so very hard and goes above and beyond to ensure each year the dance is a bigger and better event. On behalf of the entire community and all those that have enjoyed many years of fun at the annual dance, we would like to extend a truly heart-felt thank you to Lisa White and the Cedarvale Residents Association, Kyle and Morgan Jenkin and the team at Cedar Beach, Mike Feld and his fantastic crew at Most Excellent Productions and the MLRA Executive for all your efforts. It has not gone unnoticed and is very much appreciated by many.

It is with a tremendous amount of regret that the organizing committee has made the decision that this year will be the last Community Halloween Dance. It is an unfortunate decision, but the need for the presence of police cars and ambulances has convinced us it is simply not worth the risk to life and property to allow this fund raiser to continue. What a shame. It’s just another sad example of how a few rotten apples can spoil the whole bunch.

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