Update of the Crappie Die-Off

by · June 17, 2009

Number of Dying Crappie Have Fallen Off Dramatically

By Dr. Brian Laing

The numbers of dying crappie have fallen off dramatically in the last week and a half. This is possibly due to the fact that all of the crappie in the size range that seems to be targeted have been affected and have died.

It is difficult to estimate the number of dead but most waterfront residents are reporting clearing between 50-100 dead crappie off their shoreline. This gives a frightening total.

The good news is that large numbers of bass and sunfish are currently nesting in the shallows. More than have been noted in recent years. It appears that the disease that has afflicted the crappie is not spreading to other species, which is great news. It also would appear, tentatively, that there is nothing wrong with the water quality of the lake.

Through persistence we have managed to get the MNR to come out to the lake the last week of May, to take a sample and observe the situation first hand.

While we feel they have underestimated the scope of the problem, not realizing the numbers of dead fish that residents have cleaned up off their shorelines, we are gratified to know that the samples are finally being processed by the proper authorities.

We will pass on the results of the autopsies as soon as they are made known to us. Thanks to all caring residents who have cleaned up dead fish off their shoreline. I’m sure that will have a positive impact on the health of our lake.

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