They Came From Far and Near

by · November 14, 2011

Halloween Dance a Big Success again this year.

By Charlene Jones

Scary, Scary Boo!

Where do men dress as women, women as men, the living dress as the dead and the dead are afraid to show up, for being shown up by the lively costumes and full Hallowe’en spirit of the liveliest of Hallowe’en Dances? Well, the yearly bash at Cedar Beach, sponsored by Cedarvale Community Association and Musselman’s Lake Residents Association. This festival has gained a reputation locally and from away as the best in Hallowe’en haunts.

Mike Feld of Most Excellent
Productions is key to the events
continued success

This year Mike Feld, ever ready to up the ante in entertainment, provided a 60 inch HD TV screen to flash snapped photos from around the floor. With the addition also of a smoke machine and laser lights, imaginations soared, sustaining the visuals of vampires, Medieval Knights, Damsels in and out of Dis-dress, a Court Jester, Pirates just ashore from salty adventures on the high seas, inmates newly sprung from prison and an entire family of bloodied and be-toga’d bodies. That’s Papa, Mama and little Baby Ghoul to you!

Girls Just Want To Have Fun at the
Musselman’s Lake Halloween Dance.

Cedar Beach as always provided the perfect venue with Bar Maids dressed as, well, Bar Maids, pouring from the substantial liquor supply shots and drinks for witches, a Cowardly Lion, and even Santa who refused the milk and cookies offered him. A brilliant robot flowed about as the ever graceful Lady Guinevere gave her scarf to a couple of Robin Hoodlums and a fair Friar Tuck.

As always many thanks go to Mike Feld and Most Excellent Productions who kept the leopards prowling, the bandits banding, the vampires vamping, Damsels…well, dancing. Everyone, dancing through the night to the wide variety of Mike’s music.

LISA is President of the CCA and on the MLRA
executive. Without her dedication to this event,
there would not be an event. Thanks Lisa.

Also kudos to Cedar Beach for hosting the event and to Lisa White, without whom the rest of us would still be wallowing in last year’s costumes. Thanks for the leadership, Lisa!

The annual ghoulish gala provides support to Cedarvale Community Association and to the Musselman’s Lake Residents Association.

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