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by · June 24, 2008

A Very Positive Meeting Was Held on Monday June 23rd

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The meeting was opened by Rick Wigmore Vice President of the MLRA who gave a short synopsis on how the MLRA was developed. He stated that Musselman’s Lake had in 2 short years gone from paying approximately $400,000 a year in taxes and getting virtually nothing in return to participating in three cutting edge programs all funded by the Town.

1.The Envirosmart Light Test on High Crest

These power, and light pollution reducing lights are not only a test for the Lake but also the whole Township. It was reiterated that these are being investigated only for use on the Ninth Line and Lakeshore going around the Lake for road safety only. There is no intention to light any other streets.

2. The Park Study

Will result in one or two parks serving the needs of residents of all ages

3. The Stewardship Plan

Funded by both the town and LSRCA will result in an environmental blueprint for the Lake both now and into the future

Mr. Wigmore announced that the MLRA membership fees were going to be strictly on a donation basis and that it was more important to sign up members than raise funds.

He said we need to maximize the numbers and participation of the members in order to maximize the results with the politicians. There will also be a drive to increase corporate sponsorship. Already Ravenshoe Group, Gibson Printing, Most Excellent Productions, Do-It Industries contribute time money and services to the MLRA.

The MLRA is looking for resident volunteers for 6 sub-committees Membership & Corporate Sponsorship, Environmental Issues, Event Planning, Nuisance/Trespassing, Fisheries and Boating Safety Practices(power,kayak,canoe)

Christine Laing President of the MLRA reviewed short term mid-term and long term goals and objectives and it really is amazing how much has been accomplished in two short years vs. the previous decade.

Dan Heron President of the Connor/High Crest Residents Association and Chairman of the Technical Working Group of the Stewardship Plan gave an excellent presentation and indicated a resident survey would be conducted door to door in July.

Lisa White President of the Cedarvale Residents Association presented plans for the next Halloween Party which has become the premier social event of the Musselman’s Lake social calendar. Over 200 people attended last year raising necessary funds for both the Cedarvale Residents Association and the Musselman’s Lake Residents Association.

Ian Feld the MLRA Social Convenor followed Lisa White and urged everyone to make this Halloween Dance the best ever.

Linda Wigmore, Treasurer of the MLRA reviewed the treasury (we have a little over $1,000 with $300 of that coming from the Halloween Dance).She explained how it costs money to communicate with all those not hooked up to the web but that was a necessary expenditure. She explained the move to membership by donation only, in an effort to boost membership (when it comes to lobbying numbers count) and the need for increased corporate sponsorship.

Three MLRA awards were presented on Monday to help celebrate two years since the inaugural meeting of the Musselman’s Lake Residents Association.


The First Award the “FOUNDERS AWARD” was presented to Councillor Bannon for being instrumental in founding the MLRA and for his continuing efforts on behalf of the Lake Residents. Mr Bannon in addition to being our Councillor has raised over $60,000 in money for various charities throughout the Township.


The second award an “APPRECIATION AWARD” was awarded to by-laws officer Linda Mainprize for her efforts in closing an illegal dump on Highway 48 and the clean up of the Swanson property on Coultice. Her efforts have resulted in a safer, healthier community.


The third award another “APPRECIATION AWARD” was presented to resident Charlene Jones and Harold Musetescu who co-chaired the Fisheries Committee and were responsible for bringing excessive ice fishing under control and worked closely with authorities to get the Swanson Houseboat removed and the property cleaned up. They served as an outstanding example of how residents with the backing of the numbers of the MLRA membership can achieve many positive results.

The award ceremony was followed up with an OPEN FORUM. Residents got to ask questions and make suggestions to Councillor Bannon. Far from the early days this was quite a positive exchange of ideas.

All in all this was a terrific positive meeting which showed when everyone works together in a positive mind set, meaningful changes start to take place.

Everyone was reminded that numbers and participation at these sometimes boring meetings is what politicians notice and helps increase the investment in our community.

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